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Specialists in mobile app development, API's & web platforms - we're a proud digital agency based in Leeds.

Click Agency is the agency arm of Redbeck Ltd, a technology holding company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, which builds cutting edge technology products for mobile and web.

We invest most of our profits back into research and development projects, and we're currently working on a revolutionary social shopping platform called ClickFeed, as well as an exciting employee engagement App due for launch on iOS and Android in Q1 2019. We've built products such as Instantcart which provide ecommerce services to companies like Q-Park to enable their customers to purchase season tickets online.

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Leeds, United Kingdom
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Key clients: 

Abode Designs


Watercooling UK


Employee Engagement App for iOS and Android Image

Employee Engagement App for iOS and Android

Nomify is our employee engagement product, spanning multiple platforms including native iOS and Android apps. Initially the idea came from a company requesting a small nominations website for an annual internal event. This inspired us to create a mobile app that could be used by multiple companies for a multitude of in house communications with a very minimal setup process. As well as the ability to make nominations, the app

also includes a news feed, holiday booking, and a rewards system.

One of the most powerful elements of Nomify is the remote configuration system. Company administrators can log onto a website and customise how the app looks and behaves to their users. They can remotely change colour schemes, enable and disable features, as well as changing privileges for individual users.

To run an app on multiple mobile platforms, apps can either be built in the faster cross platform way, or the native approach that leads to a higher quality outcome. Nomify runs as a native app on iOS and Android to provide the best experience for all of our users.



  • Native iOS & Android apps
  • News feed
  • Events
  • Remote notifications
  • Custom built calendar for holiday requests
  • Remote configuration system
  • Dynamic colour schemes
  • In-app admin features
Retail Management Mobile APP for iOS Image

Retail Management Mobile APP for iOS

ClickFeed is a large collection of connected applications based around online shopping and selling on multiple platforms. In 2017, we developed an iOS administration app as a small part of the overall product, while still being a large app in its own right. It allows merchants to create products to sell on multiple websites, manage incoming orders, directly message customers and view graphs and statistics about their


During the development process, lots of hurdles were overcome. When app development began, there was no finished API to use, so initially a lot of the networking had to be mocked up, which led to the app being very flexible to overcome ambiguities in the specification. All of the designs for the app were done internally alongside the development process, which resulted in a very usable and polished user interface.


  • News feed
  • Product management
  • Barcode scanning
  • Order management
  • Messaging
  • Graphs
  • Notifications
Cryptocurrency Mining Monitor App for iOS iPhone Image

Cryptocurrency Mining Monitor App for iOS iPhone

Like many other people in late 2017, we were excitably engulfed into a crescendo of cryptocurrency mining. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies utilising strong cryptography and computing power to process and verify transactions on a virtual network of payments. Think Bitcoin, Ethereum, or our coin of choice, Electroneum. 

In the excitement, we set up a motherboard with 4 graphics cards to “mine” (working to power

the transaction network in return for a share of currency). Soon we realised that we needed a way to monitor our mining machine remotely and that’s how MinerMate was born. It’s an app that allows you to connect to various pieces of software to check up on your mining operation. 

Initially, we intended the app to just be used internally, for us to monitor our own equipment. Soon however, the app grew into a more flexible tool and was eventually published on the App Store, receiving over 12,000 downloads. Not bad for a niche app that was never intended to be  published!



  • Custom text based data filtering
  • Customisable automatic refreshing
  • Built in help guides
  • Flexible endpoint selection settings
New Website for Leading Watercooling Retailer Image

New Website for Leading Watercooling Retailer

In August 2018, we were commissioned to perform a major upgrade for our existing client, Watercooling UK.

Deliverables included:-

  • Wider UX
  • Fully mobile responsive website
  • Ability to offer finance to customers
  • Refined checkout process
  • Fresh design
  • Performance enhancement
  • UI Enhancements



Since launching the new

website, we have seen an increase in conversion rates, and a drop in bounce rates.  The simplified checkout process is having a positive impact on basket to payment conversion

The website navigation has been simplified, offering a more enriched user experience.

Mobile conversion rates are up, with more users opting to transact via their mobile devices.