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Modesto, CA
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Key clients: 

JRDV Architecture

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Colorstone Marketing

Check our site for more client designs and case studies. 

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Pool Company SEO

When PSM Pools came to us, they had no business yet. They were cleaning pools here and there but didn't have a consisten lead source. Colorstone Marketing took them on and built the site from scratch, wrote the content, and ranked them as the number one company in both the maps and organic results. As a result, they get dozens of calls every week and do very well. 

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Modesto RE:FORM Pilates

RE:FORM Pilates is a boutique pilates studio that needed a new website for thier business. Colorstone Marketing designed the site, wrote the content, and built evrything lean so that it loads quickly. This studio is doing very well and gets regular daily visitors to their website. 

IFM Website Design Image

IFM Website Design

This is a local non-profit company who had a website that was outdated and unable to accept donations. We completely redesigned their site with an image focus. We added donations to the site, made the site responsive, and upgraded their hosting so their site loads faster for their visitors. Since launching the new site, they get more visitors, more online donations, and have a more credible appearance in the community. 

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Pest Control SEO

Green Flash Pest Control in Southern California is one of the fastest growing pest control companies in the U.S. They hired Colorstone Marketing to grow their local leads and recurring client base. 

We handle everything from technical, on-site, and off-site SEO. This includes site architecture, content creation, local landing pages, content strategy, competition monitoring and more. Since hiring us, we've increased thier

leads by more than 25% in six months and grown revenue by $250,000 in less than a year. 
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JRDV is an international architecture firm with a focus on urban revival and pedestrian focused environments. They're an incredible firm with an excellent reputation for high-quality architecture and they work hard to protect that reputation. They entrusted Colorstone Marketing to help them grow their online presence to reach targeted customers online. 

We helped them with on-site technical SEO, on-page SEO, link

building, and content to name a few. Their traffic has improved by 4x since starting with us and will continue to grow exponentially. 

Architecture is a complex field which required an outside architectural content writer as well as specific growth strategies customized to their firm. We executed a variety of strategies each month to keep the growth targeted and trending up.