AR/VR Agency in Rome.

Augmenta is an AR/VR agency based in Rome. We are specialised in producing VR/AR apps and 360-degree videos for psychotherapy, training and education.


  1. We believe technology is a path for liberating people and their intellectual potential
  2. We believe that freedom is the only true self-developement of individuals, and that self developement brings about freedom
  3. We believe in emotions, and in their drive to make decisions, because an instinctual decision is always the right one
  4. We believe in theory, but love practice because knowledge is valuable only through action
  5. We are not afraid of mistakes, because no one ever learned to walk without falling
  6. We think work is valuable, and time priceless
  7. We believe we can not expect anything from others before demonstrating we are able to give value first
  8. We do not expect, nor ask for more that what we deserve, but what we deserve we demand
  9. We live in the most exciting moment of human history, and the best is yet to come
  10. Every change is an opportunity, every revolution carries the seeds of evolution
$100 - $149 / hr
2 - 9
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Rome, Italy
  • Via Monte delle Gioie 24
    Rome, RM 00199