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Branditorial is a media design and software development company that helps media organisations and advertising agencies with innovative tools and storytelling solutions. Our clients include media agencies and legacy media. We recommend our customers to utilize our expertise to make great ideas come alive.

At Branditorial engineers, developers, journalists, and designers work together in creating and designing new technologies, products, and services that we hope will have a positive influence on democracy and transparency.

Our company focus on cutting-edge technologies: Data science, Data visualization, Digital storytelling, Machine Learning, Web development. Native javascript, swift and go.

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Budapest, Hungary
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Key clients: 

Népszava,, Beyond the Standard.




Népszava - the last Hungarian leftist daily newspaper in Hungary - asked us to integrate their newspaper on an online interface. It included reorganizing the structure of the online editorial stuff, redesigning their whole website & online communication. We used the most innovative technologies  for example Golang



Átlátszó (Hungarian for “Transparent”) is a fact-finding website of the corruption fighting NGO of the same name. It is maintained by charitable donations. We were asked to make a whole new identity for their website. 


‘Zoom’ is a Hungarian online magazine first started in 2016. The website’s original design didn’t serve the content and it was outdated both visually and structurally. Our main goals were to modernize the website.

Stealth Fighter  Image

Stealth Fighter

Stealth Fighter

Stealth Fighter is a web application that tracks changes in articles of twenty political & economic online newspapers. The name comes from the English term ‘stealth edit’ which means a journalist attitude that rewrites or changes parts of the article after publishing it. The application produces statistics of the saved newspapers individually and jointly. It stores the original version of the

articles, follows them and if it finds changes compared to the original version - it signs them as stealth edited.  The application allows us to search for words and phrases, so users can follow specific topics as well. It is important for us to widespread the notion of ‘stealth edits’ - so while developing the design we kept in mind that the page should be as educational & admissible as possible. The playful design of Stealth Fighter also keeps the traditional structure of databases, so beginners & experts can use it easily & efficiently as well.

The project was supported by Google DNI.

Beyond the Standard Image

Beyond the Standard


Beyond the Standard is an independent travel design firm. Their personalised journeys and unique experiences in which you can participate had revolutionized Hungarian and also European holiday-habits. The website and identity of the firm was called to life by Branditorial. During designing our goal was

to make an identity that indicates right from the begining how customized the trips can be. So for every one of the twenty countries where Beyond The Standard is available there is a peculiar subpage on the website. Visitors can read several articles about the trips & other  educational content with elements of data-visualization & interactive, responsive graphic design. 

Beside the webdesign we made a print publication and a passport that every traveler receives so they can collect the Branditorial’s postmarks of every country visited.


Identity design 2014-2018 Image

Identity design 2014-2018

Logos made by Branditorial since 2014

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