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Signal is home to over 250 talented individuals across our offices in Edinburgh, Cheltenham and London.

For our cross-functional teams of coders, creatives, production specialists, data experts and strategic thinkers, problem solving together with our clients is the norm.

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Key clients: 

Lloyds Banking Group, RBS, Sainsbury's Bank, Bank of Ireland, Baillie Gifford, Scottish Friendly, British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Medicins Sans Frontiers, The Salvation Army, WWF, UNICEF, Bupa Dental Care, Innovative Medicines Initiative, European Diabetes Forum, Nando's, Renaissance Hotels

CRM is about experiences, not channels Image

CRM is about experiences, not channels

The traditional view of CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) is too simplistic. Relationships, by their nature, are constantly changing - and our approach to communicating with customers must evolve to reflect this. 

In a recent opinion piece, Signal senior planner Joie Chapple makes the case for viewing CRM not just in terms of making the most of which channels are being used, but also in terms of the overall customer


Joie also addresses ways in which agencies can work together with clients to support and challenge them to create better experiences for their customers.

Want to find out more? You can read the full article on The Drum.

Signal boosts growing SEO offering with appointment to fill new Outreach Manager Role Image

Signal boosts growing SEO offering with appointment to fill new Outreach Manager Role

Full-service digital and CRM agency Signal has appointed Lauren Cormack, previously Marketing Manager for The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company, to fill the newly created position of Outreach Manager, where she will be working to develop Signal’s SEO service. 

Cormack will be reporting directly to Andrew Girdwood, Signal’s Head of Media Technology, who said of their need for the new position:

“At Signal we don’t

believe that SEO works well in a silo. Combining search engine optimisation with user experience and content yields far better results and makes for a much more satisfying client-agency relationship.

For more information on the appointment, please refer to the full article on The Drum.

British Heart Foundation Case Study Image

British Heart Foundation Case Study


Help the charity put a better experience into place so that their supporters would feel valued and, crucially, not choose to cancel their donations.


1. Behavioural science

2. Automation

3. Supporter-driven


“This new approach is exactly what we wanted. It has transformed the experience of our regular supporters by putting them in control of what

happens next...also saving us a considerable amount of time.”

- Alice Herzog, Retention Direct Marketing Manager, BHF

Full case study

5 things you need to know about the Facebook data scandal Image

5 things you need to know about the Facebook data scandal

Facebook has come under a lot of scrutiny recently due to concerns that it was used by Russian advertisers to influence the 2016 US election. Evidence also came to light in March that millions of people’s data was improperly shared with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

The fallout from those revelations is still continuing, and it’s been an extremely fast-moving story, with new developments every day. So,

we’ve highlighted the top 5 things you need to know:

1. What actually happened

2. Facebook has admitted it was at fault

3. How the public has responded

4. Facebook has already responded by removing 3rd party data aggregators

5. The backlash may start to affect other tech companies.

Want to read more on the 5 points above? Click through to our full article for that and more on the subject. 

Glasgow 2014 Case Study Image

Glasgow 2014 Case Study


Our key objectives were to sell merchandise, recruit volunteers and boost ticket sales for less popular events, and we were determined to go for gold.


1. A website fit for huge crowds.

2. Multiple data feeds, one seamless experience.

3. Segmented emails that really hit the target.


The client described our work as ‘flawless’ and we think the results speak for


96% of all tickets sold - a Commonwealth Games record.

50k volunteer applications, against a target of 30k.

64% higher revenue than expected.

Full case study