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Isn’t it about time a creative agency got creative with its own business model? We’re a new breed of global creative agency with an innovative start-up mentality that fuses digital design with technology to create cross-medium, transcreated branding, campaigns and experiences for clients across Europe and America. We’ve intelligently designed our own business using modern technology & methodologies to source global human resource in the most effective and scalable way.

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  • Midmarket ($10M - $1B)
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  • Small business (<$10M)
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  • Arts, entertainment & music
  • Consumer products & services
  • Education
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We created a set of banner ads that included simple, rich media, video, internal network, retargeting and IAP (In-App Purchase). For each banner type, we ran multiple creatives, sizes and translated into 4 languages from English. The primary message was ‘Tap Toonix and bring your screen to life’ which we re-enforced with an animation of the Toonix character tapping the screen so it came to life with the relevant cartoon show
content. We kept the main linear animation short and succinct but then finished with an interactive element where the user could tap the screen themselves in order to find out more information and have the Toonix character interact with them. This allowed multiple secondary messages such as highlighting the free trial and app platforms without disturbing the core messaging.
I Love Dragon Quest for Square Enix - INTERACTIVE FILM Image

I Love Dragon Quest for Square Enix - INTERACTIVE FILM

We created an interactive film that invites users to try and disrupt Nobu Yamada, an avid DQ fan, from his world record attempt to play the longest ever game of Dragon Quest. Users can interact with Nobu and his environment, triggering a multitude of differing reactions. Once you raise Nobu’s temper to breaking point, he stops his game and begins venting his frustration at the user; ranting, gesturing and other crazy behaviour.
Save the Tollins for Harper Collins - MICROSITE & VIRAL VIDEO SERIES Image

Save the Tollins for Harper Collins - MICROSITE & VIRAL VIDEO SERIES

We created a microsite and video viral series for our fictitious 8-year-old human character Ollie Collins. The campaign documents Ollie’s adventure to discover magical creatures called Tollins and save them from extinction. The concept allowed us to re-enforce the book’s narrative with a secondary story told by someone kids could identify with. A smorgasbord of original and interactive content is available including ollie’s video
diaries, Conn Iggulden’s (the author) bid to help Ollie’s campaign and a chance to adopt your very own personalised Tollin.
Glastonbury Games for EMI - ONLINE GAME Image

Glastonbury Games for EMI - ONLINE GAME

We created a targeted html5 game inspired by comedic real experiences and our memories of the festival. Simple controls require players to hammer/slide/plunge their way through 3 levels to accumulate 700+ points in order to enter a competition for exclusive VIP tickets. The game is set in a beautifully illustrated slice of Glastonbury, which acts as the main interface and provides a visual overview of all three event locations.
Every Day is Magical for Harper Collins - AUGMENTED REALITY MICROSITE Image

Every Day is Magical for Harper Collins - AUGMENTED REALITY MICROSITE

The new book and reprints of Ahern’s post catalogue feature a glyph (a code) that, upon presenting to camera, augments a magical world onto the book’s surface. There are characters inhabiting the augmented world that interact with the objects around them and build relationships with each other. Every new book that is scanned adds a new object to the world that attracts more characters and allows further developments to their
Dogging for MTV - ANIMATION SERIES Image


We created the double meaning ‘Dogging’ brand to reference popular music artists through the common belief that dogs tend to look like their owners. We managed the entire creative and production process from concepts and character selection through to scriptwriting, voice-over and animation. Gratuitous dog gags, genuinely funny scripts and the portrayal of artists as canines produced a hilarious series.