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Augusto is a full-service digital product development and management company.  Our core competancies center around:

  • Product Development Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Technical Design
  • UX/UI - Design
  • Software Development
  • DevOps
  • Digital Marketing - SEO, Content, Email, Paid, CRM
  • Customer Success
  • Business Intelligence and Data Science
$100 - $149 / hr
10 - 49
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Key clients: 

Wake Forest University, Candela, OrbitalRX, Member Advantage Mortgage, Semma Health, Macatawa Bank, Feyen Zylstra, Pro Fireworks, Pine Rest, Richwood Industries, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift North America, Thermaco, ShopWithScrip

Candela Health Case Study Image

Candela Health Case Study

As a leading United States-based global medical aesthetic device company, Candela understood the tremendous benefits of improving and modernizing its website, eCommerce platform, and unified authentication system.
A Holistic Integrated Digital Experience

Augusto Digital was thrilled to design solutions to each of the priority areas, so Candela can better serve physicians offering and patients seeking medical

aesthetic treatment solutions.

As the website project got underway, the Candela team was also tasked with moving from an internally developed eCommerce solution to Shopify. However, they needed to maintain their data in Salesforce and create a solution for integrating the two systems. After an initial consulting period, Augusto took over the technical design and implementation of this data integration solution, improving communication between Candela and Shopify, clarifying roles, and eliminating manual processes.

Additionally, Candela customers and internal users were required to maintain multiple accounts and credentials to access Candela’s software systems. Candela identified this as a friction point for users, and engaged Augusto to create a unified authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO) experience for users. 

We migrated their existing user base from Salesforce to Azure AD, making Azure AD the identity provider for internal and external users of Candela’s systems. We also initiated the ability for a self-service password reset, freeing the call support team for more pressing work.

“With the appropriate technical resources and project management to keep everything organized, Augusto is our go-to when we need a technical solution or help to figure out a business issue.” 

OrbitalRX Case Study Image

OrbitalRX Case Study

As the former pharmacy directors at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, the founders of OrbitalRX experienced firsthand the frustrations and increasing severities of drug shortages.

The SolutionA Cloud-Based System that Could Scale Up Over Time

Augusto Digital was thrilled to design a solution architecture for OrbitalRX that would address the priorities of pharmacy departments across the country,

bringing better care to their patients.

Our goal was to create a high-functioning system that could be easily scaled up over time. Developing the OrbitalRX system with modern software engineering practices in mind, we built core components such as a RESTful API and ReactJS web application. We also made sure that all core components utilized Amazon AWS cloud services and serverless systems to minimize the burden of supplying this technology to pharmacies around the country.

The OrbitalRX team came to Augusto Digital with an ambitious implementation schedule, so we relied on our experience with agile development methodologies - six-week cycles, broken into two-week sprints - to rapidly develop their first product.

“Augusto Digital has a well-established process that allows them to quickly begin delivering value. They were able to understand our business requirements and iterate quickly as we discovered new information”

Mayank Thanawala | CTO, OrbitalRX