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Baker Security & Networks is Ireland’s largest Google Apps reseller. We have a strong working relationship with Google and have worked closely with them since Google Apps was launched in Europe in 2008. Today we have over 200 Google Apps Customers and support over 90,000 Google Apps users from our dedicated support centre in Hume Street Dublin.

We are also a leading independent provider of IT security solutions and managed network services and are recognised as such by our industry accreditations and awards and by the calibre of our customers and the long-term relationships we have forged with them.

Baker Security & Networks have also developed the most powerful and comprehensive audit tool for Google Apps. Used by over 4500 Google Apps Customers our General Audit Tool for Google Apps scans all sites, documents, email groups, calendars and users at your domain and shows you exactly who has access to what information. For Google Apps administrators it is an essential management and audit tool that shows you in one glance how your users are using Google Apps. In addition it allows you to show internal and external auditors exactly who has access to what. This tool is a major step forward to ensure that accidental or malicious user disclosure does not occur on your Google Apps Domain. The General Audit Tool for Google Apps is free and can be downloaded from the Google Apps Marketplace

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Dublin, Ireland


Key clients: 

We have over 300 Clients including - Government Bodies, Multi National Organisations, Semi-State Bodies, & Universities.


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County Government Google Apps Transition

"They’ve delivered everything that they've ever promised to us."

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The Project
2008 - Ongoing
Project summary: 

Directly recommended by Google, Baker Security & Networks completed a server migration from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps. The team continues to provide training, support, and firewall security resources.

The Reviewer
1-10 Employees
Castledermot, Ireland
Head of Information Systems, Local Government Authorities
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Baker Security & Networks continues to deliver consistent, reliable results and exceptional customer service. The team is available and accessible and maintains regular communication.


What was the main objective for undertaking the project with Baker Security & Networks?

We were using a Microsoft Exchange server. We were very keen to move away. We wanted to move into a kind of cloud-based or software as a service model.

So, we initially got in touch with Google directly. They came down to visit us and actually brought Baker Security & Networks with them. That’s how we first got involved with Baker Security & Networks. Google directly recommended them. We’ve been dealing with them for four or five years. They’ve delivered everything that they’ve ever promised to us. We have recommended them to a number of companies since. At least four or five companies I work with are now using Google Apps based on our experience. Their also using Baker Security & Networks.


Could you tell me a little more about what type of work they have done for you?

They do training. They’ve done training recently for a tourism program that just went live in January of this year. They do training for our county counselors. They’ve done training for staff. I don’t think they’ve done much development for my group but we’ve been in fairly regular contact. If the staff has any issues, they ring their support desk. My staff thinks the support desk is very helpful.

We also deal with them on firewalls separate from Google Apps. Again, that was because we got to know them through that Google Apps platform. We found the service great and now have them look after our firewalls as well.


It sounds like you’re very happy with the work they’ve done?

They’re absolutely brilliant. We also took them [Baker Security & Networks] for Postini. So, we’ve had a very good relationship with them for a number of years now.

Is there anything that you find to be unique or special about Baker Security & Networks compared to other technology vendors you’ve worked with?

You can contact them anytime you want. It’s really great. They regularly call in, just to make sure everything is going as planned.  We’ve had calls maybe every two weeks just to check up. They’re a very reliable company. As far I’m aware, everyone that has worked with them based on our recommendation has found them to be very reliable as well.

Looking back on the work they’ve done for you, is there anything that you think they could improve upon, or that you would do differently a second time around?

Yes, I probably would have moved quicker on implementing Google Apps. I suppose, we were nervous at the beginning. I was quite slow to do the move. They [Baker Security & Networks] were more confident in our staff dealing with the transition.

Overall Score
  • 5.0 Scheduling
    They’re very good.
  • 4.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 4.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
    You can’t give anyone five out of five. You still have to keep pressure on people.
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    Willing to refer
    I would, and I have done in the past. A number of local British authorities have taken them on in the last couple of years. I’ve spoken to them. I certainly recommended them. As far as I’m aware, they’re very happy with them.