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The strength of the wolf is the pack; the strength of the pack is the wolf. Auxilia is a pack of talented individuals that are professionals and experts in their field who work together to produce high-quality websites and generate leads from custom-tailored marketing programs.

Owned by a U.S. Marine, we believe in loyalty, honor, courage, and commitment. We partner exclusively with one business per industry in order to help that business dominate within its area of operation. Stated more directly, Auxilia will not help your competitors compete against you. We want your business to win! Second place is the first loser, and it pays to be a winner.

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Key clients: 
About Face Design Team, Eustis Roofing, Schauder Chiropractic & Wellness, #FeedTheER, PayLynx, and McCullough Tree Service
McCullough Tree Service Image

McCullough Tree Service

McCullough Tree Service needed a new website that would perform well in SEO lead generation and in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. So our content writer and SEO lead generation specialist got to work defining SEO landing pages, location-based landing pages, arranging flow, composing well-researched content, building out the gallery, and ensuring that the custom layout

loaded fast.

In all, we’ve been able to make their website easier to use, it now flows correctly and funnels visitors towards becoming a lead; and lastly, we’ve brought down their cost per conversion on SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads while increasing the number of leads they get in through those three channels.

PayLynx Image


PayLynx wished to convey a professional image and message through their website. A very particular message. They work with local businesses by helping them reduce their fees on merchant services and by helping them integrate solutions that make credit card processing more streamline. Their industry has no shortage of dishonest agents and broken promises. So it was imperative that Auxilia have a design that conveyed the

honesty and integrity with which PayLynx conducts business. Also, this message had to be conveyed comprehensively in words and pictures and icons.

We began with an interview. Website design is a team sport–a topic addressed before in our blog–so this meeting had our SEO, content writer, graphic designer, web developer, and project manager. We helped to isolate the services they offered, how they offer those services, and how they help their clients. The SEO and content writer constructed a pathway for the rest of the team. Our graphic designer brought forth from their plan (and our meeting) a harmonious and colorful design. It was then onto coding for final development.

Eustis Roofing Company Image

Eustis Roofing Company

When Auxilia began building the Eustis Roofing website for their SEO and PPC campaigns, we used a lot of tools to help them gain a professional online image. First, we implemented custom photography from Danielle Taufer Photography. We implemented custom content from our content writer, Jamie

Steidle. Thirdly, we implemented a professional graphic design mockup by Stacy Edwards. All of these components helped to convey the right image for Eustis Roofing.

We have implemented all of our secret SEO tips and tricks into their website in order to produce a beautiful online presence–an online brochure of sorts to let their quality work shine–but with the purpose of using that website to rank high in search engine results and convert website viewers into happy customers!

Schauder Chiropractic & Wellness Image

Schauder Chiropractic & Wellness

We started the process by outlining their services and offerings. This helped us sort out what SEO landing pages we needed to develop and also what keyword thumbprints were required. Our SEO content writer worked with the two doctors to produce well-researched, keyword dense content for their pages. Once the

content writer was able to give the new website the proper content it needed, our creative department was able to help with a new layout that would properly funnel website visitors to become new patients.

We are using both an SEO campaign and a Google Ads campaign to drive leads to the practice. For the SEO side, we are focusing on helping the office grow their directory citations, grow their internal website authority through the use of blogging, and to grow external site authority and trust with Google through the use of high-quality, non-spammy backlinks. 

For the Google Ads side, since this medical office only services clients within a specific geographic region, it was critical to ensure that the Google Ads only displayed if the searcher was regularly in the area surrounding their office. We didn’t want to show ads to searchers that were more than 5 miles from the practice as realistically no one would drive that far for medical treatment.

#FeedTheER Image


#FeedTheER is a movement started by Attorney Kelly Cook from Tampa, Florida whose small act of kindness (providing lunch to the nursing staff at her local ER) inspired our local corporate sponsors for a call to action to expand the reach of this need.

Auxilia helped support the #FeedTheER movement by building a custom website for them.

About Face Design Team Image

About Face Design Team

When Auxilia first began the process of designing AFDT’s new, custom website, we wanted to ensure that there were clear SEO pages designated. Each of their services needed to rank for that service’s keyword fingerprint. We clearly defined their pages (as listed above) and began the process of writing well-researched content. We also took

their existing blogs and combed through them to ensure blogs weren’t keyword cannibalizing their SEO landing pages. This ensured that from a content perspective, this new site would perform well on Google and with the individual users.

Secondly, we wanted the site to represent visually the high-quality work that AFDT does. This would fall under the category of user interface and user experience. Regardless of what page a user entered the site, we wanted them to be able to navigate the site with ease. Also, we wanted the site to really showcase the quality of work AFDT does. They provide the best service in the industry and we wanted that to be represented. Our creative designer came up with a complementary color palette and layout that clearly outlined how they can serve those in need of professional makeup services.

Thirdly, we wanted to give the users multiple methods of converting into potential customers. Thus we added multiple areas within each page to give the user the ability to call or email with a simple click. On this note, we have implemented a custom SEO plan and Google Ads plan to help AFDT increase their exposure, to gain potential customers, to measure conversions or leads and their source (organic, paid, social, etc.), and to come to understand what their client acquisition cost is.


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WordPress Dev & Redesign for Construction Company

“In addition to their analytical nature, Auxilia's team takes the big picture into account when building out platforms.”

Willing to refer: 
The Project
Less than $10,000
Apr. 2019 - Ongoing
Project summary: 

Auxilia redesigned and developed two WordPress websites, incorporating SEO-friendly content and functionalities. 

The Reviewer
1,300+ Employees
Orlando, Florida
Jessica Allen
Brand Manager, Randall
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Auxilia delivered quality code in an extremely timely manner. They take a data-driven, big-picture approach to building websites, which will help the company update and grow the sites in the future. They're also very easy to work with, efficient with their time, organized, and proactive. 

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

I'm the brand manager for Randall, a construction company based in Orlando.


What challenge were you trying to address with Auxilia?

When I came into this role, my first task was to improve our digital reputation. We had two websites, neither of which were functional. One had no SEO functionality, and the other was outdated. Since the company had already invested a decent amount of time and money on both sites, we were looking for a cost-effective solution to help replace and consolidate the two into one. 


What was the scope of their involvement?

Auxilia redesigned and developed our two WordPress websites, incorporating SEO-friendly content and functionalities. 

What is the team composition? 

I work directly with Preston (WordPress Web Developer and SEO Analyst, Auxilia), but he's also brought in a designer to work on some elements of our websites as needed.

How did you come to work with Auxilia?

We have a consultant who works on various initiatives for the company, including recruitment, and he recommended them based on his experience with them in the past. When we met with Preston, we were impressed by his breadth of knowledge and ability to take on our project under a tight deadline of just eight weeks. 

How much have you invested with them?

We've invested about $4,000 for coding services thus far. 

What is the status of this engagement?

We've been working with them since around April 2019, and the relationship is ongoing. Although the site just went live in June, we're going to work with Preston to continue refining it and adding more features. 


What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

Auxilia has been instrumental in making sure we're both happy with and aware of the progress of their work. Overall, we've been very happy with the final results. 

How did Auxilia perform from a project management standpoint?

Preston is excellent at communicating exactly what he needs in order to deliver the best product on time and within budget. He's also been great about helping us understand the technicalities of his work and what we could do to speed it up. For example, when we had two weeks left to meet our deadline, he recommended a freelancer who could help us meet the timeline during the final stages. Thanks to his attentiveness and honesty, we were able to meet our objectives on time.

We mostly manage project tasks through Google Docs, which makes it easier to loop in the freelance designer when needed. 

What did you find most impressive about them?

In addition to their analytical nature, Auxilia's team takes the big picture into account when building out platforms. They've helped us understand what needs to be done outside of just their coding work alone. 

Are there any areas they could improve?

That's a hard question to answer, but if I had to think of something I'd say that the level of detail Preston goes into when explaining his work is sometimes overkill. 

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    They met our timeline and made sure any pitfalls were addressed well in advance.
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    Service & deliverables
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    I've already recommended them to several of our industry partners.