Customer solutions for a changing world

Customer Crunch helps organisations become more profitable by enriching their relationships with their customers.

We combine the commercial mindset of our people with leading-edge technology. Our custom built automated AI solutions give organisations deep insight into their customer data and show the commercial potential of that knowledge.

We do this very cost effectively and very quickly – think days, not weeks.



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Sydney, Australia
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Key clients: 

State & Federal Government departments, ING, HCF, Tabcorp, Suncorp, iCare, Uniting, Natroads

Customer centricity at speed

For most organisations, designing a customer transformation strategy in-house can be cost effective, but relies on internal resourcing and pre-existing assumptions about what is possible.

Engaging external consultancy resources with the right technical and commercial expertise can be cost prohibitive.

Our innovative customer solutions offer a clear alternative.

Aged Care Provider Image

Aged Care Provider

Customer Crunch was engaged by a known aged care service organisation facing loss of market share and negative customer growth. We deployed a performance management solution using advanced data visualisation, resulting in a 30% uplift in new customer enquiries, acquisition and cost savings equating to three FTEs.

Business Impact and Outcomes

The solution was widely acclaimed by the executive team

of the business. It has become a strategic asset for measuring KPIs for each divisional area and supports business leaders in strategic decision making.

It helped the marketing team focus efforts on the right product and supported a 30 per cent uplift in enquiries within three months of implementation.

Our solution has also automated the effort taken by teams across products by 80 per cent, enabling the business to reduce or redistribute three FTE of effort every month.

Gaming Company Image

Gaming Company

A leading gaming company, needed to transform its business to acquire more customers and grow revenues. The goal was to help understand the limitations of its current model and devise a program for future success.

By deploying a range of our services, we developed a two-year program plan for the organisation to achieve its commercial objectives.

Business Impact & Outcomes

We developed a

24-month program plan for executing the organisation’s strategic commercial objectives.

Our program created a strategy for the business to scale out their data science capability over the near term. It included a set of artefacts that would help them effectively design each asset and measure their value to the bottom line.

National Transport Organisation Image

National Transport Organisation

Customer Crunch was brought in by a major transport industry association that wanted to develop a new pricing and customer strategy, but first it needed to improve its value proposition and grow its membership base. Customer Crunch devised a customer segmentation model and data visualisation suite to support member engagement and future strategic business initiatives.

Business Impact & Outcomes

Our solution

helped the client get a better understanding of its member base and design a personalised member engagement strategy. The customer retention and segmentation solutions we devised are now used by the client to improve its strategy for each segment to proactively reduce attrition of valuable members.

Our customer segmentation has helped the client understand and unlock value from their member base by identifying mutually beneficial partnerships between the organisation and its members. This has helped create new avenues of value exchange to increase revenue and member satisfaction.

State Government Agency Image

State Government Agency

Customer Crunch was engaged by a state government agency in insurance products and healthcare provision with a new, consolidated service offering after the merger of several government departments. The client’s future success hinged on understanding its current state and maximising its future data and analytics capability.

Via a combination of our hands-on commercial consultancy expertise and our proprietary 

SPARCA™ qualitative review process, we conducted a deep dive discovery of current state capability and devised a strategic road map for the agency to develop a mature future state data and analytics model

Business impact and outcomes

Customer Crunch’s solution included development of a three-year program plan for the client to evolve its data and analytics maturity model including:

  • Full current state review and gap analysis
  • Recommendations on technology requirements to lift capability in data and analytics
  • An evaluation of current data flow and information assets
  • Operational model, position descriptions and RACI
  • A data and analytics strategic development roadmap