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BPartners is a company who produce your sales by marketing and sponsoring. We are very young, and this is our main advantage for those who crave a fresh ideas for their business.
Advertising and marketing is a fast-growing business. Our company provides traditional services, but thus rationally adopts the technology of neuromarketing and other trends in the field of marketing.

$25 - $49 / hr
2 - 9
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Lugano, Switzerland
  • Piazza Riziero Rezzonico, 6
    Lugano, TI 6817



1. Strategy of development Instagram (fencing for everyone, from local Club to National Club)

2. Attract sponsors to the Club.


1. We created strategy of the development Instagram to become more known Club in Switzerland and to become fencing more popular by impression content.

2. We found sponsors with goals, which we can reach goals

by sponsoring: to become more known in Lugano, to become more representing for future employees and etc.