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Conversion Giant is a full-spectrum Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles that focuses on advertiser profitability and growth. We specialize in conversion strategies for both eCommerce and lead-based companies. Most importantly, we match your unique company objectives to the best possible solutions so you get results faster. We’re a team of agency experts… geared to drive more conversions, profit, and lifetime customer value through your digital marketing.



  • Paid Search
  • Organic Search
  • Shopping Ads (PLAs)
  • Remarketing (also Dynamic)
  • Display Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We created Conversion Giant because we know we are more than just keyword managers and traffic suppliers.

Our entire focus has always been around driving more conversions, conversion value, and profit. To be successful, we must look beyond the platforms and increase the scope of operation to include elements which comprise the entire story and not just parts of it.

Conversion Giant’s expertise spans across an array of disciplines including: conversion funnels, unique traffic creation, remarketing, social media and direct email marketing in a winning combination then layers in CRO (conversion rate optimization) to GROW your conversions over time. We also partner with web developers (when necessary) and other teams to ensure your conversion process is optimized end to end.

Conversion Giant implements time tested practices involving the: strategy, measurement, and optimization of entire conversion systems.

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3 Step Formula for Doubling Online Conversions

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is at the heart of everything we do. We are Conversion Giant and we tend to build CRO into every service we provide. Whether its paid search or SEO that gets your the traffic, if you’re not converting, you are diverting. Don’t send your competition the traffic that you paid for because your website didn’t do it’s job!

Conversion Giant looks at your website’s ability to convert

on a 5-point perspective.

Overall Usability

Overall usability is measured by how easily people use your website and how much friction there might be in doing so. We guide advertisers in making sure the website hierarchy is fluid and matches though the users ability to navigate the website. When you have good usability, your customers find what they want much faster and complete the sales funnel much easier. Usability is inherent in all the other perspectives.

Mobile Optimized

Just because your website is responsive or shows up in a mobile browser does not mean it’s optimized for mobile devices. There are many aspects of being mobile friendliness besides being responsive. Being optimized for mobile means making sure your website is optimized for users on mobile. Because smaller devices, mean smaller screens and more scrolling, its important that only the most critical information is displayed, and in the optimal sequence.


The make-it-or-break-it moment for eCommerce advertisers is on the checkout page. Fixing issues one the checkout page can sometimes have the single highest impact on conversion rates. We look at everything from page layout to buyer psychology to ensure your checkout page is doing its job and converting your customer.


There is no single recipe for trust. Trust is typically earned so it’s not always an easy thing to receive from customers. Often times, the trust elements of a website or not consciously thought about, but rather they can be an unconscious part of the buyer’s experience. Building trust and flaunting it, should be a high level goal for every advertiser. CG gets you on track.


Tesing the right message or website copy can make the critical difference in your customer’s decision to buy..

Interested in CRO?

Conversion Giant can offer either a light weight CRO service with any main advertising management service or as a standalone option. Regardless we help with the following:

Contact Conversion Giant today and learn why we are so passionate about CRO!

Giant Insights Explained

Giant Insights: Key Analytical Insights Produced for the Purpose of Driving Growth

Conversion Giant has taken the last 10 years of advertising experience to deliver a consultative, analytics-driven service called Giant Insights™ which is designed to give you, the advertiser, more control over your advertising dollars. We do this by arming you with the key information founded under any one of the points in our proven

6-Point Exploding Revenue Formula™.

These insights are produced by our team who reviews your website, your offering, your analytics, and your current strategy. They take into account your company costs, objectives, and business model to provide vital feedback which will allow you to make better decisions and execute better strategies within your online business.

Here is what you get with Giant Insights:

  • Initial 1-on-1 consultation with one of our team growth experts to learn your company’s unique challenges and nuances
  • Monthly deep dive analysis on many or all of the six points from our
  • 6-Point Exploding Revenue Formula™.
  • Custom handwritten report containing insights, observations (w/ screenshots) and opportunities for you to take action.
  • Monthly follow-up call to go over the provided insights and data produced in each report, to gain feedback about changes in your business, and to stay up-to-date on your progress.
  • Coming Soon! Giant Insights Dashboard: designed to give you pulse metrics anytime. These metrics are harder to find and require a lot of time digging for them. We put them at your fingertips.