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We create effective communications for businesses. Our creativity comes from many sources. We utilize experience, knowledge, skill, curiosity but none is more important than collaboration. We work with our clients to create something new and different – something to help them distance themselves from their competition and be remembered. Tapping our insight and diverse experience gives us the ability to interpret even the most basic information in new ways.

It helps us redefine the problem at hand and open it up to new possibilities. From branding, corporate communications, and logos to web sites and multimedia design, from publications, newsletters, and event marketing to advertising and print collateral, we create successful strategies to help move your business ahead... by design.

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Photo NJ website Image

Photo NJ website

Photo NJ was a multi day photography seminar in New jersey.

Cybersecurity Logo Image

Cybersecurity Logo

Cybersecurity works with business to tighten up their computer and proprietary systems. The logo was design to imply the layers of protection needed.


Catalina Advertising Image

Catalina Advertising

Catalina has a method of targeting medical advertising through the use of prescription pamphlets while keeping total anonymity. This enables them to sell advertising to a very targeted audience. I created the ads shown here to underscore the idea of targeted marketing. 

Rossi Website Image

Rossi Website

A fabric designer wanted a site to show her offerings. Largely quilt oriented the site was designed to supply the feeling of a quilt while highlighting her work.

Casenet Materials Image

Casenet Materials

Casenet offers CMA Training for medical practitioners. Their training cane be divided into 4 different categories. I developed an overall brand look for them and their materials as well as category branding and icons.

Valkerie Labels Image

Valkerie Labels

Label design for a wine product line. I have been involved in all their branding and marketing.

Hickory Kitchen Logo Image

Hickory Kitchen Logo

Hickory Kitchen is a local restaurant whose core menu is based on BBQ and smoked meats... although they do much more. I was involved in the naming of the restaurant as well.

Bath 2.0 materials Image

Bath 2.0 materials

BATH 2.0 is a line of bathroom fixtures and furniture. It is an upgrade to traditional "out of the box" offerings for bathroom redecorating. Shown here is the marketing materials.

HK Book design Image

HK Book design

I love design a wide variety of things. This was a 40-year anniversary book for a client. There were a limited number of custom bound books for the top level of management. After creating the look and desired materials I went to a book binder in California (  She did a great job.


Rokit Site Image

Rokit Site

This was a 1 page site for the ROKIT digital printing service.

AXIS site Image

AXIS site

I know, showing the work done to promote your own company is less desirable in a portfolio... but I like it. This is the AXIS visual website. Stop by our site to see the entire thing.

HK 50 year logo Image

HK 50 year logo

Haines & Kibblehouse in an environmental engineering business that also works in the quarry space and sells hardscaping materials. For their 50th anniversary I created a logo that was used on all their materials and websites.

Bath2.0 Logo Image

Bath2.0 Logo

Bath 2.0 was a brand of high-level bathroom fixtures and furniture that was to be sold at Home Depot, Lowes and similar stores. The typographic solution was elegant and delivered a sense of quality.

Valkerie Logo Image

Valkerie Logo

Valkerie Crafted libations is an upcoming winery. They sell a proprietary wine product. This is the label brand for their product line.

BHA website Image

BHA website

Blackney Hayes Architects asked me to design their website. I find it very interesting designing marketing for creating businesses. My design work needs to "sit back" and cannot be more dominant that their work. And yet the design needs to elevate their work and separate them from their competition.

MDO Website Image

MDO Website

Michael D'Onofrio Roofing installs high end roofing, gutters and downspouts. They have the skill to work on the old and authentic houses and keep the integrity for older homes.

The Art of Beer poster Image

The Art of Beer poster

This is a poster I designed for an event on the art of beer. It was for the design and marketing audience and discussed the creativity in the beer business. The poste was printed on translucent paper and when folded together (for mailing) revealed the word "BEER" from the different layers and edges of the poster.

Office wall Image

Office wall

OK, this isn't a client project but it was fun to do on my office wall.

Portnoff Law Logo Image

Portnoff Law Logo

Portnoff Law Associates is a legal firm. Its practice focus is the collection of unpaid real estate taxes and municipal utility fees. The logo design was driven by the owner who wanted it to relate to the close relationship between them and their clients.

ROKIT campaign Image

ROKIT campaign

ROKIT is a high-level digital printing process from DG3 printing. I established the look and image and applied it to many of the promotional tactics (Posters, direct mail, website, and marketing materials).

World Meeting of Families Logo Image

World Meeting of Families Logo

This was a fun one. I was given the assignment late on a Friday and was informed that the submissions were due on Monday. I was one of 4 firms submitting. Over the next few months I was notified that myr submission was in the final 3, and then the chosen logo for the enormous event in Philadelphia.

Paradise Resorts Logo Image

Paradise Resorts Logo

Paradise Resort is a golf resort in Hawaii. The logo was intended to deliver the core activity of the resort and the location.

HK Materials Image

HK Materials

These brochures represent the new brand look for Haines & Kibblehouse. I have been working with them for 4 years making the transition to this new brand for all of their materials, their website and their sub brands.

Haines Foundation logo Image

Haines Foundation logo

The Haines Foundation is a personal project of one of our clients. It is a historical museum and property that focuses on the machines, vehicles and the historical property that it resides on.

Ternary Branding Image

Ternary Branding

The work shown here is the brand look for Ternary Software, a software development company.

Algonquian Logo Image

Algonquian Logo

Algonquian Dreamcatcher is a film production. It takes the music of Native Americans and translates it into classical performances. The requested a logo for the branding of their film.

Adapt campaign Image

Adapt campaign

"Adapt" was the text theme that Instec suppled to us. The image here (after a little PhotoShop work) was used for a trade show, banners and marketing materials.

Tolsma Logo Image

Tolsma Logo

Tolsma Productions is a video shooting company. The logo is designed to work with the "T" and add a sense of motion.

Revalry Gala Materials Image

Revalry Gala Materials

A client of mine holds a fund raiser every year. Shown here are some of the materials created for their event at the Revelry Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, US.

Envision Magazine spreads Image

Envision Magazine spreads

I love editorial design. These are some spreads for Envision magazine. It was a publication about the arts industry. Editorial design and the arts... a win-win for me.

Veloce Brochure Image

Veloce Brochure

Veloce developed and manufactured high end (and battery powered for smoother current) audio amplifiers. Shown here are the brochures that I designed for them.

N2 website Image

N2 website

N2 is a company that sells and builds video delivery platforms for businesses, trade shows and events. They offer video walls and the computer hardware to manage them. Technology and the visual aspect were both important to deliver in this website design.

Atlanticare 40 year concert Image

Atlanticare 40 year concert

Frank Sinatra always draws attention. A 40th anniversary concert by a Sinatra impersonator was the drawl for a 40th anniversary concert for Atlanticare. I developed the look and then applied iot to all the various materials from tickets, to invitations, to reminders, web sites, etc.

HK 50th site Image

HK 50th site

This is a site we design and built for the 50th annaversary of Haines & Kibblehouse. I wanted it to be more entertaining and interactive so it has a visually lush quality.

MetaPhase website Image

MetaPhase website

As marijuana enters the US as a legal commodity the infrastructure to cultivate it grows. This site was for a company that develops LED grow lighting for growing marijuana. One of the things I love about this profession is learning about the various businesses that my client operate. This was no different. This site was 4 long pages, allowing the viewer to casually browse through the information.

IMC Logo Image

IMC Logo

IMC is a company that designs and manufactures high end audio speakers. The icon is intended to illustrate sound waves as well as playing off the "I" in the name.

Westport Cigar materials Image

Westport Cigar materials

It started as a logo design project. I then took the approved logo and created a poster illustration and other marketing materials.

Preston direct mail Image

Preston direct mail

The image here shows a series of direct mail postcards for a professional business coach. I worked with him to determine the core features/ benefits of his business and developed a look and system to deliver each one.

Plumbing label system Image

Plumbing label system

Shown here is a labeling system for the various hoses for connecting toilets, washers and sinks to home water sources. Design isn't always glamorous but thinking through (and creating) a system for almost anything is a fun and rewarding process.

Vansant Airfield materials Image

Vansant Airfield materials

A pro bono project was to support a grass airfield that was planning and developing a foundation with the future goal of putting a museum on the property. I was able to hang out with (and ride in) old biplanes and give the foundation a "face" for the public.

Martin ads Image

Martin ads

Some times the work you really love and are dying to produce just isn't chosen. Here are some images from an initial advertising pitch to Martin Guitar.

Revolutionary Health Logo Image

Revolutionary Health Logo

Revolutionary Health is a health services company located in the historical Eastern PA area of the US. The logo utilizes a historical flare and includes the patient/doctor relationship with the two faces at the ends of the flag image.

HURU logo Image

HURU logo

HURU is a staffing company that focuses on the ability to select "just the right person."

Bringing Water Logo Image

Bringing Water Logo

The accessibility to clean water globally is a growing concern. Bringing Water was a company working with the excess runoff in Iceland and creating methods to transport it around the world.