VR Shopping, VR real estate, and VR architecture.

Centaur Interactive enables brands and retailers to deeply engage customers by presenting interactive 360 virtual stores on their websites – optimized for mobile and Desktop.Centaur Interactive captures your retail store or spring up and changes it into an interactive 360 virtual visit. That customers can shop from anywhere on the planet whenever. Engage prospective buyers with interactive presentations and immersive content.

In real estate, the latest mechanical improvements are virtual tours and virtual reality (or VR). Right now, virtual reality is made from plans made in 3D and afterward utilizing a cap and remote to make this virtual world. 

Today, you can't stand to maintain your real estate business without virtual tours on your site as they help customers to see precisely what they need, which causes them to be progressively definitive when purchasing. Likewise, VR real estate enables you to see a house without having to physically move. 


Virtual reality (VR) is one of the hotly debated issues in architecture and this all things considered. Numerous clients are trying different things with architectural virtual reality or are as of now utilizing it in their day by day business. The experience of a virtual stroll through is better than the effectively incredible experience of seeing your venture in 3D on an enormous screen or a projector. It empowers you to get an inclination for space and plan, which you are not ready to traverse different ways, not even with an architectural model. architectural organizations overall use VR in experiments or even in their day by day business.

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