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Axon Active is a Swiss offshore software development company with strong expertise in Agile IT and a large portfolio of successful international projects, ranging from small businesses to highly complex multi-platform systems for large corporate clients.

Axon Active builds solid partnerships with its clients by assembling tailored development teams who deliver high-quality, innovative solutions at a very competitive price.

In 2008, Swiss-owned and managed, Axon Active created a high-performance, scalable software delivery infrastructure in Vietnam. The outsourcing organization offers the perfect mix of talent management, Agile and Scrum practices, technology skills and industry knowledge.

We have over 500 software and testing specialists working at 5 offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Can Tho (Vietnam), San Francisco (USA), Luzern (Switzerland).

Axon Active offers a choice of flexible engagement models, customized to fit your requirements:

1. Offshore Development Center:

Start developing today with a team of 5 or more software engineers, equipped with modern work station and required technologies. This is an instant skill extension and labor add-on to your in-house development team.

  • Web App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • AI Solutions

2. Offshore Testing Center:

        Our OTC service provides you experienced test engineers with skills fitted to your specific requirements. The offshore team will work exclusively for you and closely with your in-house development team.

        • Quality Assurance
        • System Integration Testing
        • Automation Testing
        • Software Maintenance
        • Manual Testing
        250 - 999
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        Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
        • Hai Au Building 10th Floor, 39B Truong Son Street, Ward 4, Tan Binh District
          Ho Chi Minh City 700000
        other locations
        • PVcomBank Building 13th Floor, 30/4 Street, Hai Chau District
          Da Nang 550000
        • Toyota Ninh Kieu Building 3rd Floor, 57-59A Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, Ninh Kieu District
          Can Tho 900000
        • Schlössli Schönegg, Wilhelmshöhe
          Lucerne 6003
        • 281 Ellis Street
          San Francisco, CA
          United States


        Key clients: 
        • Banking, Finance, Insurance & Fintech: AXON FiNTECH, CRiF, finform, PostFinance, wincredit, Soreco, BetterTradeOff, EightCap, ASCEND, Die Mobiliar...
        • Hospitality: H&L, Boost...
        • See more: https://www.axonactive.com/portfolio

        Lake Lucerne | Mobile Navigation App Development Helps Promote Local Tourist Attractions!

        Lake Lucerne is a mobile app made for the region of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. Visitors can download the app for information about tourists spots and water sports areas. This mobile navigation app development is carried out by The Intercantonal Nautical Commission Lake Lucerne in corporation with Mappuls AG. The app is available on tablet and smartphone and usable with and without Internet connection. App

        features: Support for navigation on the lake (no internet connection required): Show current position on the map; Speed ​​in knots and Km/h; Riparian zones with speed limit, information on exceeding; Barrier, nature and water protection zones; Sports prohibited zones for windsurfing, kitesurfing and wakeboarding; Images of landmarks; Drop a pin on the map and add notes; Anchor guard with audible alarm. Useful information and contacts: All ports and their infrastructure; Moorings and guest seats; Regulations, rules and signals; Safety and emergency information; etc.

        Axon.ivy App - Manage Your Business Anytime | Enterprise Mobile App Development


        Access your business processes and tasks through a mobile device. Typically this means you need to be online with an active internet connection. With the Axon.ivy App you can select a task, edit the corresponding data and complete the task once you are done, even in offline mode when you lost connectivity. Offering enterprise mobile app development for

        any-size companies, Axon Active successfully delivers secure and high-performing solutions that serve from the frontline workers to the higher-up. Our Agile working process allows you to make changes regularly to fit the envolving market. With the Axon.ivy BPM Suite and its Mobile Offline App you are now even more efficient to do your daily work. The App boosts the way users work within a business process and offers numerous possibilities. 

        Spark - Help Connect People The Way You Want | Dating App Development

        Android and iOS applications dating app development. Every time you cross paths with another Spark member, they will appear on your map. User can like each other, chatting, invite other people use apps to get points. This is your chance to reconnect with that special someone you passed at the gym, in a café or on the bus…

        Teledata - CRIF AG Invests Million Dollars in Data Management System Development

        Teledata is CRIF’s latest and biggest investment in data management system development. The system maps out relationships and network connections between Swiss businesses, as well as between business and political parties. Users can access the system via a web interface. System database provides users with the information of all Swiss companies and individuals registered in the official federal commercial registry and their

        solvency background details. These information allows business to reduce credit risk, prevent credit fraud and make appropriate decisions in the crediting process.

        Teledata’s impressive features include variable enquiry capabilities and specific solutions for different customers. It is therefore particularly suitable for big corporate, medium-sized businesses and public sector. App features: Comprehensive knowledge of customer and industry environment; Security in business decisions; Minimization of customer losses; Efficiency in business processes; Integrated processes in your existing systems; Competent, industry-specific advice and user training.

        Trace One Inc's PLM | Web-based Application Development for Trace One, FMCG Retailer

        PLM is our prominent web-based application development project for Trace One – a well-known FMCG retailer. It is designed to manage and control the development of Retailer private label products over the product lifecycle, from product Conception and Manufacture to the supermarket shelf.

        Peax 2.0 - Prominent Digital Mailbox Development Project

        PEAX 2.0 is our prominent digital mailbox development project for PEAX. It’s a mailbox solution used to distribute content to customers via SaaS model. PEAX web services allow customers to scan, capture, archive documents, make invoice payment, as well as a full output management systemPEAX, aims to reduce this complexity and create transparency.

        App features: Digital mailbox; Receive letters and invoices

        directly with tracking; Select whom you wish to receive digital mail; Automatically send anything that is physically required, via post; Available anytime, anywhere and on any device; Secure and flexible payment; Manage invoices easily; Show payment orders and corresponding due dates automatically; Archive paid invoices; Smart archive; Accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device; Keep track of documents with clever tags, filter and activity history.

        PEAX 3.0 | Needs SaaS Development Experience? Check out how PEAX did it!

        PEAX provides a digital mailbox solution in a SaaS model. This includes scanning/capturing, document archive, payment of invoices as well as a full output management system

        Metabiota – Financial Risk Insights | Biotech Web Application Development

        Metabiota – Financial Risk Insights is one of our Biotech web application development projects. The software is to monitor and analyze epidemic risk worldwide and in real-time, allowing us to build these new financial mechanisms. Solutions: Data analytics; Workflow optimization; Performance optimization; Scenario Modeling; Data-driven decision making; Risk decisioning

        Metabiota GEMM (Global Epidemic Modeling and Monitoring) | Biotech Big Data Analytics Platform Development

        Metabiota’s GEMM (Global Epidemic Modeling and Monitoring) is a Biotech Big Data analytics platform development project. Not only showcasing 100-year historical database and catalog of over 40,000 realistic scenarios, it gives detailed breakdowns of both historical and modeled epidemic events. This Big Data analytics platform allows you to exposure data to see estimated losses and see how the frequency and severity of

        outbreaks affect your portfolio.

        Metabiota Data Admin - Turn Raw Data into Managed Information | Data Management Development

        Data Management Development Admin is a web system, used to change the Approval State status, view information on dashboard by clicked on View icon. Moreover, we can show a warning message when user trying to change status to Needs Improvement, add Source Count column in Source Selection Page (server side should be returned), add more the logic for ranking default source for Metabiota’s Gemm with pagination, sorting, filter on


        CCS-Homegate - Homegate Partners with Axon Active for Real Estate Web App Development

        Customer Certifier application for Homegate (CCS-Homegate) is a project for managing the dossier application for main user and partner user. It supports to request the credit report and query the credit informations from the public office. The application also supports user with online payment by VISA or MasterCard.

        EvolveIT | Maintenance Management Software Development

        EvolveIT is our highlighted maintenance management software development project which is uniquely created for enterprise applications. By reducing discovery time by 80% through compiled technology that automatically finds and documents business rules and system interactions, it gives analysts chances to get a handle on legacy code quickly, easily and completely.

        H&L Australia Workforce Management | HR Management System Development

        Workforce Management is our HR management system development project for prestigious H&L Australia. It provides a Labor Control Solution to effectively and efficiently manage all staff. This complete HR management system package assists in planning, scheduling, rostering, tracking time & attendance and preparing payroll with the ability to produce reports on labor costs at any stage of the cycle.

        BetterTradeOff (BTO) | Financial Web Application Development Project

        BetterTradeOff is a web application which helps people to make their financial plan. With this website, they could see if they are able to achieve their dreams, such as buy a house at 40 years old or go travelling at 60 years old.

        BookBookCloud | Restaurant Booking Application Development

        BookBookCloud is our restaurant booking application development project. It features a SaaS so that restaurant’s staffs can manage the booking of customers.

        Educase 2.0 | Education Management Application Development

        Educase 2.0 is an education management application development project, providing a user-friendly platform with many functional features for school managers, teachers, commissioners, parents, and learners access the school-related information and processes. It keeps data updated and notify any change to users whenever they access the application. Our web application development process provides the software a CRM

        (Customer Relationship Management) tool developed which help retrieve useful information by generating data and statistics from thousands of web users.

        XECM - Control Paperwork at Ease | Document Management Software Development

        A highly secured system used to capture, store and manage electronic documents related to daily organizational processes, built with useful features such as storing/searching/ viewing documents with friendly user interface.

        Opening Account PostFinance - Open Account at PostFinance (Swiss Post) is easier with new mobile app!

        Account Opening PostFinance mobile app allows customers to open account at PostFinance from home within 10 minutes, without having to go to the bank. All they need is a smartphone with camera that can process digital identification, a stable internet connection and valid Swiss identity document. The app can: Scan customer’s passport or ID card; Verify their identification via video chat; Send approval within 1 hour

        via SM. Users can start transferring money right after the account is successfully opened. The app saves customer waiting time at the bank and reduce stress to bank retail employees. This is one of the essential moves of Swiss Post in the digital race with other competitors. In the future, Swiss Post, and other banking institutes will invest more into mobile app development as a strategic mechanism to win customers.

        swissVR BC - BPM Software Development | Business Process Management Solutions

        Business Card (BC) is a BPM software development project that implements the business card web client. This project supports to request a person information and business relation network information from the Teledata system using webservice.

        XPERTGOLDEN | Business Process Web App Development

        XPERTGOLDEN, a Business Process Web App Development project, is developed to handle vast business process requirements through its multi-functional modules: ePORTAL is the main module which can work with child modules; eBAS (Basic Information) is a child module of ePORTAL which contains some basic configurations (ex: companies, language, cost centers, cost types,…); eCONTACT (contact management) is child module of ePORTAL

        which contains functionality for manage contact in companies; eCOST (cost center accounting) is a child module of ePORTAL which contains some reports for a cost center; The module for reporting function made it first successful release in the Summer of 2017. Following Agile working process , the software is still in continous development and release to keep up with quick evolving market.

        XHRC | Workforce Management Software Development

        XHRC is our workforce management software development project for T2i. The software can run in the offline and web-based environment to help manage human resources at any times. More than an application to store employee contact information, it is also designed to integrate and communicate with other HR systems such as salary management, employee workflow, absence record, other HRM and so on.

        Soreco APF (Accounting Payable Flow) | Financial Web App Development

        APF, an innovative financial web app development, provides users an electronic workflow to check, approve and prepare the accounting for incoming invoices and credit notes. Instead of stamp the incoming invoice manually and forward the paper from one employee to the next, the accountant can scan the invoice at the beginning of the process and get a task to account or approve the invoice. There are additional interfaces to the

        archived systems and financial system to insert/update the invoice and data directly.

        Kudos - Enter Tourism Industry Easier and Faster | Travel Mobile App Development

        Kudos is a friendly travel mobile app that helps users explore tips from around the world and be the first to discover the next big thing! Our travel mobile app development technologies give app user the flexibility to access the system anytime, anywhere. You can also share favorite TV shows, movies, bands, apps, games or absolutely anything through multiple platforms. Receive Kudos for contribution and try to climb

        up the leaderboard.

        Popsicle - Get High-quality Location-based Mobile App Development like Popsicle now!

        Popsicle is a fun location-based mobile app development project that works on Android and iOS. It notifies you when friends are close to you. This location-based mobile app also collect a record of how many times you meet up with your closest friends and show the ranking of people who you spend more time with. Through continuous integration and development under our Agile practices, the app can be now connected to social

        media and various entertainment platforms.

        Aduno Geomarketing Analytics - Successful Location Analytics Development

        The Aduno Geomarketing Analytics Tool, provided by Aduno, to their customers and partners worldwide, help the visualization of credit-card transactions easier. Users can quickly get statistics and maps when they need them for various projects such as planning marketing activities (Where does the merchant have a low market penetration?), or setting their network of shops (Is there a gap somewhere, where a new shop should be

        opened?). Integrated with a location analytics development program, its admin tools allow Aduno to manage the users, add new merchants and geocode shop (POS) locations.

        ClearView Campaign Links Tool - Advertising Tool Development to Visualize How Your Campaign Is Running

        CLT is a tool used for visualizing the advertising campaign which was not created by CVI. This advertising tool development allows user to check and see how the campaign looks like.

        ClearView International - Check Out Clear Channel International's Latest Marketing Tool Development

        CVI is a strategic billboard planning tool developed for Clear Channel International to analyze and visualize advertising campaigns. This marketing tool development allows the company to design an advertising campaign on panels and illustrate the best panels to use, by analyzing socio demographic and geographical data.

        [email protected] - Get Meaningful Info for Your Business | Data Processing Development

        It’s a web application which allows users to collect customer data (they can quickly extract data from Scanner feature), check data and forward the dossier for banking process. It also have a strong data processing development system with extensive data format library for desktop and mobile systems enabling advanced electronic data processing capabilities.

        Finform - Banking Application Development that Accelerates Service Process

        Finform digitizes the account opening process at the front desk and utilizes the post office branch network to complete formalities. The banking application development process comes with multi-function terminals, allowing users make bank transaction easier and time-reduced. At Axon Active, we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all banking software. Backed by more than 10 years in IT consulting and offshore software

        development, we’ve successfully built for banks and financial companies worldwide various unique software solutions whether it is mobile or web app.

        AXON FiNTECH HypoToGo - Your Bank's Mortgage Management Solution | Mortgage App Development

        A mortgage app development product that helps users easily apply for a mortgage for their house or apartment buying.

        LOG - CRM Application Development that Satisfies Your Prissiest Customers

        This CRM application development product helps our customer to make his sales process easier for his employees and make the service better and faster for his customers. It helps process orders faster and handle complaint reports professionally and fast on a intuitive GUI.

        Match - Why Spend Your Precious Time Matching Data? | CRM App Development

        A CRM app development tool used to match customer data and consumer data. The goal is to match incoming person and address data with the consumer database to monitor mutations in the consumer database and give the customers notice of these events.

        OMS - Custom to Your Own Business Process | Order Management Development

        OMS is a web-based order management development which supports automatic and manual processing of orders for specific kind of products via Email, Fax, eSchKG, post,…

        PEAX Capture Test Service - Assert Test Results and Generate Reports | Capture Service Development

        An internal capture service development to verify capturing result from providers. Based on the expected result defined manually, the service will compare with the actual result. At the end, the test report will be generated. The service also has a simple web part to manage reports and test results.

        Peax Migration Data - Data Migrated Across Servers | Application Migration Development

        The application migration development project is designed to migrate all the Peax data from version 1 (PostgreSQL) to version 2 (SQLserver 2010) using .Net Framework 4.5 and OAuth 2.0.

        Risk Platform - Data Transaction | Business Process Management Software Development

        Business process management software development, known as BPM, is inevitable for T2i – a company offering counter-top and mobile E-payment terminals. Risk Platform is a Web-service system to support financial and banking institutes to volunteer and commit customers’ transaction data to information providers. The data supported includes basic information (person or company), contracts (loan, leasing, etc…), accounts, and cards.

        The system also supports data notifications from any update from other parties that the institutes are interested in. In addition, pure data will be analyzed to support financial decision.

        SMRT PoC - Enjoy Getting Around by Public Transports | Travel App Development

        With extensive experience on travel app development, our offshore team partnered with Axon Vibe AG to create SMRT PoC – a working demonstration of our capabilities around MoT detection with a focus on selected SMRT bus routes in Singapore. It provides SMRT a live ‘proof of concept’ demonstration of our bus detection capabilities and showcase our wider capability to SMRT to support seamless ticketing, digital travel assistant

        and the extended travel chain.

        Sojo Travel - Smart Solutions for Public Transportation | Travel Application Development

        ‘Sojo Travel’ represents Axon Vibe’s stream of work to leverage the technology and capability in the public transportation sector. This travel application development product offering centres around the core goals of providing smart travel assistance, supporting seamless ticketing (Be-in / Be-out) and extending the travel chain.

        WinCredit 3.0 - Yes, the Mortgage is Now Automatic! | Mortgage Application Development

        Built by our mortgage application development team, WinCredit is a software solution for credit and mortgage management. Version 3.0 is a web-based application. Its modularization and service-oriented approach enable short release-iterations with new features and high flexibility. And Asset Pool module is a solution for managing collateral for issued bonds (securities for risk transfer and refinancing).

        SW-Online - Takes the Shortcut to Your Target Clients | Business Web App Development

        SW Online is a business web app development project to help users find potential customers for their products. It consist of four main modules: Company/Person: it supports searching, reading detailed information of company and person; Selection: customers can find companies basing on some supported criteria such as Function, Industry, Company purpose, Revenue, Employees, Capital, City, Legalform, …Finally, they can export

        needed companies together with its administrative/management persons; Enrichment: customers know some basic information of companies and they would like to know more. To do it, they will upload these companies into our system. We will enrich the information for them; Similarity finding: in case customers want to find companies with some similar information with their input companies, they can use this feature. The input of this feature will be companies together with similarity criteria which customers define. The similarity criteria can be Function, Industry, Company purpose, Revenue, Employees, Capital, City, or Legalform, …

        SwissArena - Visitors' Best Choice To Swiss Arena | Augmented Reality App Development

        The SwissArena app is an Augmented Reality app development product, to be used by visitors of The Swiss Arena – an exhibition hall in the Swiss Museum of Transport. The Swiss Arena exhibition is one of the biggest museums of Switzerland which consists of a huge 200m2 floor map of Switzerland. Using your mobile device’s screen and camera you can view the current Swiss train and air traffic or weather in real time in three

        dimension. The app can also used to find name of places/towns. It can help you walk through your memories by seeing the photos stored on your mobile on the map. The app is implemented entirely in Unity3D and available for iOS and Android. For image tracking, the Vuforia for Unity3D is used.

        Xpert.CRM - Business Process Application Development that can be Easily Integrated

        Initially designed for the huge insurance companies by our business process application development team; Xpert.CRM is a centralized, unique and opened database of contacts that can be easily integrated to user business process. It supports standards data communication protocols like Web and REST services to integrate with the incoming and outgoing business processes.

        AXON FiNTECH - Digitize Your Bank With Custom Solutions | Fintech Software Development

        Using trans-formative technologies such as Java, JSF, PrimeFaces, Drools, SOAP, RESTful, etc., our Fintech software development team developed this product to help digitize and automate the banking process.


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        Dev Partnership with FinTech Enterprise

        “I appreciate their passion—it’s the reason we’ve been working together for so long.”

        Willing to refer: 
        The Project
        $1,000,000 - $9,999,999
        Aug. 2009 - Ongoing
        Project summary: 

        Subcontracted resources from Axon Active collaborate with in-house staff to create financial platforms for internal and external users.

        The Reviewer
        1,001-5,000 Employees
        Zurich, Switzerland
        Patrick Meier
        CIO, CRIF AG
        The Review
        Feedback summary: 

        Axon Active’s flawless output and efficient project management resulted in overwhelmingly positive user feedback and revenue growth. The team is highly scalable, transparent, and enthusiastic, qualities that have led to a long-term collaboration.

        A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


        Introduce your business and what you do there.

        I’m the CIO of a company that develops financial platforms for information gathering and payments. We develop products both for ourselves and for customers.


        What challenge were you trying to address with Axon Active?

        We were looking for a company that we could trust as well as one that could adapt to our way of working.  


        What was the scope of their involvement?

        Axon Active provides us with a scrum team, and we operate as product owners. Initially, we developed an online application in Java, and we’ve since moved to AngularJS. With Axon Active’s help, we’ve expanded the product scope and lifecycle during that time. They also set up a technical testing team on their end.

        What is the team composition?

        We’re currently using 35 developers from Axon, but the team’s fluctuated up and down, with a peak of 50.

        How did you come to work with Axon Active?

        I had a good feeling about Axon Active from the beginning. I chose them because they offered Java development and could provide direct communication. In contrast, the other companies I’ve worked with were not as flexible. At the time, Axon Active was also a good size for us, but they’ve grown quite a lot since then. Salaries were lower 10 years ago, so they had a more attractive offer.

        How much have you invested with them?

        The total cost so far has been over $5 million.

        What is the status of this engagement?

        We started working with Axon Active in August 2009, and the engagement is ongoing.


        What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

        We’ve completely rewritten our software since starting our collaboration with Axon Active. Previously, it would take us weeks to fix an issue, but now, it’s a completely different story. We’re currently releasing on time, and customers aren’t reporting problems. Plus, we’re ISO-27001-certified, which is something that our customers were demanding. We emphasized security at the beginning and Axon Active adapted to this.

        We recently explained at a customer event how and where we develop our software and shared some of our success stories. As a result, there was great interest in working with Axon Active as well, and many clients gave positive feedback about the overall quality.

        How did Axon Active perform from a project management standpoint?

        During the collaboration with Axon Active, we shifted to a more agile approach. Communication is straightforward. Product owners from my company work together with their teams. We meet regularly for the planning and review part. They brought their own opinions and adapted to our requirements. If we had an issue, they were willing to communicate with us and address it quickly.

        What did you find most impressive about them?

        I appreciate their passion—it’s the reason we’ve been working together for so long. I regularly visit their office in Vietnam, and it’s quite fun to exchange ideas with their team. That’s what makes this a special collaboration for me. I hope that we’ll remain an important customer for them.

        Overall Score
        • 5.0 Scheduling
        • 4.0 Cost
          Value / within estimates
        • 4.0 Quality
          Service & deliverables
        • 5.0 NPS
          Willing to refer