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Better is a brand agency born in the North East with offices in Teesside and London. For over ten years we’ve been building remarkable, relevant brands with real results.


Our work is rooted in relevant, evidence based, strategic thinking and we love helping organisations solve their most challenging brand questions. We believe our process doesn’t just make brands better, it makes businesses better. 


We partner with ambitious, open minded and value driven, change-makers from sectors including Housing, Property, Logistics, Manufacturing, Maritime, Professional Services and FMCG. These include PD Ports, Active Financial, Visualsoft, Trinity House, Endeavour Partnership, Thyssenkrupp, Metropolitan Thames Valley Homes, Thirteen, Equinox Kombucha and Philippa Gregory.

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Key clients: 
Equinox Kombucha, Metropolitan Thames Valley Homes, Guinness Partnership, Trinity House, NHS England, thyssenkrupp, PD Ports, Philippa Gregory, University Hospitals Association, Visualsoft, Active Financial, Campbell Village Trust, Casper Shipping
Trinity House Image

Trinity House

Making 500 years of history ready for tomorrow.

The Brief

Trinity House needed to refresh its existing 'heraldic' identity system and supporting wordmark to meet modern communication requirements. Key issues included a lack of brand consistency across departments and problems stemming from the complexity of their current heraldic logo. This brief was a careful balancing act, a huge

weight of heritage and tradition that must be respected but also a modern, high tech and forward-thinking organisation, operating in the here and now. Our job was to balance past and present and create a visual language to carry them into their next 500 years.


Trinity House is a charity dedicated to safeguarding shipping and seafarers, providing education, support and welfare to the seafaring community with a statutory duty as a General Lighthouse Authority. As the UK’s largest endowed maritime charity, Trinity House also works to improve the state of navigation in our waters and provide support and training for mariners. That means maintaining every lighthouse in the United Kingdom as well as training cadets or helping many other maritime charities.

The Solution

The logo was sympathetically simplified and re-rendered, without sacrificing any of its crucial historical symbolism or stature. The core colour palette of blue and white was retained but refined, while a complimentary secondary palette was added to give different departments and roles of Trinity House their own personality. A new wordmark was crafted and accompanying typefaces selected and finely balanced to reflect the modern organisation while still referencing and respecting its vast heritage.

MTVH Clapham Park Image

MTVH Clapham Park

Making large-scale regeneration feel inclusive.

The Brief

Clapham Park needed an identity system that helped inspire ownership and optimism amongst existing residents, while still remaining aspirational and exciting to new buyers. Above all else this had to be a positive, unifying and inclusive brand.


Clapham Park by Metropolitan is

Europe's largest regeneration project. The site consists of close to 2500 homes, spread over 36 hectares in south London. The long running project provides residents with a brand new or refurbished home as well as delivering a number of other improvements to make it a better place to live for the community. As well as homes for rent, the regeneration will provide new homes for outright sale and shared ownership; a new school; a new nursery; better green spaces; and space for businesses and shops. A myriad of different cultures and demographics call this green pocket of South London ‘home’ but – after a series of disappointing stops and starts – belief and trust is at a low.

The Solution

Green open spaces are the heart and lungs of Clapham Park but its diverse population forms the soul, with their edgy urban surroundings being the electricity that brings the place to life. With such a long road ahead and such a diverse community, we needed to create an open, flexible brand that inspired co-ownership. Metaphorically - and literally - this is an 'unfinished brand’ because the full reality of the development doesn’t exist yet, so leading with the unfinished strapline of 'Your place to be...' helped to suggest acceptance, comfort, ease and even relaxation. This open ended phrase also allowed us to create multiple executions to amplify key benefits for different audiences, both as global descriptors and as highly personalised statements. Clapham Park is a global village green with deep roots. Our concept reflects this, by celebrating its green heart and diverse community.

Equinox Kombucha Image

Equinox Kombucha