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Cybba brings conversion efficiency through personalized digital marketing and advertising to companies worldwide. Using advanced data analytics, we provide leading digital marketing and display advertising solutions for brands of all sizes. Our strategies include in-depth customer segmentation, digital display ads, onsite optimization, and email remarketing technologies.

With these strategies and our full-service account management, we help brands drive qualified traffic to their sites, increase customer conversion rates, and reduce cart abandonment. 

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Key clients: 

Adidas, Cartier, Denihan Hospitality, Luxair, Middlebury Institute, Mizuno, Mont Blanc, Motorola, Mrs. Fields, Nordstrom, Oracle + Dyn, University of Tennessee

adidas Group Image

adidas Group


As one of the global leaders in sporting goods, adidas Group partnered with Cybba to address the following:

• Website Abandonment 

• Increase Online Sales


Utilizing Cybba’s onsite engagement solution, adidas engaged visitors with customized messaging when they showed intent to leave during different stages of the customer journey. Specific

campaigns were built out to target users as they moved from the product category pages to the checkout page.


• 16:1 ROI

• $2.9M+ in Recovered Sales

• 22k+ in Total Conversions

365 Tickets USA Image

365 Tickets USA


Cybba analyzed the 365 Tickets USA site and found that their cart pages had the highest rate of abandonment. Cybba created a strategy that addressed the following:

• Re-engage visitors at the point of website abandonment

• Retarget abandoned users to complete their purchase

• Increase the

average order value of online ticket sales

• Maximize brand exposure by turning customers into brand ambassadors


Using both on-site and off-site re-engagement strategies, we created multiple touchpoints to enhance the overall user experience, rather than disrupt it, ultimately resulting in:

• 33:1 ROAS

• $250k+ in Recovered Sales

• 56% Average Email Open Rate

Luxair Image



In an effort to streamline its e-commerce platform, Luxair partnered with Cybba to utilize our marketing and advertising technology to achieve the following:

• Recover Abandoned Revenue

• Increase Bookings

• Increase Engagement with Site Visitors

• Improve Efficiency of Booking Process


Using our conversion efficiency marketing and advertising technology, we were able to interfere with the notoriously high abandonment rate of the travel industry.

• 26:1 ROI

• $9.6M+ in Recovered Revenue

• 27% Email CTR