Human Empowered Automation

Cogito specialises in Human Empowered Automation. Our mission is to help our customers innovate and scale by solving their day-to-day data needs. Using our skilled on-demand workforce, we partner with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Technology and eCommerce clients to develop high-quality data sets used to build and enhance various cutting-edge business applications.

We have 10+ years of experience capturing and enriching a wide variety of data types including speech, text, image and video. 

Having prime focus on generating high-quality data sets, we offer following services:

  1. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence - Categorize and moderate data for machine learning algorithms
  2. Visual Search - Generate training data for Computer vision and Autonomous vehicles
  3. Sentiment Analysis - Strengthen your brand through customer sentiment analysis
  4. Virtual Assistant & ChatBot Training - Train machine learning algorithms through structured data sets
  5. Content Moderation - Moderate images, videos and content accurately and in real time
  6. Data Categorization - Turn big data into rich data through accurate categorization
  7. Data Collection - Collect big data using our skilled and scaleable workforce
  8. Image Annotation - Select and categorize objects in images for AI or business intelligence
  9. Search Relevance - Train your search algorithms through structured data sets
  10. Audio & Video Transcription - Fast and accurate transcription of audio and video files
  11. OCR Transcription - Transcribe financial statements, invoices, receipts quickly and efficiently
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