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Calabria Technology is a California based Technology Development and Business Services Company. We design, develop, and implement custom technology development, custom applications, websites, web services, SaaS, cloud, enterprise and mobile applications, database management and emerging technology solutions with a core focus on project management, technical expertise, and integration of information technology.

Since our inception, Calabria Technology has developed a solid reputation as a valued, quality-driven technology partner servicing organizations worldwide. We pride ourselves in providing end-to-end, industry-specific technology solutions tuned precisely to meet the needs of today’s complex, secure, and transaction-driven requirements.  Through our core focus of innovative technology solutions we are committed to providing value to our customers through creative, secure, cost-effective solutions.

We have built custom applications and websites from simple to extreme. Our technology development and design teams are proficient in web development including Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Java, JavaScript, WordPress, Joomla, Ruby on Rails, .Net, CSS, Flash and other web 2.0 technology platforms. We have built websites with links to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, and websites which process secure credit card transactions and online commerce. 

We have built mobile applications for IPhone, IPad, Blackberry, Android, Java, Phonegap, HTML5 and Windows mobile platforms. We also can port an application from one mobile platform to another. We have built mobile apps with links to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, and apps that manage web services to process mobile or online credit card transactions. We have no limits when it comes to creative design, application development, and functionality. 

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Granite Bay, CA
  • 8757 Auburn Folsom Road, #2070
    Granite Bay, CA 95746
    United States


Subaru Lead capture SaaS Application Image

Subaru Lead capture SaaS Application


Calabria Technology’s client, Subaru attends trade shows, conferences, auto shows and various other open-to-the-public events and desires to capture leads from prospective future customers. The application will be accessed via kiosk, tablet, or other computer based online access and will capture basic contact information and a short questionnaire responses.


Once the “lead”

submits the information all content will be stored on a secure Linux server based database. The application will be branded with the Subaru logo and have a clean and simple stylish look and feel. The database can be accessed via the secure server for data output and generating custom reports
IElite Athlete  Image

IElite Athlete

The app is an Athlete Training Manager with preset workouts, customizable workouts, workout guide, training videos, calendar, music player functionality, and workout tracker, social media interface to Facebook and Twitter, and embedded blog for tracking workout notes. I have attached the screen shot for the first screen. The app will also track the workout progress automatically as the user works out and uses the app. Workouts

will be either rep-based or times based and the app will have a clock, stopwatch and tracking function. 
U.S.Speaks Image


Calabria Technology was retained to design, development manage host and support the online web portal, USSpeaks is a political based website provideing information and research on various national, state and social issues. Users can connect, decide and be heard on subjucts including contact their political representative. 

SK6SuperFans Image


Calabria Technology was retained to design, develop and manage SK6SuperFans website and online store. is the premeir Sacramento Kings Fan site. The website includes a store, payment gateway, fan forum, team schedule and interactive fan features. Calabria designed and developed all features and functions for this project including branding and online media and marketing programs. 

InstaFoodie Image



InstaFoodie is an arena concession remote ordering mobile application providing users a secure, fast, and convenient way to order concessions while at an event without standing in long lines or missing any of the event. InstaFoodie also gives users an option to have their concessions order delivered directly to their seat location. Once downloaded from the

Apple ITunes AppStore, InstaFoodie prompts users to set up their account profile and one or more credit cards for payment processing through an encrypted and secure payment gateway. Fast, Safe, Easy. InstaFoodie – The Line Ends Here 

Calabria Technology designed the mobile application, designed the branding and logo, designed and created the website, admin panel, built the Apple IOS and Android Mobile apps, Sychronized to payment gateways, build back end admin panel for users, admin and arenas. managed all develpment and product release, trademarks and patents. 

Anna G Music Image

Anna G Music

In addition to developing a logo and branding for music artist, Anna G we built her website and designed the cover, inside artwork, and content for her new CD in English and Russian.



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Fidelis Marketing Web Application Development

"I know that they’re database specialists, so I give them a call first when we have needs relating to our database."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
Less than $10,000
Project summary: 

Calabria Technology developed the web application needed for car dealership clients. It is designed to capture demographic, preference information and other functions to boost sales and marketing.

The Reviewer
11-50 Employees
Sacramento Metro Area
Project Coordinator, Fidelis Marketing
The Review
Feedback summary: 

The web app was simple and available on all mobile devices. The car dealership clients have people sign up and collected data in the database that exported upon the client’s request to send a report. Calabria Technology develops with an eye on scalability, which is very helpful to the client.

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Please describe your firm.

We’re a full services marketing firm in Fulton, Calif. We offer our clients, mainly business owners both nationwide and local, marketing from traditional to digital. We offer direct mail, websites, mobile applications, social media marketing, search engine placement, and everything in between.

What is your role and responsibilities?

I am the project coordinator for digital and am the office manager.


What was your goal for the work with Calabria Technology?

We contacted them in order to build a Web app for us for one of our car dealership clients.  It is specifically for capturing demographic information and preference information at live shows. These shows involve the general public interfacing with our client’s company.

The main goal was mostly to collect demographic and email information to start building an email list. This work would eventually lead to better leads and more sales.


What was your process for selecting Calabria Technology for the work?

They’re local so it’s very easy to visit them in person. I’ve been looking for different options for development because at the time, we only had one vendor for mobile apps. We were looking to branch out and make sure we had lots of different options for our clients, so that we could have different price points and different development niches.

When was the work completed?

It was completed in December of 2013.

To give a sense of the size of that project, could you give a very general cost range or just the amount of hours it took on their end to complete?

I believe the cost was about $1,500 to $2,500. I don’t know the exact amount of hours, but it was less than two weeks on our end.


Do you have any statistics or metrics to share about the project?

It went really quickly. It was a simple Web app that we wanted to make sure was available on all mobile devices. Handing it over was very simple. It’s password protected for the safety of the dealerships, so that you can log in and start filling out forms at any time. After that, everything is put into a database. The car dealership takes their iPads out to the car show. They have people sign up and pick what cars they have a preference in, enter in their name, address, email, and general information. All of that data is collected in the database that we then export upon the client’s request to send a report.

What is unique or special about Calabria Technology compared to other firms?

I know that they’re database specialists, so I give them a call first when we have needs relating to our database. I think they’re different because they definitely build with scale in mind. I know that if an app needs to be integrated with Salesforce or another CRM [customer relationship management] that the client uses, we can scale up and quote the project and work with the existing app. That’s always a big benefit to our firm and our clients.

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you think Calabria Technology could improve upon or something that you might do differently?

My answer is always going to be lower the price, but I know their pricing is fair.

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