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Capermint Technologies is a visionary on a mission to enhance and develop the brands of businesses, startups, small and large ventures, and many others. Capermint Technologies is a custom app development company with a team of fabulous and talented mobile app developers, game developers, graphic designers, software developers, and quality analysts.

We are a proud member of GESIA and NASSCOM, and recognized for our research and analysts by IT firms, Skilled App Reviewer by Skilled Partner, and Fostering Entrepreneurship by TIE Ahmedabad.

Our team specializes in Mobile app development, Creative graphics design, AR/VR Game development, 2D/3D Game development, Software development, Web development, Brand designing, Digital Marketing and much more to unfold.

We believe in turning the pain of the client in the strength of their business. Our client’s business success leads our business to success.

We aim at creating a mobile app, a game, software, a website that is a value to the brand of our client’s business. We have a goal of providing the solutions to the business with the best of enterprise apps, blockchain, cryptocurrency, virtual reality, augmented reality, IoT and various emerging technologies as per the needs of the businesses across the globe.

We partner to grow together. Let’s connect to see how we can grow businesses together!

Just drop us your thoughts on email: [email protected] or fill this form http://bit.ly/2Gf5Fya to hear from our support team.

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Cool Car Wash Image

Cool Car Wash

CoolCar Wash is a professional mobile car care service. Car wash is more accessible and convenient through this mobile app, opening up more possibilities for Car Owners.


Efficient and skilled teams dedicated to customer satisfaction are all car lovers and would care for yours too. They have the skill, tools, and desire to serve.



Caper: College Campus Events & Activities Image

Caper: College Campus Events & Activities

Caper is the campus events hub. People can discover what’s going on around campus and get involved – or create your own event and tell everybody about it. Find the groups to go to the event or activity and meet new friends and people with similar interests.


href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.capercollege.android" rel="nofollow">https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.capercollege.android


PreBoo Image


PreBOO is a communication app for teachers, tutors and coaches of preschools, kindergartens, daycares, and other after school activity institutes to record activity, send a note or a message, take pictures of a student and share with parent in real-time.


PreBOO helps parents to connect more easily with their child, as they will know what their child did at school and also give teachers/schools an easy way

FlashMop Image


The FlashMop app allows busy Perth households like you  to easily book a reliable, trusted cleaner when and where you need one. FlashMop app provide insane value to households, it provides a business opportunity for cleaners to grow their income and work on their own terms. The more Households that sign up to use the app, the more business opportunities created for local cleaners

href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flashmop.user" rel="nofollow">https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flashmop.user



PickMe Job Search Image

PickMe Job Search

PickMe Job Search App for the Philippines is the newest job portal app for the blue collar working class. Employers can hire applicants based on their location. Job seekers can find job according to their skills.


This is accessible to all Filipino citizens with legal age who are in the following industry: Construction, Food Service, Marketing/Sales, Health Care, Transportation, Office, Manufacturing,

AVS TV Network Image

AVS TV Network

AVS TV Network is a leading the way in providing top quality entertainment to millions of viewers hungry for Bollywood entertainment. It contains the South Asian entertainment episodes that the people from around the world can enjoy what the South Asian community has come to love.


href="https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/avstv-a-mobile-app/id1085019460?mt=8" rel="nofollow">https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/avstv-a-mobile-app/id1085019460?mt=8



SnapFood Image


SnapFood is the new food social network. When dining out, take a picture of the dish you’ve ordered, enjoy it and share your findings with the Community!

Club Master Image

Club Master

ClubMaster gives you access to all the clubbing events happening in the best clubs across London and the UK.

TailorWay Image


Download TailorWay from Google Play.

Browse bespoke tailors, drycleaners, seamstresses, cobblers and much more.



Want to spend a momentous moment by looking at pictures and videos More fun on the net? Then do not hesitate to download ITA LOL.

eLunch Image


eLunch: The easiest, economical and excellent way to choose and order your homemade food to your office. There is no need to walk under the sun or rain.Do not even worry about having cash with you... you can pay with credit or debit card in a secure and safe way inside the App. Download it now! It's FREE!

Ceez1t Image


Ceez1t is the top-rated buy and sell app: local shopping made easy, safe, and fun. Discover great classifieds in your area or far away. Buy & sell your stuff, find a place to live, hire local services, or get a new job all from the comfort of your smartphone.

TronicFeed Image


Simply, Tronicfeed is a Social Search Engine.

Say; you wan to buy a car, you can type Chevy on any search engine out there and get publicly available information about it. Or you can type Chevy on tronicfeed , and get personal advise about it from your friends and followers who already owned and have experienced it


The game merges the best from all the io games to create an overwhelming gaming experience.

There are EELY's out there in the ocean, to challenge you and to stop you in the way. If you get hit by another EELY, you go bust. But if you hit them with your tongue, they vanish. As you veer around, you will discover jewels in the ocean, collect these jewels and use them to shoot-down other 

href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.karl.ellyio&hl=en" rel="nofollow">EELY.io . More jewels you possess, bigger and stronger you become. With every threshold new skins get unlocked, which lets you make your EELY distinctive from other players. This makes competition fun.
Space Twister Image

Space Twister

Space Twister - A colour match game is an easy to play and share match game !

Tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball will switch colours with some power ups.
You must follow the colour pattern on each obstacle to cross it !

PreBoo Image


PreBOO is a communication app for teachers, tutors and coaches of preschools, kindergartens, daycares, and other after school activity institutes to record activity, send a note or a message, take pictures of a student and share with parent in real-time. It is NOT a school management software. And there's more,

parents have their lil' one's day delivered to them in real-time.
Monster Tales Image

Monster Tales

Monster Tales” is a level based monster game. Get the amazing monster moving to different levels by collecting the keys for each stage. It is an arcade game where the jumping monster is supposed to collect as many shooting stars as it can. You have to help the monster to collect stars and keys to move up

Toto Racer Image

Toto Racer

Toto Racer, the all new 3d racing game which is designed with state-of-the-art graphics for all ages gives the user a unique experience of Indian driving! Toto Racer challenges you to unlock new routes which are set in real streets of Indian cities.

Sweet Jelly Blast Image

Sweet Jelly Blast

A game is from the makers of Ice Crush, Cookie Mania and Garden Mania 2, is a totally fresh new sweet jelly match-3 puzzle.

Start your journey into the world of puzzle through match-3 adventure challenged Sweet Jelly Blast.

Neon Monster Run Image

Neon Monster Run

Neon Monster Run - A Game where you will be having fun with verity of challenges. A list of cars , very creative environment , Play with your friends and family from facebook.

Robomint - Featured in World's Fastest Software BuildBox.com

The Singal Player games are going next generation with Robomint's addictive gameplay. Creating a sensational name in Google Play and App Store the

high-resolution graphics and infinite new levels in Robomint are giving gamers an exquisite level of adventure.
Twitcher Image


Twitcher lets you make your ball jump in all directions. and collect diamonds.

Dragon Horns Image

Dragon Horns

Begin your journey of the dragon horns quest, match the puzzle pieces of the mighty monsters, keepers of the great castle and the gold dragon horns.

Bounce Up! is a fast paced, free obstacles game that will challenge your skills and reflexes. Each level is designed to make you choose the right path while making quick decisions to avoid the moving obstacles.



You are able to lead a more successful and rewarding life after realizing your potential through this Sloney game.

7 UP & 7 DOWN Image

7 UP & 7 DOWN

7 Up & 7 Down is a classic poker game. 7 Up & 7 Down is one of the best poker game to play. Simply bet and guess the card is it high or low and you could win double. Score more and more and you might be lucky to be featured on our scoreboard.

Balloon Blast Image

Balloon Blast

Balloon Blast is one of the best balloon game for kids & adults. There are infinite balloons in the Balloon Blast. Pop as many balloons as you can to get more score and to be featured on our scoreboard.

Tha Shefz - offer their services to customers cross-platform professional and also lets the customer demand from trusted Hvz property with all the professional delivery service.

The application is currently only serves the residents of the city of Riyadh.

Temok Image


Temok is provide high quality managed services at the lowest possible rate and the highest customer satisfaction.

Chocolate Advertising Image

Chocolate Advertising

- An Chocolate advertising app allows you to posts jobs.
- You can also send pictures with your job description.
- Simply login/signup to your login, fill the details and post job.

Chocolate Advertising app is available on both Android &

href="https://itunes.apple.com/ua/app/chocolate-advertising/id1150755933?mt=8" rel="nofollow">iOS platforms.
JMS Resume Image

JMS Resume

You can create professional resume in just 2 minutes by JMS Resume App.



Roster app for anyone desires to use the services at the airports where Dnata provides ground service.

iJewellery Image


iJewellery - specializes in creating customized jewelry designs as well as unique ready molds for the jewelry manufacturer.

SMS I/O - Input Output SMS Image

SMS I/O - Input Output SMS

Short Message Service (SMS) - SMS I/O is a text messaging service component of phone, Web, or mobile communication systems. It uses standardized communications protocols to allow fixed line or mobile phone devices to exchange short text messages.

Santa Unblocker Image

Santa Unblocker

Santa Unblocker is an creative and more interesting puzzle game for Santa Claus.

Catch Crisis Image

Catch Crisis

Catch Crisis is a Fun, Fast Pace, and Cute arcade game that will test your spatial abilities, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination.

KWKComic Image


KWKComic allows you to create a short comic by combining professional comic artist content with your personal photos and stories. These comics can be emailed or shared to a variety of social media sites and then posted to the KWKComic.com website, where fans of comics & capermint, fantasy, and sci-fi can connect

with each other and professional creators in the industry.

Brain Ball Bash: Simple & addictive brain ball game. Stretch your mind, draw a line or shape & bump the red and black balls.

Fun, puzzle & war together! Help the good red ball win over the evil black ball.


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iOS & Android Dev for Social Meeting App

“Their workflow and communication have always been super easy.”

Willing to refer: 
The Project
Less than $10,000
Sept. 2018 - Ongoing
Project summary: 

Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd developed a social meeting app for Android and iOS. Their involvement spanned concept expansion, design, development, beta testing, and final launch.

The Reviewer
1-10 Employees
Warsaw, Poland
Fabio Morelli
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Internal stakeholders are satisfied with the quality of their deliverables. The team’s demonstrated technical ability combined with their responsiveness make Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd a competitive agency in the mobile app development space.

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

I’m the CEO of a startup called UpTo. In my role, I’ve been in touch with Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd throughout the project.


For what projects/services did your company hire Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd?

We had an idea for a new social app but lacked the internal resources to build it. Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd joined the project to bring our concept to life, focusing on mobile app design and development.

What were your goals for this project?

Our objective was to create an engaging and attractive social meeting app that allows users to meet new friends with similar interests and passions.


How did you select this vendor?

I chose them based on their previous work, comparing both their cost and output quality.

Describe the project in detail.

Initially, Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd worked with us to realize a draft of the future app, creating the designs according to our needs. They then developed the app and released a beta version before launching the final product for Android and iOS.

What was the team composition?

They’ve assigned a project manager to lead the team, which included a graphic designer and iOS/Android developers.


Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

So far, we’re satisfied with the quality of work as well as Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd’s communication and availability. Their agency is competitive, and we totally recommend them.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

Their workflow and communication have always been super easy.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

I’m most impressed by the quality of their work and the speed and availability of the whole team.

Are there any areas for improvement?

It’s difficult to find areas for improvement; everything has been great from my point of view.

Overall Score We're satisfied on all accounts.
  • 5.0 Scheduling
    They work fast and adhere to deadlines.
  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
    They have super competitive prices.
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
    We're fully satisfied on all sides.
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer
    I would recommend them to anyone.

Application Development for Club Location Mapping

"I was impressed by their flexibility during development; they truly tailored to what we wanted."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$10,000 to $49,999
May - Sept. 2017
Project summary: 

Capermint Technologies designed and developed an iOS and Android app with search functionality and geolocation mapping tools.

The Reviewer
1-10 Employees
London, United Kingdom
Tayo Fawunmi
Founder, ClubMaster
The Review
Feedback summary: 

The apps were successfully launched, and any bugs were quickly discovered and rectified. Capermint was flexible throughout development, making changes to the apps as needed. The final apps have received positive feedback from users.

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

I am the founder of ClubMaster, an app that connects users to clubbing events in major cities around the world.


For what projects/services did your company hire Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd?

We initially hired Capermint to develop an iOS and Android app.

What were your goals for this project?

We wanted fully functioning apps with easy search functionality and event mapping.


How did you select this vendor?

I looked at various reviews and samples of products they had developed and was pleased with their work.

Describe the project in detail.

We initially met with the sales manager and project manager at Capermint to explain what we were looking for. Soon after, I had several calls with a UI designer who then created a basic model. At this point, we tailored the UI a bit before Capermint constructed the necessary functionalities, and performed user testing. 

What was the team composition?

There was a sales manager, a project manager, a UI designer, and a few developers. Towards the end of the project, my interaction was mainly with the developers. That way, we could quickly confirm that the apps were working correctly and bring any bugs quickly to our attention.


Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

Capermint was flexible at implementing small changes. Both apps are functioning well and have an easy-to-use admin panel. The final apps had a few bugs that Capermint quickly fixed. Users left positive feedback and suggestions for improvements. The outcome was great.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

The workflow between our teams was great. We used an online project management tool to update files and leave comments at various development stages. We also had a Skype group, which made interaction quick and effective.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

I was impressed by their flexibility during development; they truly tailored to what we wanted. This was great to see, and I have asked Capermint to continue to improve the app since the initial development.

Are there any areas for improvement?

There could be better communication during project managers' holidays, which caused some delays. It would be helpful for the customer to know in advance.

Overall Score
  • 5.0 Scheduling
  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer