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We have over a decade of experience creating digital products for small and big companies. Our job is not only to create beautiful interfaces but also to help our clients build easy-to-use, functional and successful products.

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Barcelona, Spain
  • c/d'Artesa de Segre 3
    Barcelona, BA 08022


Key clients: 
AXA, Qustodio, Visa, American Express, Finletic, Mailtrack, Startup Genome
Axa Insurance Website Image

Axa Insurance Website

Atico3 provided the UX/UI design for the AXA travel insurance portal. Their efforts made it much easier for their customers to engage with the brand and their services while also improving the dependability of their platform.

Startup Genome Website design Image

Startup Genome Website design

Atico3 provided the UX process and UI design of a new website for Startup Genome, which made their site and web app more compelling and allowed users to engage with data in an unprecedented way.

Branding & UX/UI Design of Chatripp Image

Branding & UX/UI Design of Chatripp

Atico3  designed the branding including the app icon as well as the interface of Chatripp, which not only helped the platform to reach more users but also ensured user satisfaction in-app.

Insurance Portal for Amex Image

Insurance Portal for Amex

We worked with our long term client AXA to create their new insurance benefits site for American Express customers.

Nanowallet Image


A popular crypto wallet for one of the most promising 3rd generation cryptocurrencies on the market. Nanowallet allows you to send and receive payments from anywhere.