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Fondo Tesis, University of Seville Image

Fondo Tesis, University of Seville

Fondo Tesis is a library platform which publishes documents from the University of Seville archives. Based on Django, the platform is able to store and manage digitised historic documents. In addition, the platform stores both universitary theses and a photographic library.


  • Django web platform for desktop and mobile devices. Responsive design.
  • Content OCR recognition
process which provides searching by content.
  • Metadata exposition of the content through and end-point within the protocol OAI-PMH (Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting)
  • Complete statistics implemented by using Piwik.

    A complete web library with around:

    • 10K + Historic Books
    • 3K + These



    Safespring Image


    Safespring is a leading supplier of innovative communication solutions that are critical to its customers' way of conducting business.

    Among the services that Safespring provides we can find cloud services, and it is in this business area where BeDjango is contributing to build the infrastructure needed to provide cloud services to its clients.


    BeDjango mission in Safespring

    project is to provide a user interface through:
    • API Services: Use of Django REST framework to integrate and orchestrate OpenStack services among themselves and with other additional services.
    • Horizon graphic interfaces: Extension of OpenStack Horizon GUI to improve user experience and create new advanced cloud services.


    • Development of layer of API services to provide integration with OpenStack.
    • Development of different Horizon Dashboards to extend OpenStack default GUI.
    • Customization of existing OpenStack Dashboard and panels.
    • Complete QA System:

    Continous integration:

    • Automatic building
    • Sonar Metrics
    • Automatic testing
    • Unit Tests
    • A complete Test plan with +300 tests.



    edulD (Sunet) Image

    edulD (Sunet)


    SUNET's aim is to provide Swedish universities and colleges with access to well-developed and effective national and international data communication and related services that meet their needs, whatever their geographical location. 

    • Provide Swedish citizens with easy access to the formal procedures of the different universities and schools under a single authentication umbrella which
    is the eduID Platform.
  • Provide a reliable authentication identity provider for the Swedish education entities. Based on Kantara.

    The platform is built using Pyramid which is a Python web framework and combines an important set of technologies to get an scalable architecture. This allows the platform to cater for high levels of usage.

    • Flask for microservices.
    • React.js as Front-End technology.
    • MongoDB as the database engine.
    • Docker for deployments.
    • etcd to share configuration.


    • Reduction of the number of accounts to keep track of during studies.
    • Simplification of identity management for organizations.
    • Easy to use and reliable for organizations and students.



    MOOC Educalab INTEF Image

    MOOC Educalab INTEF

    Educalab is an Open edX based platform which provides massive open online courses for the education community mainly in Spain but also for the rest of the world as it provides courses completely in English.


    Emergya is a Full-Stack provider of Open edX Services:

    • Installation
    • Maintenance
    • Correction
    • Development
    • Interface
  • Extension of the platform which is based mostly on Django applications.

    • 16k+ Registered users.
    • 2k+ users inscribed in every course edition.
    • Complete training catalog using multi-sites to provide MOOCs and NOOCs.
    • Stable learning platform ready to support high level of user traffic



    GECOS Image


    Modern solution for corporate workstation management (Regional Government of Andalusia).

    • Copy and install the program as many times as you want.
    • No need to pay for licences, workstations nor control center.
    • Resource efficient. Reuse old PCs with this lightweight system.
    • Provider independent. Install on your own data centre and customize for your


    • Control centre based on Python/Pyramid for sysadmins to control workstations.
    • Queue management with Celery.
    • Chef Server for writing system configuration "recipes".
    • A customised GECOS Ubuntu/Linux in normal and lite versions.


    A complete first version of the product which is working as a pilot within the I Regional Government of Andalusia.