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Key clients: 

Carlsberg, Distilled, Accent Housing, Lancashire Farm, Brand Attic, Roland Dransfield, radio.co, Belton Farm, Victoria Warehouse and Natural Therapy London.

Mark Hill - Style Addict Range Image

Mark Hill - Style Addict Range

You only have to step have a quick glance around a Boots store to catch a glimpse of the brightly coloured pink and orange brand, Mark Hill. Over the years they had become known for this vibrant colour palette along with their approach to being at the forefront of trends. We partnered with Mark Hill after winning a 3-way pitch in August 2018. The win was down to our sensitive approach to the existing brand and our research

which revealed the valuable brand equity which Mark Hill had grown over the years. Our brief was to create a vision for the brand and new packaging designs that would modernise it and help create stronger bonds between the brand and their customers.

In this first showcase, we feature the Mark Hill Style Addict range, their everyday product range. We selected new colours and created a new way to use these, a new gradient/ombre style. We created a collection of fluid ombres that can be infinitely modified to give different flows of the same colours, bringing a more dynamic visual asset to their brand and packaging.

We then moved on to typography and the label systems. We set ourselves the challenge of creating a typographic label system that worked across differing sizes, formats and materials, but remained coherent and instantly recognisable on the shelf.

Distilled by Carlsberg Image

Distilled by Carlsberg

Distilled is the spirits wholesale division of Carlsberg UK. Having created the brand and then both designed and developed their website, our next move was to create the all-important printed annual listing all of their products, accompanied by editorial pieces laying out likely industry shifts over the next 12 months.

Few & Far Image

Few & Far

An already successful recruitment consultancy wanted to change their name, brand and entire business model to help them break free of their traditional competitors in an increasingly crowded market space. They wanted to break free from the shackles of recruitment agencies and the often negative associations that have plagued their industry.

Knowit (as it was originally called) knew they wanted to change their name for a

while, but had struggled to find anything that met their (exhaustive) criteria of; Different to their competitors, four syllables or less, appropriate, generic, easy to spell, satisfying to pronounce, fun to work with and legally defensible. We knew from experience that finding ANY word or name that didn’t have all the domains taken (whether they were being used or not) could be a frustrating and thankless task.

The new identity is a visual embodiment of the brands’ spirit. It is bold, confident and extremely honest. It stands out, looks different from others. It carves its own path. It follows no-one. We created a brand that isn’t led by a colour, that stops the viewer in their tracks, that never dilutes the brands message, mission or spirit.

Lancashire Farm Image

Lancashire Farm

Lancashire Farm is a yogurt brand that has only gone from strength to strength since it last invested in a new brand identity, website and packaging. The brand is now firmly established in the natural yogurt sector, a force to be reckoned with at its very competitive price point. But of course, they were anything but complacent. The time was right to refresh the brand – streamlining and modernising every aspect of the

Lancashire Farm brand overall.

Free range milk is the latest seismic change in Lancashire Farm’s waters, and so it made sense for the packaging to make a feature of our newly-designed seal. From there it was an exercise in reducing clutter and making sure a customer’s attention is pointed exactly where we want it to be. Being more measured in our pacing of information and not trying to tell customers too much at once is an altogether more confident and appropriate approach for the Lancashire Farm of 2018 onwards.

Mojo Mortgages Image

Mojo Mortgages

Mojo Mortgages is a free UK mortgage broker, helping people find great deals from more than 90 lenders, giving expert advice and handling (and taking the hassle out of) the whole application process. We were tasked with helping the then Life’s Great come up with a new name of this new offering, create a brand strategy that their team could get behind and communicate it via an identity that would help them attract initial

investment and ensure growth in their market.

A lot of work was done at the outset establish who Mojo’s potential customers are and how we should talk to them, where the gap in the market was and where the identity needed to position them.

We tasked ourselves with creating a face and personality for the digital Ai mortgage comparison service that Mojo offers. We created a simple yet memorable identity that was based around the brand essence of ‘expertly straightforward’, helping Mojo become ‘the new face of mortgage comparison’. Our friendly face and heavily stylised ‘m’ ensured the brand essence shone through and the logo would stand out in a busy landscape of FinTech brands.

Yark Image


Yark is a bed building experience that gives customers complete control in bed buying, customising every aspect of their bed from the headboard, base and fabric, right through to the day it’s delivered, what happens to your old bed and who assembles your new one. This is the way that bed buying should be, but as a relative newcomer to the market, Yark needed a disruptive identity (and name) that immediately set it apart from

the competition – something that conveyed the customisation at the brand’s core, without compromising on personality and approachability.

Working closely with the Yark team, we set the brand strategy that would define Yark’s first years, emphasising, quality, customisation and the surprisingly affordable price that Yark offer both for. The key central element of the Yark brand identity is the adaptable logo, with the capital A expanding to any length, for any touchpoint to convey both flexibility and customisation at the same time – the character’s similarity to a bed is no accident, too. From here, we created a unique brand colour palette with sunrise yellow, midnight blue and pastel pink, creating a furniture identity unlike any other – supporting it with bold, authoritative and even witty copy to make sure that Yark is every bit as disruptive in execution as it is in concept alone.

Accent Housing is a housing association like no other, one dedicated not just to helping people get onto the housing ladder, but doing whatever it takes to keep them there too. They approached BGN having put the finishing touches on their corporate strategy for the next three years. The problem was, though they were happy with the strategy they had agreed upon, they were less confident about rolling it out to the rest of the

Accent team nationwide. In order to do so, we needed to develop and deliver the Accent brand before coming up with a captivating campaign and strategy to roll out their corporate strategy.

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