We are Black Square Media.


We provide extensive knowledge of the marketplace, with comprehensive industry background and over thirty years of combined online advertising and digital marketing technology leadership experience.

Big Data

We build massive data processing pipelines, for optimised retrieval and instant visualisation. Our large scale stream and batch processing engines perform transactional aggregation, reasoning and machine learned realtime knowledge extraction.

Deep Learning

We apply of state-of-the-art AI algorithms and ML techniques and make immediate impact through seamless and instant feedback loops and rule controlled propagation. We actively maintain active academic partnerships and industry community R&D project collaborations.

Realtime Decisions

Every second, we make millions and millions of complex individual decisions providing traceable logic and measurable output at sub-millisecond latencies. Our goal-oriented execution engines deliver continuous performance and allow interactive optimisation.

Global Scale

We design globally distributed, horizontally scalable systems through proven enterprise grade service-oriented architecture. Supported by industry standards and through hundreds of case studies we can achieve massive scale while maintaining truly cost effective operation.

Technology Incubation

We help start-ups to make the right technology choices, avoid costly mistakes and gradually and organically grow their technology stack and organisation. With our broad expertise we provide bespoke solutions and advice on recruitment decisions and fundraising.

$50 - $99 / hr
2 - 9
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London, United Kingdom