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Ethical Equities Image

Ethical Equities

Ethical Equities is a small, Sydney based investment advisory.

Their website design was outdated and their platform (Django) was causing headaches for the content creators. They needed a fresh design that did a better job of reflecting their brand and mission. They also wanted a membership area for their subscribers that allowed them to easily and intuitively access their paid content.

We worked closely with their

entire team to create a design that represented their brand and brought professionalism to their appearance.

We took the simplest, quickest and most manageable approach to building out the website. WordPress and Memberpress were obvious choices for their flexibility and wide adoption.

The site security was heavily reinforced to avoid the hacking and bot attacks the company had faced in the past.

Viega iPad App & Web Reporting Interface Image

Viega iPad App & Web Reporting Interface

To support a national competition, Viega needed an iPad application that would allow people on the street to quickly and easily enter their details into a simple form.

Their team wanted to see the submissions in real-time so there was also a need for a web application to show and export the entries.

As a solution, we took their existing design and built a light weight iOS application and Vue.JS based web app to

show the results once they had been submitted.