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Cookies.games is a team of programmers working together for nearly a decade. Our offices is based in Frankfurt and Moscow and experiencewise we’re ready to deliver results for our clients in any challenge. Our portfolio includes all kind of projects from orthodox games for IOS and Android to such intricate works as VR trainer for actual nuclear station. What distincts us from freelancers is our cumulative team toolkit which implies a quality assurance and professional approach.

So you can be certain the project will be completed before the deadline and we will stick with you until the end.

We have a decent experience in developing games and apps on both iOS and Android. Our team includes specialist in vague spectre of areas, so you can say that we're extremely flexible in terms of our skillset.

  • Mobile games and apps, VR/AR.
  • Working with Unity;
  • Coding on mainstream languages (C#, Java, Swift, Kotlin etc.)
  • Unity SDK;
  • Back-end & Servers;
  • Infographic Widgets;
  • Non-standart platforms (custom) development;
  • 3D and Interactive Presentations.
  • Basically, games and apps of any kind.

Operational since 2010, by year 2015 we achieved 3rd place in a worldwide Samsung Oculus VR JAM competition outrunning over a 1000+ competitors.

Over the last two years we have been growing to a size of 18 employees, implemented bleeding edge project management systems, strongly believing this is just the beginning of a long journey.

Based in Frankfurt am Main | Germany

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Nuclear energy. One of the greatest achievements of humanity. Training of professionals working on nuclear stations are crucial not only because they provide us with energy. It’s more about safety. That’s why in real world Homer Simpson would never work at the nuclear station.

Our team in association with a subsidiary company of ROSATOM developed VR-trainer for advanced education of nuclear specialists in the similar to

the real life environment. Except it’s virtual. And safe.

VR-trainer is…

It’s Useful

Usually, education with real equipment for servicing nuclear station requires a huge amount of theory. Our VR-trainer allows to gently incorporate the achieving of practical knowledge into the theoretical studying. That kind of practice may help future nuclear specialists to earn experience. 

It’s Handy

It’s not just about safety and the fact that VR-training does not require an additional machinery. All info is delivered directly to the operator wearing VR gear, thereby reducing the number of panels, buttons and button panels. The VR - trainer is not an imitation of the nuclear station interface. It’s something that can make those interface handier and more ergonomic.

It’s Cheap

Try to calculate what it costs to keep at least a couple of working displays and we’re don’t even talk about other equipment. Maybe in the future nuclear energy specialists will forget that word «monitoring» is ascend to the «monitor»

MyBuddy.ai Image



Happy talking Buddy the robot will help your kid learn foreign words! Buddy helps kids memorize new words. He shows picture slides, tell funny stories, listens for the correct pronunciation and dishes out stars. This brings learning foreign languages to a new level of fun!

Multiple Functions

Ask him to play a cartoon for you, deliver a weather forecast, or simply make a conversation.

Thanks to recent advances in neural networking, responsible for the heavy lifting, those requests are a piece of pie now!

Education is fun!

Every kid wants to play. Buddy knows it and he also knows how make the process of learning interesting. Training your language skills with robot-companion is much more fun than alone.

Buddy is learning as well

Yes, since MyBuddy.ai is a cloud-based service it constantly gets smarter through understanding what your child needs to learn how to speak and understand English!

More than just words

The main beauty of learning with Buddy robot is the fact that he not just helps to improve your vocabulary. With this app your child can practice in common situational dialogues and achieve the proper pronunciation. That’s why our Buddy is proving himself to be especially useful if his user need to communicate with native speakers.

House of Languages Image

House of Languages

Can the language learning be an incredibly joyful adventure? Sure, why not. Came to visit Mr. Woo and you’ll see for yourself. He will guide you through multiple rooms of his magical house, where you get to search for different objects for your cute explorer Mr. Woo. Language learning process takes place in a gamified form, which rapidly accelerates memorizing and foreign word recognition.

Excellence in


House of Languages came in third at the Samsung Gear VR Competition 2015 contest. John D. Carmack himself was reviewing our game. It pretty much speaks for itself. The game has a very smooth control and inventive settings were made to ensure that your eyes will get something to gaze on.

Unchained Fantasy

It’s embarrassing that mostly educational games are looking so boring. Like a technical app or something. We think that the games are art. And nobody will be wanting to play with a textbook, right? In House of Languages we let our fantasy to fly freely in order to make not just a useful game but a fascinating world around a useful game.

Check Your Knowledge

If you think that Mr. Woo will just explain you the object names, you’ll wrong, my friend. It’s not a guided tour. The game is filled with exciting tests to ensure that you’ll carry a piece of his wisdom on your way back.