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ContactWorks provide services that support a variety of contact opportunities including field sales, field-service support, inbound  and outbound telephone sales, member services, order entry, billing, claims processing and help desk / technical support. Their outsourcing solutions encompass the depth of talent and experience to create optimum efficiencies and a distinct competitive advantage.

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Upselling and Order Processing for Retail Company

"The customer response has been nothing short of excellent."

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The Project
Less than $10,000
June 2016 - Ongoing
The Reviewer
1-10 Employees
Desoto, Texas
Owner, Retail Company
The Review

Why does your firm need inbound services? Did you previously handle these needs in-house?

The volume of calls and email ordering was getting a bit much to handle for one person. I selected to use inbound services because it was much easier to receive, process, and fulfill orders.

How many inbound calls did your company handle every day? How much time did your employees spend on the phone every day?


What challenge were you trying to address with the service provider?

We wanted to improve upselling, ensuring that we make a good chance at getting every sale.


What was the scope of the service provider's involvement?

They help with inbound calls and ordering processing.

Could you describe the pricing structure and how they billed you?

We pay agent payroll per hour. It's a short-term, but we're thinking about switching to a fixed overhead.

How did you come to work with this service provider?

We found them through personal research.

How would you assess the service provider for answering calls, customer service, and communication?

They are very competent. We have no issues.

How much time, in hours, does this service provider save you each month?


How much money does this service provider save you each month?



What takeaways and measures of success can you share about working with this service provider?

The whole experience with them has saved me time and money. The customer response has been nothing short of excellent.

What are the service provider's strengths?

Their strenghts are their reliability and affordability.

How can the service provider improve?

I have no complaints so far.

How long has your company been working with this service provider?

June 2016 - Ongoing.

How much money do you spend annually with this service provider?

$5,000 to $9,999.

Overall Score
  • 5.0 Scheduling
  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 5.0 NPS
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