APIs for rapid document data entry automation

Founded in 2006, ByteScout, Inc. is the recognized vendor of solutions, tools and APIs for unstructured data extraction. Thousands of companies are using our technologies to replace manual data entry, decrease costs and risks in their business processes. Our products and solutions are recognized by respectful online and offline magazines such as Wall Street Journal, PC Advisor, CNET and many others.

We also support academic and non-profit organizations involved into cancer research and cancer eliminating activities.

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Bytescout C# Extractor SDK – Easy Way to Extract, Solutions to C# Extract Text from PDF

Upload your PDF file and it will be converted into HTML file that you may view with any web-browser on almost any moder computer or phone.

On-Premise secure REST API server designed for scalable structured data extraction

  • Deploy in less than 30 minutes;
  • Optimized for use on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud servers;
  • Works offline and can process data solely on your server (even  without access to the Internet);
  • Extracts data and text, tables, emails, text from images, attachment, scanned documents, spreadsheets, barcodes  and other types of documents;
  • Powered by AI and machine
learning, supports damaged and mixed content documents;
  • Provides 3 ways to extract: automatic, low-code templates, raw data extraction;
  • Stores documents on your server, optional cloud storage is also supported;
  • REST Web API interface for Java, VB, C#, Javascript, PHP, cURL, ASP.NET, Python etcc;
  • Dozens of source code samples that you can copy and paste from;
  • High priority technical support and updates are included;
    • Advanced text search with regular expressions;
    • Built-in filters to deal with noisy images (eg. badly scanned documents);
    • Repair damaged texts even if it’s not visible (when PDF shows correct text but copies the damaged
  • Work seamlessly with all character encodings;
  • Works offline without Internet connection required;
  • Merge or split documents for easier management;
  • Extract PDF metadata (file author, title, description, etc..);
  • Extract and convert tables to CSV (which can be easily converted to MS Excel format) or XML;
  • Extract embedded images;
  • ActiveX interface;
  • Comprehensive .NET support (2.00 to 4.50);
  • Conversion to ExcelCSV, or XML;
  • Text recognition from image (OCR in PDF to text);
  • New Sensitive Data Suite features are included in PDF Extractor SDK – analyze, detect and remove sensitive data and personally identifiable information (PII) to protect your documents.