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Data Mettle is a consultancy on providing bespoke data science solutions. 

Our mission is to use scientific curiosity and ingenuity to tackle real-world challenges. We’re highly experienced at humanising enormous volumes of complicated, often incomplete or messy data and working in partnership with organisations to turn it into business value.

$100 - $149 / hr
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London, United Kingdom
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Key clients: 

Not on the High Street, ClickSend, Wonderbly, Concentre Consulting, The National Archives, BerryWorld, tenthavenue, Hackney, fresh4cast, Montgomery, Qubit, L.E.K.

Concentre Consulting uses Data Mettle to Automate Human Checks Image

Concentre Consulting uses Data Mettle to Automate Human Checks

Concentre Consulting manually verify metadata of construction project documents such as drawings and schematics. This involves checking the alignment of external and internal metadata. It is a time-consuming process, involving about 200 checks per day per person. Data Mettle built a tool that automated this metadata verification, which included a complex method of verifying text that was embedded within diagrams. Data Mettle’s
work unlocks potential time savings of 90%. In addition, it improves the quality of checking, providing a consistent approach that would not be possible with multiple people.

Capital Pilot investor matching model

Capital Pilot are a company that helps connect start-ups and investors. We’ve been working with them to help them use their data more effectively. This means that they can provide their services to more customers, and In this video Capital Pilot’s co-founders, Richard Blakesley and Matt Johnson, discuss their work with Data Mettle. In particular, they talk about what the process was like, and some of challenges that they’re

trying to overcome. Capital Pilot provide an amazing service that changes the way startups and investors meet and work together. Starting your own business means learning lots of new skills, often very quickly. Specifically, many people have never had to raise funds and don’t really know where to begin. This is where Capital Pilot can help, by providing tools to improve pitches and providing connections to networks of investors. But they’re not just for startups: they also help investors find promising new companies that match their interests.


Understanding both startups and the investors is central to Capital Pilot’s business. But like any business, getting bigger and being more successful means there is more information to manage. That’s where we came in. We have custom-built models that can automatically extract useful information from their data. Not only does this save time, it also adds some transparency to the decision making process: something that central to the brief. In fact, this ability to select solutions that match our clients’ needs is one of the reasons we love to build bespoke software are tools, which are so much more useful as a result.