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Currently working with clients in Baltics, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and UK.

Internet Platform for the American Express Loyalty Programme Image

Internet Platform for the American Express Loyalty Programme

Membership Rewards is a loyalty programme for the holders of American Express® credit cards.
In order for the bank to provide customers with this Membership Rewards programme, its technical platform had to be developed.
We have created a modern and easy-to-use portal where users can easily view their collected points and exchange them for rewards from a selection of hundreds of goods and services in different

Whereas, partners who issue physical goods to clients in exchange for bonus points use the system to issue the intended goods to the client. Services such as cinema tickets and SPA visits are delivered to clients in electronic form by e-mail immediately after placing an order.

The platform provides the following:

  • accounting of client's points
  • a catalogue of goods and services and their categorisation in terms of different types of users/persons and life situations
  • goods and services in exchange for points collected by the client
  • storage of purchase statistics and generation of reports
  • automated service process and data processing between Membership Rewards clients and cooperation partners

The American Express Company is an international American company operating in over 130 countries across the world. It was founded in 1850 and is currently the world's largest credit card provider — approximately 107.2 million American Express credit cards are used every day

Advanced medical record system for Swiss dentists Image

Advanced medical record system for Swiss dentists

Swiss medical IT service developers Medio Ingeno approached us with the need to develop a modern cloud-based patient file management system, tailored specifically to the needs of dentists.

Although the key functionality of the solution was known initially, upon starting the project we conducted interviews with several dentists in order to identify what they believe such a system should be able to do and what would be

the daily-use scenarios.

As a result, we came up with a service 4Dentist that enables professionals to create patient records including detailed descriptions and option to add pictures. The service makes it easy to manipulate the captured image visual parameters (brightness, contrast, etc.) to achieve a better image visibility. This feature is especially useful in processing the X-ray images. Another important functionality is enabling image comparison, that provides the ability to visually assess the progress of a dental problem.

It is possible to share every patient's case by sending a link with description and images to other specialists to determine a more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

4Dentist is designed as a responsive web solution, that makes this service available from different devices.

4Dentist is intended as a service for professionals' everyday use. More information:

Merchandiser Task Management System Development for LG Electronics Image

Merchandiser Task Management System Development for LG Electronics

Sales ambassadors play an important role in the successful distribution of products by LG Electronics; their task is to facilitate retail sales of the company's products.

To plan, manage and supervise the work of sales ambassadors as well as analyse product offers by LG and its competitors, an easy-to-use solution was needed.

We created a dynamic solution that would allow ambassadors to receive tasks via tablet

computers or smartphones, manage their work schedule, as well as carry out product data input from a store product stand. The solution processes pictures taken with a tablet or a smartphone, and saves them on the system.

Meanwhile, the system’s module, accessed from the office, facilitates convenient planning and management of ambassador tasks, available products and points of sale; also, each data gathering and analysis task is provided with an adaptable report template.

The technological platform is based on the Ruby on Rails framework, using the AngularJS framework, since the app's functions needed to be written in the client's browser using JavaScript.

The system helps organize the everyday workflow of company representatives in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

LG Electronics is a producer and dealer of consumer electronics in more than 100 countries worldwide, employing more than 82,000 people. The company was founded in Korea in 1958.

Decision Making Tool for Boston Consulting Group Image

Decision Making Tool for Boston Consulting Group

International company Boston Consulting Group deals with projects involving various decision making and consulting processes. For their decisions to be as objective and unbiased as possible, their work is organised in expert groups. The professionals gather in practical workshops and discuss the particular issues. After all the opinions are presented, veiled voting takes place. Using a mathematical method Delphi, a consensus

result is calculated for each question, discarding extreme values. If the voting result has reached the consensus point, the question is marked as solved.

Our task was to develop a software tool for BCG London office, that their employees can use for conducting the practical workshops. The functionality allows to input the disputable questions, specify their values, add experts. The tool development from our side involved the full work cycle - technical wireframes and design creation, programming, testing and deployment to the client’s IT servers.

Boston Consulting Group is a global American company, founded in 1963. It has 88 offices around the world and 14 000 employees.