Add intelligence to your business

Who are we?

BroutonLab is a research and development Data Science company, specialized in Artificial Intelligence software development.


What we do?

We help companies to build intelligent products and services, we show them how to implement AI into their business.


Our products

As result of our ow research we created a set of products available at our marketplace, including 

  • Trading automation platform
  • Plate number recognition system
  • Face recognition system


Our ideal client

We work providing scalable outsourcing, from startups to the enterprise. Organized to work in an adjustable and flexible, dedicated team as comfortable as working on a pay-per-task model where low budget clients pay only for results avoiding the high costs of a full time specialist.


Partners Policy

The aim is to create a better product adding value to both companies, to cooperate at the same level, providing the development of the AI logic.


Our Services:

  • AI development (Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing)
  • Data Analytics
  • AI Consulting
$50 - $99 / hr
10 - 49
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Rostov on Don, Russia
  • Rostov on Don
    Rostov on Don, ROS 344011


Sky segmentation  Image

Sky segmentation

Sky segmentation algorithm, which is based on application of deep learning segmentation methods. The algorithm successfully processes photos with trees, buildings and small objects, different lighting (with daylight or night) and can be used on the mobile device.

Basketball game analysis

Basketball player tracking engine, which helps individual players to improve their gaming skills via automatic statistical analysis of basketball matches.

Data science applied to computer vision, with deep learning used to solve the face detection, recognition and spoofing as independent tasks.

Real time traffic monitoring with trained neural networks and computer vision to recognize plate numbers with support for regional standards.

Trading Automation Platform Image

Trading Automation Platform

Data science powered AI trader for market analysis and indicator based rules trade automation using deep learning.

Automatic solar panel monitoring from UFV Image

Automatic solar panel monitoring from UFV

Computer vision applied to detect anomalies and possible breakages on the solar panels. Built on data science foundation the system analyzes both RGB and infrared images coming from UFV (drones)