Creepy Studio

I'm a creative mind that creates websites and shapes brands. There're demons in my head and my heart beats for on-line. To be different and not to blend in. That is something I can help you with. I combine creativity and functionality to come up with unique solutions.

$50 - $99 / hr
2 - 9
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Zlín, Czech Republic


LaKlara e-commerce Image

LaKlara e-commerce

La Klara is fashion brand founded by Klara from Karlovy vary. Her models are really comfort and suits for women who wants wear original but very comfort clothes. In right way she is real lovebrand, always sold out, always under enormous pressure of her customers.

FlowUp webdesign Image

FlowUp webdesign

Brno based development company with focus on modern technology like Angular, Go and Google cloud. We made whole rebranding and strategy with new identity and many touchpoints as their new web.

Biggest challange was to combine young blood of company with image of stable and progressive Development company. I came with conception of UP phrase, base on their name – meetup, gangup, blowUp... you name it, everythingUP


Groost – marketing automatization agency

Groost is one of my latest work for which a got Honnorable mention on Awwards. It's agency from Prague focusing on marketing automatization.

New website for czech kickstarter hit Skinners – shoe socks.

We made homepage and whole new e-commerce part based on Woocommerce

Vasky e-commerce Image

Vasky e-commerce

Czech company manufacturing shoes.

We made whole marketing communication, branding and e-commerce website

Zuzana Volejníková Image

Zuzana Volejníková

Zuzana is dancer, choreographer and leader of Local Gang Girl. We made web that help her to start her business and really communicate her uniqueness.