We are a creative branding, design, media and advertising firm rooted in New Delhi. What aids us in this endeavor? Experience, expertise, and diversity in professional backgrounds of our team - CRAVERS.

We collaborate, create, garner ideas to lend each project a distinct character. What gave us the inspiration to create our company was a colony of ants, their craving for a sweet and the team work they put in to reach it. We enjoy the best of their world!


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Saket, India


Key clients: 

BRICS | Vodafone | Cambridge University Press | HCL | Trident Group | Haier | Gigabyte | Get My Parking | Jharkhand Milk Federation 

Medha - Branding Image

Medha - Branding

Client - Medha

Industry - FMCG

Expertise Areas - Rebranding, Packaging, Web Development, Advertising

Medha, Jharkhand’s Milk Cooperative was facing some hurdles like lack of public awareness, a traditional identity and ignorance about Medha being Jharkhand’s own brand. The name was occasionally confused as ‘Megha’ since the previous logo lacked





Client - Haier

Industry - Consumer Electronics

Expertise Areas - Digital Videos

Haier engaged Cravants on board as a registered marketing agency to create and execute marketing campaigns for the year 2017.

Senior executives from all the teams drafted 5 story boards each having a quirky story line to engage the end consumer. We illustrated the

story boards and the campaign concept to share with team Haier. Our concepts were well received, and we were asked to photo-shoot and produce a brand montage video showcasing all their products.
Get My Parking Image

Get My Parking

Client - Get My Parking (

Industry - Information Technology | Parking & Mobility

Expertise Areas - Brand Identity | Advertising | UI/UX Design

GetMyParking team needed an immediate representation of the

company, the team, and their brand values. The task was to carve out a mobile app-based brand identity to portray their services effectively. Marketing the brand digitally was their top priority.

Brand Identity

The formed object in the logo depicts the alphabet 'P', the initials of the word parking. Accordingly, the center of the alphabet was used to depict a locator, generally related to point a place on a map. The corporate identity was devised similarly.


The Digital team delivered a social media strategy for launching the brand throughout all the online platforms. The communication pointed towards the major problem of lack of parking space in Delhi especially during important events in the country.

UI/UX Design

As part of its branding we designed their UI as per their business requirements.



Fox Ministry Image

Fox Ministry

Client - Fox Ministry (

Industry - Apparels

Expertise Areas - Brand Identity Packaging | User InterfaceCorporate Identity

Fox Ministry teamed up with us to actuate their brand idea. We began with the concept and positioned

the brand through the appropriate brand identity and collaterals.

Brand Identity

The brand story we crafted says talks about a fox who is a good tailor. The word ‘Ministry’ conveys that the clothes being manufactured are of minister-like quality. The logo signifies the stitching of a button on a shirt, a subtle portrayal of what the product is about.


The packaging boxes designed have a raw feel associated with them. The eye-catchy illustration of the brand story is a part of every packaged shirt box.

User Interface

The design of the website and user interface of their BodyCast application were also developed. The user interface was designed keeping in mind the smooth user experience. It is on the informative front and enlightens the user about the various options he never thought he had. One of the major proposition of the brand was the provision for custom-made shirts which has been communicated directly.

Trident Group

Client - Trident

Industry - Home Textiles

Expertise Areas - Digital Videos

Trident Group, a USD 1 billion Indian business conglomerate and a global player, decided to participate in the New York Textile Week’16, for which they collaborated with Cravants Media.

The Creative team started working on the theme – Experience inspires preferences and

styles. The new range of Trident Bedsheets - Nectar Soft provides the gentle experience to the gentle woman.

Client - Vodafone

Industry - Telecom

Expertise Areas - Digital Videos

The Creative and Strategy team got a series of story boards and voice over scripts prepared for client approval. This video was created to make the customers aware about the new Vodafone Balance Transfer service. It is simple and straightforward enough to convey and educate the

audience on this front.

Another 30+ videos were created for Vodafone on a similar line of thought that have not been showcased here. In case you are interested to watch all these videos, kindly reach us and we'll share our video links with you.

BOFY Image


Client - BOFY

Industry - Online Retail

Expertise Areas - Brand Identity | Web Development | Advertising

Being Organic For You or BOFY is one of the few online retail brands selling certified organic products inspired by Fair Trade Practices.

Brand Identity

The creative team developed the

brand identity for the brand by keeping it ‘Earthy’, ‘Specific to Organic’ and ‘Minimalistic’. The ‘O’ with the ‘line’ is a short representation of the brand name.

The minimal logo looked well enough to be used across the corporate identity collaterals.

Web Development

The website reflects the ambience of ‘trust’ and ‘aspiration’, which was our end goal. Moreover, the brand colour Green, used throughout the website, motivates the theme of natural products.


In line with the logo, the messaging throughout the advertisements encouraged the theme of ‘Organic’ and the use and benefits of organic products.

Social Media Marketing was another widely used awareness and leads generation tool.