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Case Management Image

Case Management

The scope

Corballis modernised the agency’s legacy software architecture to improve and support the pursuit of crime suspects. As a result, the number of manual processes to gather, capture and record key information relating to investigations has greatly reduced, while information sharing between departments and their technologies has become simpler.

Our solution

The bespoke case management system implemented by

Corballis allows law enforcement officers to quickly see all important aspects of the investigation. 

The case management system’s capabilities include:

  • Integrated document management component
  • Full version control 
  • Flexible search techniques
  • Scalable 
  • Batch capturing of documents 
  • Access permissions 
  • Create and link targets and assets
  • Single composite view of target
  • Integrated messaging and calendar system
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Custom reports
  • Correspondence register
  • Evidence tracking
  • Full audit trail
  • Operational on a 24/7 basis and used by all members of the agency
The outcome

The two year project involved building a system that could import and manage hundreds of thousand of documents in a highly scalable and secure environment.  The agency has been able to improve its level of asset seizures and increase the effectiveness of key processes associated with investigations.

Border security passenger screening Image

Border security passenger screening

The scope

Corballis’ client requested us to implement a real-time and scalable passenger screening system that can be integrated with various data sources and provides response times in the milliseconds range.

The solution

We delivered a custom analytic tool which aids border security agents to analyse connections between passengers and targets in near real-time. The implemented system architecture allows border

security agencies to handle hundreds of millions of passenger records each year without any impact on the system’s performance.

Analytics services included:

  • Advanced passenger screening module based on a distributed NoSQL and graph database
  • Integration with third party data sources 
  • Automatic data quality managemen
  • Advanced searching capabilities 
  • Target profile management
  • Scalable architecture
The outcome

Where profiling was once a manual and tedious process based on high level and generic rules, our solution facilitates the targeting of much more granular and accurate profiles ensuring a more streamlined and efficient screening process. The operator is no longer concerned with too much data at any one time as the system was designed to cope with hundreds of millions of passenger records in real-time.

Analytics and pattern matching Image

Analytics and pattern matching

The scope

Organisations collect massive amounts of data. To efficiently exploit the potentials of this information, they need a solution to identify future or risk patterns hidden within their enterprise data. 

Our solution

The implemented solution can be used by organisations to collect data from disparate data sources and analyse them in a unified platform. Our scalable and efficient system allows users to detect

information patterns within their data sets and can be configured for automatic analysis and notification.
  • Import data in real-time (structured and unstructured, dirty data, log files, emails, spreadsheets, databases, IoT devices, social networks, etc.)
  • Define your own custom metrics
  • Data cleansing 
  • De-duplication algorithms
  • Aggregate and transform 
  • Composite metrics
  • Define visual patterns to identify interesting events
  • Export to file and APIs (Excel, PDF, Google Docs, JSON, etc.)
  • Visualise relationships and patterns using our sophisticated network explorer
  • Fully customisable dashboards with a wide range of widgets
  • Customisable chart, network and map visualisations
  • Dynamic filtering, drill-down and roll
  • Alerting and notifications:
  • Multiple notification channels - email, SMS and voice messages
The outcome

We successfully delivered a validated and enterprise grade analytics and pattern matching solution.

Proactive safety management Image

Proactive safety management


This project focused on integration of data from different sources (airport and airline data) and from different databases (safety-related data and operational data), and with the application of data mining techniques to identify risk patterns to intervene proactively on predicted risks.


Developed a state of the art pattern matching system that provides functionality for data

integration and data mining. Data integration allows consideration of safety and operational data across different databases and different stakeholders. Data mining techniques can be used to detect patterns of variables (risk patterns) and combinations of values that affect the likelihood or severity of safety events.
The risk pattern matching function monitors continuously safety and operational performance indicators and attempts to match these to patterns identified from historical data. This solution can scale up to millions of records without impacting on performance. The risk intelligence distribution function informs relevant stakeholders of any patterns or alarms that were raised by the risk pattern matching function. 


The Corballis Pattern Matching server received bird strike risk patterns, and was able to monitor simulated operational data in order to match and identify patterns in that data. Notifications about identified patterns were generated and forwarded through the PROSPERO system  to an alerting tool for risk intelligence distribution.

  Airline and travel data processing Image

Airline and travel data processing

The scope

Governments are required to manage and secure their borders through the use of traveller intelligence. The aim is to simplify the collection of traveller data for border management, profiling and threat analysis

Our solution

Our solution supports the collection of critical Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR) data within a flexible platform designed to accommodate varying

government and border management requirements. It seamlessly integrates into the border management and border control systems.

The Messaging Gateway’s capabilities include:

  • efficient collection of all common types of data formats used for traveller data
  • flexible architecture that makes adding new types of data formats straightforward
  • native handling for XML structured traveller messages
  • broad range of supported transport mechanisms (MQ, email, FTP, SFTP, web services, etc.)
  • configurable publishing mechanism that can be used to expose traveller data
  • customisable distribution and cleansing of traveller data to multiple systems
  • automated archiving and cleaning simplifies database administration
The outcome

Our solution is deployed in many countries around the globe delivering millions of passenger records 24/7 to government agencies.  Allowing border control agencies to spend their time on the actual threat analysis rather than on the complex and error-prone process of data collection

  Aircraft maintenance (MRO) safety management system Image

Aircraft maintenance (MRO) safety management system

The Scope

The objective of this project was to build a fully functioning web based solution that can be used to implement a reporting, risk and change management solution.

Our Solution

Corballis developed a web based Safety Management System that supports ICAO, EASA and ARMS requirements and recommendations. The solution was designed to meet specific organisational needs and approaches of our client, including

customised screens, navigation and process flow. 

The solution includes support for  

  • management of policy, procedures, records 
  • roles and responsibilities 
  • setting and monitoring of safety objectives and indicators 
  • reporting and investigation, impact and causal analysis 
  • hazard identification, safety risk analysis, change requirements and risk acceptance 
  • implementation management, best practice improvement processes 
  • issue tracking and management 
  • monitoring change and performance 
  • audit and review 
  • notifications and alerts 
  • capturing of lessons learned 
The Outcome

Improved reporting, information sharing and training/learning within their organisation. As well as improved business performance through more effective management of hazards and their associated risks.

Air Traffic Control Safety Management System Image

Air Traffic Control Safety Management System

The scope

Design and implementation of an Air Traffic Control safety console for information analysis and integration of operational and safety performance data.

Our solution

  • The ATM information solution consists of the following functions:
  • An ATM SMS dashboard
  • A safety console that updates information about hazards/occurrence to support data mining techniques to generate risk
  • Integration of information from different sources to serve both operational and safety requirements.
  • A new safety method for relating complexity to hazards and risks
  • Monitoring of KPIs and responsibilities in applying barriers to hazards
  • Provision of data for applying data science approaches to identify risk patterns
  • Identification of daily hazards in a ATM dashboard
  • Evaluation of changes over time in leadership, safety programs and procedures
  • The outcome

    Configured the Corballis Safety Management System and Pattern Matching system to support air traffic controller decision-making and operational risk management. An ATM dashboard has been developed integrating aspects of complexity, safety and operations in air traffic control.

    This project demonstrated how data science principles and use of risk intelligence can be applied to the design of an integrated safety information system.