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We love learning about people’s early-stage ideas and working alongside them to make their dreams into reality - from that initial idea you have in the shower to a proposal, from MVP to hosting, we are passionate about offering a complete service to our clients and supporting them in every stage of their product’s lifecycle.

Bad Dinosaur was founded in 2013 to solve an industry-wide problem. Having worked as a developer both as a freelancer and in-house, Kyle had grown frustrated with big agencies that worked slowly, didn’t include the client in the development process, and ended up delivering them a product that was not only expensive but not what they really wanted. In founding Bad Dinosaur, Kyle was inspired by the work philosophy of Basecamp founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier-Hansson, as laid down in their book Rework.

In late 2016, Kyle joined forces with Russ, a developer with years of experience and a knack for business development, in order to collaborate on bigger projects and diversify the range of services offered by the company. Since then, Bad Dinosaur has experienced a great deal of growth and has been able to offer more services to help businesses and startups create amazing digital products efficiently and cheaply.

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Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Key clients: 

University of St Andrews, Queen Margret University,, Primary Engineer, TrinityGPS

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Message a suggestion or an issue to your local business manager privately. No account required.

The mission of Vocal is to improve communication between businesses and their customers through a simple, frictionless and private process. As the client behind Vocal is in full-time employment, the whole project had to be approached with a very bootstrapped attitude.

Vocal received funding from Scottish Enterprise

for their initial MVP build. Vocal is launching in Edinburgh right now, with other cities to follow later this year.