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CrateBind is a Dallas based custom software development firm with expertise in Rails, Swift and Android. We specialize in the construction of web and native mobile apps. We're a software development and consulting firm going beyond just writing code; we invest in the success of each company we work with by building the software that empowers growth.


We work with companies of all sizes, across all industries, throughout all stages of development to meet each individual business' specific needs. Whether it's a buyer portal, consumer-facing mobile app, machine learning processing tool or any other big idea, you're going to want us to build it for you. We are a technology company but love people as much as we love technology.


Your dreams and problems are our dreams and problems. CrateBind comes alongside our clients to catapult each business into their best selves. Ranked in the top 100 companies to work for in Texas we care about both our clients and our team. We hire the best and push our team to never settle for anything less. 

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Key clients: 

ATT, Our Calling, Door Homes, Mint Dentistry

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Web and Mobile Developement

CrateBind worked with Door as an Outside CTO.

Door is a real estate brokerage company that believes the independent contractor model traditionally used by brokerages is broken. Because of this, Door leverages technology in order to sell and buy for a flat fee of $5,000 per side.

The Door product is a consumer facing web application and therefore needed a strong aesthetic to back the brand

they are building. Our design team worked quickly and in short segments with tight client reviews to ensure everything we built aligned with their brand requirements while offering the user a familiar home search experience.

Door is integrated with the NTREIS MLS. Existing solutions didn't give us the control over the data in a way that we could offer a super fast search to the frontend UI and also allow the Door team to run reports and gather analytics from the MLS data. The data feed from RETS is imported into a Postgres database with geospatial factors enabled and served through AWS RDS to allow for horizontal scalability of read requests.

With Door we orchestrated an entire high fault-tolerant architecture to be able to serve millions of users. By using database backups and replication all the data remains secure and consistent. The autoscaling systems we used ensure that the site will always stay up and running regardless of how much traffic is present.

From end-to-end Door is built with a focus on the performance of the user experience. This includes everything from utilizing Angular as a front end javascript framework to a proper and thoughtful indexing of the database. The query syntax offered by our API allows users to filter and sort their listings by a wide variety of criteria without the need for incremental development.

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My Utilities

The My Utilities platform allows users to compare all their options for utilities and home services in one place, instantly. The platform brings efficiency to shopping and connecting services by streamlining the whole process into a comprehensive, one-stop-shop. 

My Utilities’ need was two-fold: an internal ERP system as well as a customer-facing automated buying platform. The ERP system needed to be able to

manage ordering workflows as well as offer lead management, payment remittance, goal tracking, and real time reporting. The customer-facing buying platform required the functionality to allow consumers to shop, compare and buy home services like never before on the internet.

In developing My Utilities' technology, we began with their ERP system to enable their agents to manage workflows and drive sales. Within this system, agents are able to view incoming leads in real time, access information about those leads, review automated research on each utility service requested, and submit orders to specific utility providers.


The My Utilities application leverages dozens of API integrations to identify the best options for electricity, gas, internet, tv, home security and many other services. My Utilities knows that getting a new place, or switching from an expensive provider, is a headache for their customers. The application is built to help their customers take care of a painstaking task in just a click of a button.

The My Utilities platform served close to 10,000 customers in the first 2 months of production. The My Utilities team is able to quote customers in real-time, enabling reliable results and a higher quality of service.


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Republic Property Group has developed real estate projects with a value in excess of $7 billion across eight states. RPG has a proven track record in all facets of the development process, from site selection and financial analysis to planning, development and management.Prior to meeting CrateBind, Republic Property Group had previously spent many months and several thousands of dollars on developing their Builder Portal. We

teamed up with RPG in the fall of 2017 to help them not only finish out their project but also speed up, enhance and build out a number of new features.We started the design process by collecting requirements from different builders, salespersons and RPG staff who use this product. The low-fidelity wireframes allowed us to be on the right track with users. In the prototype, we introduced a navigation by sorting various data tables from the home screen to certain tab bars, only highlighting the most necessary graph charts that managers needed to access. The rest of the detailed information is arranged in an accordion-style layout.By using React, we were able to build RPG's site with reusable components to construct the UI. This allows for the project to continue to scale more quickly and be easily maintained in the future. The biggest advantage of using React is to speed up rendering dynamic data, especially when implementing RPG's Anti-monotony filter. We have the ability to seamlessly apply real-time filters for selecting homes on the portal's map view.When we inherited RPG's project, we immediately saw a need to improve the site's performance. Because of the data-heavy app, we decided using a javascript library, such as React, was the best solution. This drastically improved performance, user-experience and user feedback for all the various levels of users in the app.      
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Rent30A is an online listing and booking platform with a wealth of information for vacation rentals along Florida's historic 30A highway. Integrated with various online platforms and independent property managers, Rent 30A seamlessly connects vacation-goers with 30A properties.

Rent 30A is hosted entirely in Amazon Web Services and leverages a scalable infrastructure that can grow to meet spikes in user flows

during peak season and around promotional marketing campaigns. With over 1,200 rentals listed on their platform, we knew Rent 30A's platform had to be ready to handle any amount of traffic, especially in the months leading up to summer.

CrateBind and A&T partnered to build technology for Our Calling.