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Blue Rocket is a full-service digital design and development company that takes a human-centered approach to new product creation. Focused on consumer-facing mobile and IoT solutions, Blue Rocket offers design research, product design and end-to-end product development services to both start-ups and established brands.

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San Francisco, CA
  • 233 Sansome St, 11th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94104
    United States


Key clients: 

Best Buy, AAA, Chipotle, Silver Spring Networks, Mechanics Bank, Hunter Fan, Dimplex, Cambridge Sound Management

WebMD Pregnancy App Image

WebMD Pregnancy App

The WebMD Pregnancy app was designed to offer information and customizable features that change week-by-week based on the users due date. Tools are available for the user to record and track user symptoms throughout pregnancy and even capture events like sonogram photos which can be shared with friends on Facebook. 

Since its release

March 7, 2013 on Apple’s App Store, it has received a rating of 4.5+ stars. For such a young app in the market, a 4+ star rating is promising and demonstrates this vehicle is attracting new users on multiple screens. Download the WebMD Pregnancy app here.
Zinio Newsstand App Image

Zinio Newsstand App

Zinio selected Blue Rocket to create the first iPhone magazine reading experience with interactive features. After a successful iPhone App launch, Zinio was contacted by Apple’s Steve Jobs, who shared a pre-release version of the iPad and asked Zinio to develop an iPad app in time for the announcement of the iPad to the

general public.

After launch in its first week, the Zinio Newstand iPad app quickly rose to the top spot of the ‘Free Apps’ news category in Apple’s App Store with over 2,000 top consumer magazines for purchase from around the world, including many top brands. Many publications have been specifically optimized for an interactive reading experience such as Car and Driver, Dwell, Macworld, National Geographic, Spin, Sporting News and VIVmag.

The Chipotle Advanced Ordering App Image

The Chipotle Advanced Ordering App

The Chipotle advanced-ordering app allows loyal customers to order, pay and skip the line. 

Chipotle’s mobile iPhone app was designed to give hungry customers the ability to order their meal in advance and designate a pick-up time to ensure fresh food quality. In stores, Chipotle uses a walk-up counter to deliver

mobile orders allowing customers to skip the line.

After launch, the Chipotle iPhone app quickly rose to the top 20 on Apple’s App Store in downloads and became the highest-rated application amongst the top 50 apps.


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Mobile Application Development For Soulsend

"From the beginning, Blue Rocket made me feel incredibly comfortable. They asked great questions, and offered fantastic insight into every aspect of the product. "

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$50,000 to $199,999
Project summary: 

Blue Rocket assisted with the ideation and development of a social media app for a startup. The app allows users to share photos, videos and text with loved ones at a future date.

The Reviewer
1-10 Employees
New York
Brendan Zugibe
Founder, Soulsend
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Blue Rocket approached the project in a very thorough and detail-oriented manner, prototyping every functional element and building a complete user experience workflow. Their deep knowledge base and passion for the project gave the final product a cohesive, meaningful elegance. 

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Please provide a description of your company. 

Soulsend is a new social network platform focused on families sharing and narrating their memories together. It is the mission of Soulsend to provide a secure service for families to capture and preserve the exciting moments of their children so their children can always have a personal timeline to look back at their development through the years.

What is your role at the company?

I'm the founder, so I guess you could say I'm responsible for everything.


What was the challenge that you were trying to address when you approached Blue Rocket?

From the beginning, it was a personal challenge. I had become fed up with trying, through several formats, to be able to collect memories and to narrate those memories into stories that could easily be passed along to my young daughter. I wanted a way to be able to send messages to her in the future, so if anything should ever happen to me that I couldn't communicate things to her, so that she would always have something from me to look back on.

What was the scope of the project, and can you describe the specific services provided by Blue Rocket?

When I finally approached Blue Rocket with my thoughts and ideas for Soulsend (called mySoul originally) it was really a simple idea at first. Just a one-to-one (parent-to-kid) solution. But, from the very first associate at Blue Rocket, and especially with the core development team there, the solution kept growing into a beautiful tool for families to be excited to embrace it.


What was your process for selecting them to work with? How did you find them, and why did you pick them?

Well, there are so many app developers out there. Obviously, there's many to choose from in California alone. But, I started initially with developers closer to my home in upstate New York. From a friend finishing his masters in computer science with just a couple apps under his belt, to some newer companies springing up in cities nearby. But, none of the local companies impressed me, and actually tried to force the core ideas for Soulsend into something I didn't necessarily care for. 

I approached a company in India who promised to deliver everything I had dreamed up for only a fraction of the other estimates I received, but the language barrier and unknowns regarding international laws and so on became too much for me to be feel safe working with them.

From the beginning, Blue Rocket made me feel incredibly comfortable. They asked great questions and offered fantastic insight into every aspect of the product. I could tell that they weren't interested in taking any shortcuts in order to deliver a strong and valuable tool.

Can you give us a general estimate of the size of the project in dollar terms or personnel work hours?

The total spent was around $100,000.

When did the project begin, and when was it completed?

The total build for the application, once physically started, was right at three months. There was a design and brainstorm period prior to development, including a three-day workshop at Blue Rocket's office in San Francisco.


How did they perform in terms of the quality of their work? Are there any relevant statistics or metrics you can share?

I really don't have any way to quantify the quality of their work tangibly. No numbers or stats to compare with anything else since this really is a new frontier for me, an industry I knew nothing about prior to my engagement with Blue Rocket. But, I can say that their entire staff showed very real excitement in the idea that I originally presented to them, and they helped incredibly to grow the idea for Soulsend into something much larger and more beautiful than anything I could have dreamed it to become. Because of this, I believe that Soulsend has a strong foundation for it to grow into a much greater resource.

When working with them, was there anything unique or special about them compared to other partners with which you may have worked?

Again, I haven't had experience with a company in this industry prior to approaching Blue Rocket. But, in my interactions with the several companies that I "interviewed" before hiring Blue Rocket I would say that the primary thing that set this company apart was their overall knowledge about how to approach the development for this platform. The Indian company I spoke with may have built my original idea exactly how I originally wanted it to be … but that quite realistically could have created more problems than they solved. Blue Rocket was the architect that confidently knew "how" to build Soulsend. They knew how any detail would work with any other detail, and how best to approach any specific scenario that a user would face along the way. They encouraged the development of a minimal viable product in order to analyze the usage patterns for users of Soulsend before going too gung-ho into building every little thing that we wanted to have in the very beginning. 

Looking back on the project, do you have any constructive criticism? Is there any area that they could improve or you would do differently?

Even though I feel like Blue Rocket offers more value to a client than many other companies in the same industry, to add even further value to their services they could look deeper into what a client will go through once their product goes "live." Things like making sure that they are listed on startup company databases, and what companies and blogs would be best to approach to ensure maximum exposure for the new app. They do some of that now, but it would be helpful if they did even more.

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