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BlueRival Software powers large scale business. We are more than just a design, development and consulting firm. We are your technology partner. We will work with your team to identify when and how to apply technology. We will help you work through the human resource and business process challenges most organizations face when introducing or enhancing automation or other technology.


We have provided services for small start-ups, fortune 100 companies, and everything in between. In these capacities we have provided administrative guidance, architecture, design, development and hosting.


Our services include:


  • Business Process Efficiency Consulting
  • Software Design
  • Software Systems Architecture
  • Mobile Development for iOS and Android
  • Web Application Development
  • Infrastructure and API Development
  • Artificial Intelligence Development: Data mining, Machine Vision, and Natural Language Processing
  • And more!


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Castle Rock, CO


Key clients: 

Charter Communications, Spectrum TV, Bright House Networks, TimeWarner Communications, JustFab.com, TechStyle Fashion Group, Chrysler Motors, Exit Strategy Limited (GoExio.com), American Airlines, ViaSat, Pearson Education, Dignity Health, Hitachi Data Systems

Fortune 100 Telecommunications Architecture Image

Fortune 100 Telecommunications Architecture

BlueRival provided architectural guidance and proof of concept development for migrating legacy APIs at Spectrum TV (servicing Bright House, TimeWarner and all other Charter subsidiaries). These APIs handle over 1 billion requests per day.

BlueRival provided AWS Cloud infrastructure architecture and Node.js API architecture.

Enterprise Architecture and Data Mining Image

Enterprise Architecture and Data Mining

BlueRival built an Internet scale data mining system using Node.js, MySQL and AWS SageMaker. SageMaker on its own provides little to no structure around training and deploying data mining models. I designed and implemented a system that allowed for CI/CD of Python based data mining algorithms packages in Docker containers all the way to production utilizing SageMaker for training and hosting of trained algorithms. The entire

infrastructure can be deployed to a vanilla AWS account with a single CloudFormation script and about 15 configuration parameters.

JustFab uses the data mining engine to analyze user activity and purchases on their retail website. The system provides useful suggestions on additional and new products for customers in real-time as the customers shop the JustFab website.

Back Office Product Management Portal Image

Back Office Product Management Portal

BlueRival built a custom web interface for a configuration system used by ViaSat customers to configure content and services available on commercial airlines.

Viasat customers include several major airlines in the US and internationally.

Full Service Start-Up Tech Build Image

Full Service Start-Up Tech Build

BlueRival provided full-service technology and business consulting to Exit Strategy Limited (GoExio.com) to design and implement a complete corporate re-build of the core product offering. BlueRival also provided business systems consulting and management to help Exit Strategy Limited automate internal business processes.

The full suite of services provided to Exit Strategy Limited included the


  • Software UX/UI/Design and Development
  • Architecture Design and Development
  • Business Systems Efficiency Consulting
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Fully Managed Hosting
Large-scale Data Analysis for Global Vehicle Service Centers Image

Large-scale Data Analysis for Global Vehicle Service Centers

BlueRival provided Chrysler motors with consulting and development services for a cloud based engine computer diagnostic tool used in every Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat and Ram service center globally. The system utilized Angular for UI, Node.js for API and MongoDB for data storage.

BlueRival provided strategic guidance enabling the development team to resolve critical problems preventing the first release of

the cloud based data analysis tool.

In subsequent projects BlueRival also provided design and development services to build a general purpose data reporting and analytics system. This system was utilized internally, but provided similar functionality to services now offered by products such as Amazon QuickSight or Google Data Studio.

Real-Time Notification System Image

Real-Time Notification System

Pearson Education develops and operates a number of online education tools for higher educational institutions. As part of that offering they include browser based and mobile application based content delivery and student engagement solutions.

BlueRival provided software architecture and development services to implement a real-time notification system for delivery of events to a student's browser, mobile

app, text message and/or email. The notification system provided an API which enabled configuration of notification options on a user-by-user basis. The notification system would then manage subscriptions appropriately and route the events to the correct notification channel for the user.

The notification system processed millions of events daily on minimal AWS EC2 instances.