We're different, so you stand out.

The Atticism is a boutique PR agency based in Sydney.

Founded in 2012, The Atticism has become the go-to agency for people who are tired of ‘textbook’ PR, and are looking to try something new.

We help our clients appeal to those who look beyond the commonplace; we reach the individuals who respond best to the unconventional and unexpected. Rather than simply writing and distributing media releases each month, at The Atticism we focus on developing emotional connections between brands, journalists and the public.

We believe that when it comes to PR, if everyone else is going one way, it’s often better to find a different path, one less travelled, that can surprise and delight people. It is only by creating new and interesting ways to reach your audience that your brand will stand out from the crowd.

The Atticism is a tight-knit team who work closely together to share ideas, troubleshoot problems, and produce great results. As such we have a commitment to a healthy work/life balance for all our staff, and in 2017 we were nominated as finalists in the Mumbrella CommsCon Awards as Best PR Employer. We have been interviewed across TV, radio, print and digital media about our philosophy, and we strongly believe that a flexible and balanced approach encourages maximum productivity, efficiency and the best results for our clients.

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St Peters, Australia


Key clients: 

Lotus Dining Group Venues

New Shanghai Venues

Shopfully Int. Group

Mate. Communicate


Marrickville Metro Development