We Live For This

We are Ciniva - a full-service creative agency of artists, writers, developers and strategists. There are no egos or hidden agendas, we're just good people on a mission to create the best work possible. From branding to digital marketing, web design to media strategy - our work has proudly served clients both big and small in the tourism, education, e-commerce, finance, tech and non-profit space. 

We believe that every brand is human - a living, breathing species with a distinct set of traits and characteristics. Discovering that unique personality is fundamental to creating genuine, authentic messaging. Content that not only connects with your audience, but leaves a lasting, meaningful impression.

That's why we start every project with our "We Live For This" Workshop. Part brainstorming session, part branding incubator - this collaborative session is designed to uncover the essence of your brand, basically what it lives for! Here, we ask questions, define challenges and identify creative ways to solve them and craft a story that transforms into a visual narrative that earns loyalty, raises equity, and fuels results. 

But make no mistake, this process starts with our people. Over the years, we've assembled a balanced yet insanely talented group equipped to crush all things creative. Amongst us, you'll find offbeat, fun to work with human beings. A tight-knit, down-to-earth collection of people ready to work side-by-side as an extension of your team. 

$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49
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Norfolk, VA