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Blossom is a friendly creative agency based in Manchester. We’re really good at helping businesses to maximise their potential through brilliant creative - without breaking the bank.

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Manchester, United Kingdom
  • 139 Smith's Yard, 43 Blossom Street
    Manchester, GTM M4 6FX
    United Kingdom


Key clients: 

Lakehouse plc, 100 Hail Marys, Herald Motor Co, Small Fry, CrossFit, OlG

Lakehouse plc Group Rebrand Image

Lakehouse plc Group Rebrand

Lakehouse was known in the construction industry as a local builder working across Essex. In fact, through rapid organic growth and acquisition the business had grown into a national, 2400 employee strong major construction services provider and, prior to their listing on the London Stock Exchange we set out to change that perception. ​ Lakehouse were not just another faceless contractor. They were a family run business that

contributed a huge amount to the local communities they worked in - they made a difference. We completely rebranded the group of companies around a single idea, 'Making an Impact Through Deeper Relationships.
100 Hail Marys Brand Image

100 Hail Marys Brand

100 Hail Marys launched in 2016 and we've worked with them from the start. A unisex streetwear clothing brand based in London they're inspired by youth subculture and urban graffiti.​We created a brand identity aimed at fashion conscious 18-25 year olds and which is informed by their love of stencilled spray painting and is the basis of their visual language throughout their clothing range and marketing tools.  
Herald Motor Co. Photography Image

Herald Motor Co. Photography

Photography can be crucial to any brand launch, particularly a lifestyle brand such as Herald. We worked with their team to source the right models for the campaign and spent a day shooting product and lifestyle photography for use across digital and print advertising.


We're also responsible for all of Herald's branding, illustration and merchandise. 
OlG Brand Identity Image

OlG Brand Identity

Having already established a successful CrossFit box our client set about creating a lifestyle clothing brand aimed at 30+ year old men, the one's who were there before the popularity explosion, the originals.​The style guide that we created is the defining document from which to build the brand and apparel designs around, incorporating brand identity, key messages, tone of voice, typography and advertising and social
media templates.​Ol'G launches November 2019.