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We help visionary clients develop authentic modern brands.

We are a different kind of brand consultancy – an experienced team of agency professionals from disciplines such as branding, strategy, design, advertising, and digital, keenly focused on defining and conveying disruptive differences to give our clients a business advantage.


The relationship between brands and customers has become more paramount as market sectors become more saturated. Building brands with purpose, personality, and modern design helps companies disrupt sectors and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.


Our emphasis on aligning brand strategy with a business strategy allows us to deliver strategic branding solutions and compelling customer experiences that elevate companies above their competition.


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Key clients: 
Nikon, Verizon, Haier, Pepsi/Mountain Dew, Lord and Taylor, JWT, Jeff Cooper, BistroMD, Sirius Satellite Radio, Kids II, Waterford Wedgwood, Curvature, Kiely, Azuca, Playbuzz, 5arch, Marsh, Genesis Diamonds, Storyful.
Bel-Fries Image


We've taken one of the world's most beloved foods and reinventing it's mistaken history.

Here’s the thing. I bet you didn’t know that french fries didn’t come from France, right? Well, when we were asked to brand a new quick service french fry shop we quickly turned to learning about at the history of the food. We found that the authenticity came from Belgium, and that we Americans had wrongly named them french fries

because we thought they came from France. How crazy is that?! So our challenge was to create a new brand that explained the authenticity through the name and the brand identity.

We coined the brand Bel-Fries. Simple and snappy, for authentic Belgian Fries, made in America. Bel-Fries is the Home of the Original (yes, that’s our tag). And we worked with the brilliant creative director, Jun Aizaki, and his team at Creme Design to create the branding and store’s interior design and architecture.

Bel-Fries is launching this year and it’s looking to quickly expand nationwide over the next 5 years. We’re looking to educate the world and turn them on to better fries.


Storyful Image


We rebranded the world's first and premiere social media newswire.

Storyful serves the journalistic community by analyzing conversations and content to verify the authenticity of social media stories in real-time. The company needed to convey what they did—and inspire trust—faster and better, so they came to us.

Founded by a journalist, Storyful separates real stories from propaganda to help news outlets

share up-to-the-minute reports people can trust. To inspire that trust right from the start, they needed help transforming their brand from antiquated to world-class.

We redesigned Storyful’s verbal brand identity, with the new brand descriptor, “the world’s social media intelligence and news agency,” and the purpose-driven tagline “Making sense of the world.” For Storyful’s visual identity, we were asked to preserve most of the original logo design, while the rest of the brand was fully attended to. We created a fresh modern color palette, typography, and web design, plus well-defined messaging that communicated quickly and clearly.

News industry feedback has been fantastic, with prospective clients taking the brand more seriously. Salespeople report that the new branding and website are making it easier than ever for them to convey trust and close sales.


Olive Garden Image

Olive Garden

We helped rebrand the largest Italian quick-service restaurant in America.

Consumers are visiting restaurants less often rather than simply changing where they visit. Restaurants in the casual dining space have started focusing on small plate offerings and/or lower margin offerings plus better branded dining experiences.

We developed a new brand identity and messaging system for Olive Garden to help

elevate the brand experience at all touchpoints. Tapping into their Italian ‘back to basics’ roots, but in a modern, chef-focused, urban way. This gives them a new lease on life and creates excitement amongst customers and employees.

Olive Garden’s stock surged 4% after the launch, hitting a new all time high. Their new management team at Darden, high on the success, have taken other promotional steps to boost sales.


Mountain Dew Image

Mountain Dew

Working with mega-influencers we helped Mountain Dew win in the urban market.

Mountain Dew is traditionally popular in rural and suburban areas. The brand set out to diversify their audience by increasing brand awareness and adoption among urban market extreme sport enthusiasts.

We created the Deweezy campaign by partnering with the Glu Agency and Lil’ Wayne. We were responsible for all creative executions

– from digital to traditional – and developed both the name and identity for the campaign. The identity itself speaks to urban and “alternative” culture while also directly representing its namesake.

The Deweezy project transcended the work of a traditional campaign and instead became a brand unto its own. Through Deweezy, Mountain Dew became synonymous with the urban skateboarding movement and adoption of the product in urban areas has been significant with Mountain Dew seeing upwards ticks in the 7 – 15% range.


Nikon Image


We helped one of the most famous camera companies compete.

Our mission is to get the public excited about Nikon’s incredible camera spectrum, and to do so we spend countless hours dreaming up ideas for innovative sales materials.

Crafting branded messages like ‘Incredible Digital’ and ‘Camera Focused’, the famous lines ‘Passion Made Powerful’, ‘Brilliance Made Beautiful’, and ‘Memories Made Easy’ we’ve

been able to help Nikon make an impact with compelling relevant messaging.

After crafting taglines and positioning statements, we bring the language to life through a boundless array of media. Tasked with coming up with new creative ways to tackle their many communication challenges.


Verizon Image


We helped transform the world's biggest telecom company into a technology innovator.

As a Telco, Verizon has been in delivery service since its inception. The conglomerate has now launched a Digital Media Services (DMS) company to offer end-to-end solutions for content providers. Our strategy and content teams created a messaging framework that allowed DMS to clearly communicate its value and differentiators to

multiple audience segments.

By facilitating multiple internal discovery and discussion sessions with product, sales, marketing and executive teams, our strategy and content team created a rebrand we called ‘Crafting Digital Experiences’. It allows DMS to clearly communicate its value and differentiators to multiple audience segments.

Following our messaging and website launch DMS teams closed multiple Fortune 500 clients. DMS will be launching its next set of features where it will have a complete end-to-end solution offering Over-the-Top Retailers, Content Owners, MSOs and Start-Ups a suite of services in digital media.