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iOS Development, Android Development. Atlanta, Georgia. Big Gray Matter.

With Big Gray Matter, it’s a bit more than building iOS apps and Android apps; it’s about the product, the client, and success. Yeah, we have development side covered, but Big Gray Matter is more than that. We understand the business-side. The marketing, financial, technical, and even corporate side are always in the forefront of our thought and actions during the development cycle. Big Gray Matter is more than a means to an end - more than just a development firm. Big Gray Matter resides, quite literally, in the industry of mobile and web development as a vehicle to produce revenue and more business.

iOS Developers, Android Developers, Mobile App Marketers - Big Gray Matter is the holistic software development solution, and we’re in your backyard of Atlanta, GA. Our sense of quality, economy, and macro-sensibility is geared toward the success of your startup, established company, personal business, or awesome idea.

Some specs:

  • Expert iOS Developers.
  • Expert Android Developers.
  • Years of Experience Publishing to the App Store and Google Play.
  • Wicked agile.
  • Native English Language.
  • Located OTP - Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  • Friendly, Flexible, Punctual, and Professional.

Aside from knowing that your mobile app or web solution is killer, it’s Big Gray MatterBig Gray Matter that can ensure that it was produced holistically. We are working with you - better than for you.

Honesty, Vision, Understanding. Brilliant iOS Developers, Android developers, Mobile App Marketers. Market Sense, Financial Tuning, Business Driven.

I’m Matt Maher; we are MaMBA Team - pumped to hear more about your project.

$100 - $149 / hr
2 - 9
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Atlanta, GA


Key clients: 

APT Enterprise Solutions, Inc., TaDaah, DADO, Contacts InMotion, Mossy Creek Aussies, Green Capital Planning LLC, Revolutionary Concepts, FitMate Social, Inc., MBTA - Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, AppCoda, Record Haüs, Interviewed, Beam Lunch, Inc., Holistic Insite, GCP Facility