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Cetreno offers Digital Marketing Business strategy solutions to give your business a significant boost and help you forge ahead in a highly competitive world.

Our team of expert professionals use diverse open source as well as closed source technologies to create agile, responsive, feature rich, interactive websites that become a platform for interaction with customers, buyers and between staff, helping you boost efficiencies and increase productivity as well as enhance your digital presence.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Key clients: 

ShieldByte Infosec

Orbit Conaultants

Nikhil International

African Surrogacy

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ShieldByte Infosec

ShiledByte is information security and process consulting firm. We are engaged in ensuring security of information through a variety of security services thus helping detect and prevent theft of information by both, outsiders and insiders. Our focus is on providing solutions that enable confident oversight and validation of audit readiness for internal policies, industry or government regulations; and the safe keeping of your

confidential information, trade secrets, intellectual property, critical infrastructure, and other digitally-managed assets.