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Astrea IT has a track record of completing 600 plus successful projects on, BI and mobile development for some of the fastest growing organizations across the globe. We are focused on transforming businesses through the adoption of the Salesforce, Einstein Analytics, Klipfolio and Mobile platform.

Astrea IT offices are located in Noida, India. With over 80+ staff, ASTREA IT assists both SMB and enterprise organizations by supplying certified and Business Intelligence Consultants, UI/UX experts, mobile developers and project delivery personnel.

Astrea IT Partnerships

Astrea IT currently maintains five significant partnerships:

  1. Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner.
  2. Salesforce OEM partner for The Omotenashi product
  3. Astrea is a Salesforce certified Product Development Organization.
  4. Salesforce.Org Foundation International NonProfit Partner
  5. Registered Klipfolio Partner

Astrea has 50+ products on AppExchange. Astrea is among the highest rated organization on AppExchange with over 60 customer reviews and average rating of 4.9 out of 5.

Why Astrea IT?

  • Significant Salesforce and BI Expertise.
  • Certified and Experienced professionals
  • Superior quality and post delivery support
  • Fast turnaround time
$25 - $49 / hr
50 - 249
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Noida, India
other locations
  • New Delhi, DL 110012


Key clients: 

The (Thailand) Greenlight Search (United Kingdom) Flexchecks (United States) GL Advisor (United States) Redwoods Group (United States)

Smart vCard- Application Image

Smart vCard- Application

Smart vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards. vCards are often attached to e mail messages, but can be exchanged in other ways, such as on the World Wide Web or instant Messaging. They can contain name and address information, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs, logos, photographs and audio clips.

vCard is the standard for sharing Contact information between E-mail Clients and

other applications that store Contacts.

Reason to Use Smart vCard

With Smart vCard for Salesforce CRM, available from the AppExchange, it becomes insanely easy to export your Salesforce CRM Contact information as vCards.

Smart vCard allows you to create a vCard file for the import of information from (e.g. a Lead, Contact, Account or User) into a Personal Information Manager(e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Apple Address Book, etc.) that supports the import of vCard (.vcf) files or PDF.

You can

  • Export any of your Contact, Lead, User and Account to the vCard format.
  • Support VCF 3.0 & VCF 2.1 format
  • Export single or multiple Contacts, Leads & Accounts as vCard as PDF
Non Profit Setup with Service Console  Image

Non Profit Setup with Service Console

Astrea worked with Greenpeace International for their Non Profit implementation and integrated their different call centers, manual operations and donations with a robust and centralized data management & reporting system.


Our team worked on custom solution after analysing their processes and delivered,   

  • A single click upload interface that saves

documents into Salesforce.
  • Managed Donations, Donors and structure donors based on their commitment, donations as VIP, normal etc. 

  • Salesforce & Conga reports for all the operations and decision support that includes Campaigns, fundraising, Area segmentation and Employees 

  • Astrea provided custom operation console for the users to handle and store the information
  • Implemented the IBAN verification process based on the Banking industry specification for a smooth and secure payment processing.

  • A two-fold business benefit was achieved, Greenpeace has now a central reporting system and saved a lot of manual effort involved in various complex processes. It has also increased its engagement level with Astrea as a dedicated support Partner.

    Octopus: Salesforce Documentation App Image

    Octopus: Salesforce Documentation App

    Octopus is a salesforce app which allows you to document all the items in your Salesforce instance. Get information about apex classes, pages, workflows, triggers, objects, fields and much more in a single place. You can also download it as a PDF/Word file for future reference. By using this app you can cut down all those hours spent on documentation. Use Octopus and get a document ready in just a few


    Key Features

    1. Get information on various items with a single click.
    2. Ability to choose the items to be documented.
    3. Default ‘Select all’ feature to check all items.
    4. Navigate to the detail page of an item by clicking on its name.
    5. Can be downloaded as PDF or MS Word files.
    Partner Community Portal for Construction Giant Image

    Partner Community Portal for Construction Giant

    The client was a Canadian construction group with a global presence including regions of the Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific & Europe and subsidiaries in 98 countries. Company works with channel partners and distributors throughout its network to provide its solutions & products to various industries & users.


    The large partner network to manage and tracking of all the projects in a unified

    environment was a big challenge along with the distributed systems for different tasks of the partners.
    • The client had been using Salesforce for managing their operations but not any integrated solution was in place to manage their partners.
    • They required a partner management plan that would help to manage the accounts for all partners and their projects on one side. On the other side they wanted to maintain an itinerary of products and their warranties to provide better service.
    • They wanted to keep the same branding for their partners as it is on their business website.

    Astrea’s Solution

    Astrea’s team planned to shift the partner management with a newly created Salesforce community that will be built using Salesforce community cloud and will have robust mobile capabilities. Astrea created a custom community with Apex and Visualforce pages and built a whole new process of managing the Accounts, Projects and Product Warranties for the Partners.

    Impact on Client’s Business

    The community implementation created a better and robust partner management solution with a single backend for the client. The client got an integrated system with all the operations of its partner in one place. The partners got the same look and feel of the client’s business and were happy to get all the information of the existing projects and ease of adding new ones from even outside the office with their mobile devices.

    Hotel Reservations System- PMS Image

    Hotel Reservations System- PMS

    Astrea has built a PMS application for Hotels to manage their front office as well as back office needs.

    Key features of PMS

    RESERVATION, FRONT AND BACK OFFICEThe reservation feature is designed to be used by any staff member rather than only one person for guest reservation. Quick reservation asks for less information for input and outputs more detailed. .


    REPORT The KPI’s(KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATOR) are very useful for the hotels. It helps them to evaluate the total revenues,Finances they have a the end of a day or month. This app has the in-build KPI reports and they are updated automatically every time an entry is being made into the system. 

    AUTO BILLING Billing is complicated and painful process for hotels. Thus it needs to be accurate and quick changes are required. Veteran staff can make it easily but young staff may face problems sometimes. Application supports auto billing. Billing details will be added when booking takes place or any extra charges are been applied. This constitutes weekdays or weekend rates as well and automatically accommodates it into billing details automatically.

    GUEST MANAGEMENT It has great CRM functions which make it easy to maintain guest information efficiently. RFM stands for R (Recency), F (Frequency), and M (Monetary). The app maintains this RFM score which can be used by the owner for marketing or promotion via email etc. 

    EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT Time Card management- Hotel staff time card management is very flexible.The app captures staff time card and shares the staff availability with the hotel staff in real-time. This app scores the guest service with some points.These are counted by the staff and accumulated as Skills.These can be used to give rewards for staff efforts.

    Time Entry System  Image

    Time Entry System

    Time entry system was created specially for the employees, agents & consultants in a company/Salesforce org. In this system there are two options provided for employees or other staff to log their time for each job they worked on or per project on a daily or weekly format.
    A custom time log screen was designed for all the projects that can be easily selected by the users and then based on the work done they can log

    their time.

    Once the user enters their time from the screen a corresponding timesheet gets generated automatically in the backend and related Timesheet lines are created to keep track of all the activities done by any user that can be later analysed by a project manager or management to confirm the time spend on the project and payment processing.

    Based on the need the management can create access control and only admins can view everything rest visibility is only user specific. Also, if a user forgets to update their time in a timesheet, the system automatically notifies them to log the time. After this implementation it has helped users in many ways and increased the efficiency of employees by reducing chances of error and transparent processing. It also helped in tracking Staff performance as the whole picture of where and how the employees spend their time can be accessed. This has also affected the time management & Decisions making processes of the org as actual time keeping helps in tracking common actions, amount of effort based on the project or task and cost estimation process. This all corresponds to a better management decision support.

    Customer Community Portal with Paypal Integration Image

    Customer Community Portal with Paypal Integration

    A US based Company providing high-quality and cost effective programs, resources and connections for the benefit of diverse communities. They are also running an online store for selling books/literatures for large Publishing House.


    • Member and Non Member Users needed to be connected using a central Community Site.
    • Client requirement was to build a Product Catalog/Shopping Cart
    Application within the community site for the Member and Non Member users so that they can order the products.
  • Customer wanted to download the purchased product file from community. File can not be accessed without sharable link.
  • Integration with PayPal API for providing the checkout functionality to the Users.
  • The Process to send emails for every successful orders with details of Ordered Products.
  • Solutions

    • Custom Salesforce communty implementation. Created a Product Catalog/Shopping Cart Application within the community site for purchasing the products. 
    • PayPal API Integration to help users payments and refunds.
    • File download option and implemented email sending to the users after Order Confirmation.


    • Easy to use and all-inclusive user experience Community Site.
    • Using Shopping Cart Application, User can purchase the Products.
      1. Visitors can go through the existing Products.
      2. They can add products to Cart for Shopping.
      3. Shop and Create Orders
    • Now through PayPal Integration, they are able to check all the payments of all the Users at one place.
    Stripe Payment Integration-Loyalty Management Program Image

    Stripe Payment Integration-Loyalty Management Program

    We worked on a Loyalty Program to provide it as a SaaS. To provide it as a SaaS one of the challenges in front of us was the automation of payment from Customers. In order to facilitate quick, easy and effective payment system we decided to do Stripe Salesforce Integration.

    Stripe is a US technology company, operating in over 25 countries, that allows both private

    individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. 

    In Loyalty Program we involve members in several gamification activities and give them loyalty points on successful completion. Members can buy products from the same portal using their loyalty points. We needed to provide a Wallet Facility to the client so that they could track their member's current credit balance and points at any time with proper expenditure details. 


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    VIrtual Fitness Trainer Salesforce Optimization

    “They are a great company.”

    Willing to refer: 
    The Project
    Less than $10,000
    Project summary: 

    Astrea optimized a Salesforce platform which required additional customization and features. The team used technologies such as Jitterbit and other Force applications to complement the existing platform.

    The Reviewer
    Oakland, California
    Consultant, Professional Yoga Organization
    The Review
    Feedback summary: 

    After the new features were integrated into Salesforce, the platform’s reporting and capturing capabilities have improved. The fact that the team assigned a programmer to work in-office helped the project to flow smoothly. Astrea is responsive, flexible, and adheres to the cost estimates.

    A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


    Please provide a brief description of what your company does.

    We are an educational organization dedicated to empowering people through health and fitness. We do training throughout the year in health and fitness, we have virtual staff as well as students. We are mainly US-based but also operate globally.

    What is your position within the company?

    I am a database manager, which means I take care of all the technical aspects of our company. I am the number two IT Director.


    What were your company’s business goals for undertaking the project?

    We were already using Salesforce, but we needed more customization and optimization. We were looking to change apps and add more. We wanted to have the skill set to do that properly, as well as the best practices to go about it.

    What was your process for selecting Astrea to work with?

    We posted our project information in the Salesforce forum. Astrea reached out to us. We also spoke with and interviewed other firms, but we felt that Astrea was the best fit.

    Why did you decide to build your application on Salesforce instead of similar platforms?

    I wasn't with the company when they initially decided to move to Salesforce. When we optimized, we were trying to move from multiple Excel sheets to a more centralized platform that allowed more customization. We needed to be able to maintain and work more efficiently when it came to student records. We needed to be all on one page, especially since our staff is global and virtual. We especially needed better documentation. So far, the results are great.


    Can you tell me about the scope of the project?

    They pretty much did it all. They looked at our current storage capabilities, they custom designed and developed a better method for us while linking it all to Salesforce. The new system is much better, the reporting has been excellent in comparison. They also provide us with a lot of continued support. When we have questions or need something done, they provide it quickly even after project completion.

    What technologies were used?

    I really don’t remember exactly what the specific names were but I think they used Jitterbit and more Force applications.

    Can you provide the size of the initiative in dollars?

    It was less than $5,000, it was a very cost-effective project. I know if we had used a US-based company, it would have cost much more.

    How recently was the project finished?

    The project was completed 6 to 8 months ago. There is still an ongoing staff extension, we still have a junior programmer who helps us when we have questions or need something done. Naveen [The CEO] is always available via email to answer questions, which is great. You really don’t get that kind of attention from larger companies.


    What are the results of the project? Can you provide stats or metrics?

    I don’t have any real metrics to share currently. However, our staff has much better reporting and capturing ability. Overall, I have no complaints. It has been terrific.

    Since building the application, how has the Salesforce platform performed, and do you still feel you made the right decision?

    It’s been a dream. Sometimes I wonder how we operated without Salesforce.

    How did Astrea perform?

    They are a great company. They are our backup plan for any issues we encounter. They are great about communication, very responsive and flexible. They are also great about anticipating an issue and letting us know so we can think of solutions together. They also worked within our budget, which really saved us money while receiving great products. Naveen and our junior programmer are very friendly so it's easy to talk to them and reach out. They are an extended part of our staff these days.

    When working with Astrea, was there anything unique about them compared to other companies that you have worked with?

    Having our own specific programmer makes the work flow much easier. Also, it is always nice when the owner and senior specialist Naveen checks in. Naveen is always available by email. It’s their personal touch, which larger companies really lack.

    Looking back on the project, is there any area that Astrea could improve or you would do differently?

    I wish that they would have spent a bit more time on the design upfront, rather than having to rework it.

    Overall Score
    • 5.0 Scheduling
    • 5.0 Cost
      Value / within estimates
    • 5.0 Quality
      Service & deliverables
    • 5.0 NPS
      Willing to refer
      Yes, and I have already.

    Russian Shipping Company Force Customization

    “They did quite well.”

    Willing to refer: 
    The Project
    $10,000 to $49,999
    Project summary: 

    Astrea customized a shipping company’s Salesforce platform with the specified requirements, which included the capacity to manage containers & sales processes and handle bookings, among others.

    The Reviewer
    Seattle, Washington
    Former VP, Russian Shipping Company
    The Review
    Feedback summary: 

    While the project flowed smoothly, the team ran into a few issues which surfaced mostly due to misunderstandings with the initial requirements. Regardless, the platform performs satisfactorily and offers great value for the cost.

    A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


    Please provide me a description of what your company does for background information.

    I have changed companies since but I’m still working in the same field. We are a shipping company providing service to Russia. We have ships and containers. That’s why we used Salesforce to organize that process.

    What is your position and your primary responsibility?

    At the time, I was the Director of the Forwarding Division of the company. It was for that purpose that we got Salesforce. Then, we developed it into a custom-made application to manage the cargo as well as equipment.


    What were your company’s business goals or reasons for undertaking the project?

    Originally, we took Salesforce on to manage our sales process. When we realized it was pretty flexible, we started adapting it to do the booking. However, I could not do everything myself. That’s what spurred me on to look for somebody professional to help me with the process. Eventually, we developed several objects to manage our containers and bookings to produce virtually anything. I still use them in my new company. Salesforce is pretty robust and easy to use for people who are not too tech- based. So they did all the customization for us.

    What process did you us to choose Astrea to work with?

    I think I went on LinkedIn and looked for some vendors. They were the one who responded. I interviewed people here and in the Seattle area as well. There’s a major one down in Portland. I thought that the guys in New Delhi could meet what I needed. I can do some of it but I can’t do the programming. I don’t know that aspect of Salesforce and I really didn’t want to try and learn that. I just kind of laid it out myself. Our company chose what we wanted and then they helped me get it done.

    Why did you initially decide to build on Salesforce instead of using a different platform?

    I already had the basics in place. Then I realized that [Salesforce] is pretty easy to work with. You could almost make Salesforce into whatever you want. People use it for all kinds of things. It was pretty easy to use the platform. Basically we already invested time and money in it.


    Can you tell me a little bit more about the scope of the project?

    I would lay it out and they executed it. We in-housed much of our bookings, and connected everything together. We have also since built a cost module, which I still use today. We did the design and they did the development, testing, and support. This is because they didn’t really know about transportation. That’s why we did most of the design work but they helped in the ideas and practices. It took us a little while but we figured out how to work together. Essentially, we had meetings on the phone. They would work overnight. And then we would take a look at it in the morning and make any adjustments that were needed. In some cases, they came up with their own resolutions. They came up with their own resolution proposals so it was a good cooperation.

    What technologies were also used in the process?

    I’m not sure exactly what Astrea used but we just used Salesforce. I now use it because some of the things in Salesforce were kind of problematic to develop. Salesforce has some functions that are too complicated but easier than a spreadsheet. So I now have it and I have used it in conjunction with Google spreadsheet. So my company can link it. But I’ve done that myself. Some of the calculations for crates and dimensions are just easier to do in a custom spreadsheet. I just relink it through Salesforce, you can link it through networks.

    Can you provide me the size of the initiative in dollar terms?

    It probably cost us between $25,000 to $30,000 before we were done.

    How recent was the project finished?

    It was several years ago.

    Do you remember the year?

    This summer will be my second anniversary of leaving my last company. So we kind of finished it and then I left.


    What were the results of the projects? Do you have any statistics or metrics you can share?

    It was very good. We were very satisfied with it. There were a number of things which we had issues with, but that had more to do with our end and their lack of shipping knowledge. However, they quickly picked up and worked through it. The company I left, didn’t really know the system. We never did documentation of the system or anything like that. It’s mostly in my head. It was pretty self-evident to me how it works. Training is important but something we didn’t focus on during the project.

    Did you see any kind of improvements in efficiency since Salesforce was implemented?

    Yes, it was just kind of a headache to get everyone on the same track. As Salesforce developed, it became pretty efficient in terms of managing the business. Everything shifted to be in real time, especially between our offices in the US and Russia. The Russian office staff could also use it and see what was coming. It became pretty efficient because keeping spreadsheets updated caused a lot of misinformation and repetition. My thirteen-year-old daughter would have to pull from our vendor’s websites information and enter data into Salesforce. The staff could use that information. That’s probably something you could automate. But our volume was not all that great.

    Since customizing in Salesforce do you still feel like that was the right decision?

    Yes, absolutely. I use it today. I’m very happy with it. There are many things I can do with it, which I didn’t know even then. I have enough to keep me busy now. I use it for all reports and tracking, as well as pricing. It works very well for me.

    Overall, how did you feel Astrea performed?

    They did quite well. The issues we had I think really had to do with not defining things properly for them. Also, I have some other people calling and asking for recommendations so I recommend Astrea. The client must know what they want though because they don’t know about shipping and transportation.  Also, they were responsive and flexible with me. They would quickly learn new concepts.

    What about their ability to wrap up the project cleanly, on time, and within the budget that you set?

    They did. I think they probably spent a little more because some of the documentation part was really difficult. They had a small issue in designing documentation so I would say it’s probably one of the weakest areas for them. I went through an American man for that. They were good overall.

    Looking back on the project, is there anything that you think they could improve on?

    Yes, design was the only major issue.  I was quite happy with that. I have done a few little adjustments here and there, and they’re always willing to help me. They never offer excuses. Now, we’re under a tight budget. It’s a startup business. We are trying to limit our spending now.

    Did you notice anything unique or special about them compared to other companies that maybe you have worked with in the past?

    One of the attractive parts was the price. It’s much less expensive than working with American companies although they often need to bill extra hours because of communication issues. I know they have gained a lot of experience over the years. And they understand more the way we think. A lot of our vendors are in India and Mumbai. You just have to get used to those differences.

    Overall Score
    • 4.0 Scheduling
    • 4.0 Cost
      Value / within estimates
    • 4.0 Quality
      Service & deliverables
    • 5.0 NPS
      Willing to refer
      Absolutely, yes.

    Crisis Management Salesforce Integration for Insurance Company

    “They were diligent in producing solutions on time and sometimes even ahead of time.”

    Willing to refer: 
    The Project
    Less than $10,000
    Project summary: 

    Astrea is integrating a risk management and insurance brokerage platform into Salesforce. The team is working mostly on the backend, while also assisting in the design & implementation of the frontend elements.

    The Reviewer
    51-200 Employees
    Morrisville, North Carolina
    I.T. Director, Insurance Company
    The Review
    Feedback summary: 

    In terms of technical knowledge, Astrea is proficient at their trade. The developers are reliable, responsive, and are available for direct communication which helped the project flow smoothly. While the assignment is still ongoing, around 80% of users have benefitted from the implemented changes.

    A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


    Would you please provide a brief description of what your company does for some background information.

    Most importantly, we are a socially conscious company. We provide insurance brokerage in a nondiscriminatory manner. This means we take data and turn it into educational, prevention tools and effective crisis management systems. That is what we do. We also provide risk management services.

    What is your position within the company and your primary responsibilities?

    I’m the IT director for the company. I manage infrastructure, information technology, and provide support for our data management processes.


    What were your company’s business goals or reasons for taking on a project with Astrea? 

    Astrea provided us with support for our integration needs into Salesforce.  They provided us with development and systems support so we could integrate our custom, internal functionality into Salesforce. They also helped us navigate between the two different platforms.

    And what was the process for selecting Astrea group?

    We basically selected them through the app store. I also introduced myself to them and others at the Salesforce Convention and so forth. I would say they were one of probably five or six other vendors that I was considering for our integration needs.


    Could you please provide more details on the scope of the project? You mentioned they provided support, but did they also perform some design and development work?

    We handled the design work ourselves. It was something they offered, but we kept it to ourselves, because we wanted to retain authority over our customizations in Salesforce. They did, however, lend their support in the design process when needed, under our explicit guidance. They also provided terrific maintenance support throughout the integration process.

    What technologies were used, as in programming languages, servers or the database?

    I don't know what they used for certain, but I believe it was the platform.

    What was the size of the initiative in monetary terms?

    They collaborated with us for several different projects, all of which were similar in nature. I estimate they were within the $10,000 range.

    How recently was the last project finished?

    The final project is in the close-off phase right now. We’re planning on concluding the contract within the next week or two.


    What were the results of the projects? If you have any stats or metrics that you’d like to share, I’d be happy to hear that.

    There were two or three projects that they had done for us so far. I can’t disclose any information regarding the still active project, but the other two were quite successful. Approximately 80 percent of the users have benefited from the two completed projects so far. I typically measure a project’s success based on the volume of user utilization. I’ve been very pleased with the utilization linked to the two completed projects.

    How did you feel about their performance, overall?

    They were diligent in producing solutions on time and sometimes even ahead of time. I can rely on them for that, and the feedback is always extremely useful. On a scale of one to five, I would give them a four.

    When working with them, was there anything unique or special that you identified in comparison to previous companies you may have worked with?

    What I liked the most about them was that I could actually talk to those responsible for the development work. We were always able to initiate an open channel of communication, which significantly reduced the likelihood of misunderstandings and subsequent issues. They’re also business-oriented enough to understand the business model and implications associated with each step. It made them effective and efficient collaborators.

    In retrospect, were there any areas that you think they could improve on?

    There are opportunities for improvement in their support contact availability. Being offshore means they are-- after 11:00 or 12:00 in the daytime – essentially unreachable. Becoming available to their clients during normal business hours would be more feasible.

    Thank you and do you have any additional comments about Astrea’s performance or your work experience with them?

    They were very reliable and responsive and technically knowledgeable in supporting our group.

    Overall Score
    • 4.0 Scheduling
    • 3.0 Cost
      Value / within estimates
      Considering they’re an offshore operation.
    • 4.0 Quality
      Service & deliverables
    • 5.0 NPS
      Willing to refer
      Yes, I would recommend them.