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House Beer Image

House Beer

The Perfect Beer. And Nothing Less.


House Beer was created with the desire to bring something new to the craft beer market. A clean, no-nonsense approach to beer. Nothing more. Since the brand’s inception we have led all creative efforts and continue to work hand in hand with the team to evolve the brand as the market evolves, while never losing sight of the mission that started it all:  One

beer done right.
Eddy  Image


For Dreamers Who Do


Eddy is creating a community for the ambitious.  Eddy is more than a co-living company. It is a collaborative community that creates opportunities and meaningful connections between the leaders of tomorrow by bringing them together today.  Eddy aims to change the way the world thinks about housing because living costs should be reasonable and human connections matter. WIth

this lofty and noble mission in mind, we created a brand platform through visuals and copy for this evolution in urban living to grow from.
Spindrift Image


Real fruit tastes better.

Spindrift is America’s first and only line of sparkling beverages made with real squeezed fruit. An innovator in an exploding market, with a product story so simple you wonder why it’s done any other way, the goal was to communicate the value in truly being real across all channels. In an overloaded, very competitive environment, we positioned Spindrift

to be bold and clear, without losing sight of the brand’s personality.


Saint Archer Brewing Company Image

Saint Archer Brewing Company

Dedicated to the Journey


The Saint Archer journey is one founded on love and commitment.  A love of craft beer and a commitment to creativity and following the road less traveled.  From the beginning, we have worked with the team to build a brand that told a story all its own, and was something that stood out in the crowded craft beer market.  With an understanding of what makes this brand

unique and a commitment to staying the course, we’ve partnered with the Saint Archer team for the last 6 years in creating a beer brand that has maintained their commitment to the product and the brand story over the years of rapid growth, acquisition, and more growth.
Jiant Hard Kombucha Image

Jiant Hard Kombucha

It's Kombucha. All Grown up.


Jiant is on a mission to create a new category of alcoholic beverage that meets the highest standards of quality and transparency.  Through every expression the Jiant brand was created with purpose. It means to stand a little taller. To be unafraid to do things differently. To be unexpected. And never underestimate the importance of enjoying everything you do.

Truff Sauce Image

Truff Sauce

The pinnacle of the heat experience


Aligning the very product itself, the Truff brand was created to be unique and bold and something very differentiated from its peers.  Truff Sauce is a special product that generates conversation among foodies, professional chefs, and the occasional hot sauce user alike by leaning on a single differentiator, truffles.  Using their hyper focused product

approach we designed the brand to purposefully be unique in the space and communicate in the digital world. Because when you’re trying to change how people use hot sauce, it better be able to stand on its own.
Dropify Image


Streetwear on Demand.

Dropify empowers the next generation to uncover their personal style.  It is a new approach to building a wardrobe to help cultural innovators make their mark.  By creating a digital platform that allows consumers access to limited release collections, the Dropify brand is at the foundation of one’s personal expression.

Verve Coffee Roasters Image

Verve Coffee Roasters

From farmlevelto streetlevel.

Verve Coffee Roasters believes the coffee experience is their responsibility from seed to cup. Combining their dedication to the craft with the unique cultural feel of their Santa Cruz home, we’ve worked with them to shape every aspect of the brand, from product to digital to experiential. By authentically creating the Verve experience, we were able to lay the

foundation for the future of the brand as it has expanded into new markets and product categories.