Product design from "Concept to Consumer"

Since 2009, Auell Consulting Inc. has been providing innovative solutions to product design and manufacturing challenges throughout a wide variety of industries.  From concept through manufacturing, we offer full support though the product design and new product development process to achieve your goals with precision and efficiency.  Our firm, headquartered in the greater Denver, Colorado, is comprised of a team of creative engineers and industrial designers.

At Auell Consulting we believe that clear communication is key to a successful product launch. We listen carefully and ask the appropriate questions to make sure that we are moving in the direction that is not only good for the project but aligns with the vision of the client. We offer full service research and development, taking an idea through from an beginning stage through engineering, manufacturing, and to final release of product. We also can help with any step along the way if needed.

Please give us the chance to help you bring your product to a successful launch. You won’t be disappointed!


Services we provide include: Product design, Industrial design, Product engineering, Prototyping, Manufacturing support, Process engineering, Sourcing, and Branding.

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