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Basetwo Media is a video production agency with offices in Toronto and Vancouver that helps businesses across Canada get results from their video marketing and communications.

Since 2004, we have worked with a variety of clients, specializing in health care and software & technology.

We offer complete ‘prep to post’ video production services, as well as consulting and optimization services to help you measure and maximize results.

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Key clients: 

TELUS, Best Buy Canada, EA Sports, Pacific Blue Cross, BC Hydro, BC Lottery, AT&T, Schneider Electric, Sierra Wireless, Canadian Cancer Society, First Nations Health Authority, Government of Canada.

'Columbus Story' Employee Engagement video for TELUS

TELUS was preparing for big change within the company, and they wanted a way to communicate their philosophy of change to their entire staff. Someone in their leadership felt that a story of navigation and discovery would help them to get this message across, and that’s when we came in.

We agreed that an animated video would be the most effective way to tell this story, so we worked closely with the TELUS team so that we

could bring their message to life in a way that would engage a large audience.

The script, visual style, and sound design were inspired by the rich imagery of medieval astronomy and navigation, taking the viewer on a narrative journey towards an important message about change. We think this video is a terrific example of how, with a bit of imagination, storytelling and video can be extremely powerful tools in solving all kinds of communications challenges.

'Gathering Voices' for First Nations Health Authority

The goal of the First Nations Health Authority was to foster an intergenerational dialogue between elders and First Nations youth, while taking advantage of the opportunity to work with youth at a recent conference.

Our team was brought in to facilitate a conversation with several groups of youths, giving them a chance to share their honest thoughts and feelings about their elders, with an aim to create an emotionally

engaging video that could be shared at an upcoming conference for First Nations elders as well as online.

The main challenge was to create a relaxed and comfortable experience, giving these young people a real chance to speak from the heart. We captured their answers on camera, and assembled them to tell a story. The authenticity of their feelings really comes across, and that is a big part of why this story has an emotional impact.

Projects like this are a good reminder that, with a few key storytelling techniques, video can be a powerful tool in putting people in touch with deeper ideas and emotions.

Explainer Video for Civic

Civic was hoping for help in promoting the benefits of its Secure ID Platform and ID Theft Protection tools, both on their website and at trade shows. The challenge was in how abstract the solution was and in how it might benefit an end-user who interacts with the technology.

Our team produced a character-based animated explainer video which told the story of 'Janice', a fictional user who might interact with Civic's

tools while going on a trip.

Our team first developed a script and storyboard, along with original motion graphics, stock music, a professional voice-over, and sound design. The video was a huge success for Civic in helping them to raise awareness and generate interest in their solutions from potential clients.

Bria Teams Case Study for CounterPath

CounterPath was looking to share the story of a client, local SEO agency the Status Bureau, who has had success in working with one of CounterPath’s offered solutions (Bria Teams) to bridge the communication gap between their Vancouver and Edmonton offices.

We produced a live-action case study alternating images of an interview with Josh Lowen of the Status Bureau at his offices in Vancouver with b-roll footage of his

team working with the Bria Teams solution. And instead of filming in Edmonton as well, we captured footage of their remote team via webcam and inserted it seamlessly in the video.

Having previously produced both an animated explainer video and a top-of-funnel lead generation series for CounterPath, this video completes covering the whole purchase funnel, becoming a powerful example of how video can and should be used in each stage of the buyer’s journey.

'Retirement U' for BCAA

BCAA was looking to communicate how they could help their employees with their retirement planning, but they wanted to avoid doing so in a corporate and traditional way.

We came to the conclusion that a ‘whiteboard’ style animated video would be the right approach to present this type of information, giving somewhat of a ‘lesson’ feel to the video and presenting facts and figures in a more casual and easily digestible

manner. We also used approachable character styles and added some hints of colour to make the line-art pop, drawing the viewers attention to key elements on the screen.

This is a great example of how a complicated topic can be delivered in an accessible and engaging way.

Documentary for Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education was looking for a way to communicate the progress that has and continues to be made across the broad spectrum of educational needs and goals for the K-12 (kindergarten to 12th grade) Education System in British Columbia.

Our team was commissioned to produce a video that ended up incorporating over a dozen interviews with key figures of the program, allowing us to include different perspectives

that spoke up to the system's province-wide reach.

‘Driver Tool’ Educational Video for ICBC

ICBC built a persona-based education tool to help prepare customers for their insurance renewal. This tool was designed to ask a variety of targeted questions and to present customers with a persona closest to them to give a general idea of what their basic premium may cost once changes are implemented.

In conjunction with the tool, ICBC was looking for a way to give additional information about the coming changes and

build context for some of the questions that will be asked.

Our team was brought in to produce a video that provided customers with an overview of the changes around how basic car insurance premiums are determined, and to help them understand the concept and importance of listing drivers on their policy.

In this particular project, we worked with the content and marketing specialists at ICBC as well as all the research and development that had already been done to help craft this animated explainer video, which was eventually posted on ICBC’s website and on their social media profiles.

PSA for BC Federation of Students

The British Columbia Federation of Students (BCFS) is a provincial alliance of 14 university and college students’ unions from every part of BC. One of its key priorities was the elimination of interest on student loans. Along with traditional materials (like postcards), they wanted to produce a video to support the campaign.

The goal of the video was to remind students and members that the BCFS is still working hard on

this issue while increasing awareness among the general public.

We came to the conclusion that a combination of ‘live-action’ and animation would be ideal to deliver the message. First, we filmed a member of BCFS’ team in a green-screen studio reading a script from a teleprompter and then we integrated the illustrated data through motion graphics, bringing this data to life in an engaging way.

The result was a seamlessly integrated video that, after being posted on the BCFS and other 13 student unions’ social media channels, played a key role in persuading the BC Government to eliminate interest charges on the provincial portion of post-secondary student loans. This decision was officially announced just a few months after the video was released.

Staff Recruitment Video for Sutton Realty

After working with us to produce a series of training videos for their new online portal for their Realtors®, Sutton Realty looked to us to help them with a recruitment campaign that aimed to show how what makes them different – that it’s okay if you’re a little different as well.

We helped to develop a script and storyboard, source locations, hire actors, and film the spot over several days on-location. The video was

used on the company’s website and as a paid placement on social media.