Web,APP,Motion graphic, Animation, UI/UX, Design

Cresign Zone is a motivated and well-established team of dedicated young computer scientists who came in contact to each other during their studies. What brings us together is our fascination and passion for the constantly evolving trends of digitalization. Starting from this shared interest, a group of motivated technicians quickly formed who wanted to achieve more than merely manage user applications.

Everyone here is enthusiastic about realising exciting projects in an independent way while applying the latest technologies.

$100 - $149 / hr
2 - 9
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Vienna, Austria


Key clients: 

ÖBB , Macdonald's , Hempel , Bayer Erbhof , OMV , Remax, GGK, Kathrin & Josef

ÖBB 3D Animation - Explanatory Video

ÖBB are Austria's largest mobility service provider and operate one of the highest quality rail networks in Europe.

Behind this success are around 40,000 heroines throughout the Group
Heroes by train and bus.

Let's go on a short excursion to some areas together and their employees - or in other words - get to know our superheroes.

Doctors online 2D Motion Graphic

Doctors Online Consortium Is an Austrian independent, non-profitinternational NGO, founded in 2018 under the registration number 1807329424, formed by a group of humanitarian actors, who have decided to be a bridge between peoplein-need, wherever they are, and among physicians worldwide in orderto give hope to thousands of patients and the opportunity for a healthier life.

Joy Juice Image

Joy Juice

Joy Juice is a fresh juice provider which asked for a a logo and packaging design.