Clustox is a technology company with a proven track record of producing high-performance mobility solutions and portal applications

We develop and maintain web and mobile applications for startups, agencies and tech teams. We specialize in top-tier development using Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, Angular, ReactJS & React Native. 


$25 - $49 / hr
10 - 49
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Lahore, Pakistan
  • G4 Al Hafeez Suites 69 B II Gulberg III
    Lahore, P 54000


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Bookafy is an online booking app that lets users book their appointments for calls, meetings, demos and services themselves. They can even pay and reschedule theoir appointments without costly back-and-forth emails and phone tags.

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WISRAN is a revolutionary solution to improve 2-5% profits for growers/agribusinesses by identifying hidden operation logistics inefficiencies in real-time from planting to harvesting to storage and distribution. WISRAN provides this information by tracking and analyzing operational activities in real-time to tell user where and how they can be more efficient. This improves the revenue throughput, reduces machinery, labor, gas

costs and improves workers productivity. For example, why the truck turns are lower than competitor, where in the supply chain are bottlenecks, where equipment are inefficient and under utilized. Company automates the recording, analysis of op performance.